Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 10)

Hello guys…..Thank u all for ur comments n special thanks to all the people who has scold me.It proves that u all love me alot.
DIN KA CHAAN SAB UUR GAYA HAI……What do u think am I in LOVE??
No no no……I m not in love …….my results will be declar tomorrow n I am not sure how was my performance. …….
N guys dnot worry I will not commit any suicide n all….I am a strong girl….
I have saved three girls from commiting this stupidity so how can I….I am not that brave….I lovw my life…..

Recape:Samy gift swara’s guiter to her. sanlak fight.

It was the most awaited day of everyone’s life [specially swasan fans] afteral it was the wedding day of our most hevenly couple SWASAN.
Samy was applying mehendi on swara’s hand.
Samy:Swara stay still na yaar.u r spoiling my design.
Swara:Sanaya what is the need of all this …..
Samy:Shut up ….I know better then u so be quite n be a good girl.
Swara just nodded her head.
After completion of the work both went to there room.
Sanskar was sleeping.Swara went to the couch n sat there.
Swara to herself:He is still that much cute n adorable but the most beautiful n precious thing of him is
smile which is stolen by situation.
The sadness n the pain can be seen in his face.Unknowingly tears started to fall from her eyes.
After looking at him for some time she also doze off there itself.
Swara’s sleep was disturb by some noise.she open her eyes n was surprise to see the scene.
.Sanskar was ready with his wedding dress n he was looking lile a prince.She was just looking at him without blinking her eyes.
Sanskar saw her like this n smirk.
Sanskar:I know I am hot swara no need to look at me like this.
Swara unknowingly blush but soon compose herself.
Sanskar:Go n get ready.we must leave soon.
Swara noddes n went to washroom to freshup.
After sometime she come back n get ready in her wedding attire.
Samy too come there wearing a beautiful green lehenga n was looking fab [Krystle Dsuza looks great in every dress].
Samy smile:Wow…swara u r looking sooooo beautiful…..
swara blush:u r also not less sanaya.
samy help her to get ready.
After a while all were ready to leave.
Arun to come back from office after completing his work n get ready in A green color serwani[Karan tacker is alzo awsome].
Everyone were looking unique but our dulha dulhan was ….just awsome.

Oh wait let me inform u one thing Sanskar has called his staff members to his wedding.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤WEDDING VENUE¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
It was a big hall N in the middle the mandap was set. [Imagine the same mandap where swasan got married after kavita’s drama].
All the staff members were present there.
Some mantras were sang by the pandit then warmala ritual then phere then mangalsutra n sindoor.
Finally marriage was completed.
[I dnt kno anything how to describe the marriage ritual so sorry].
After completion all were congratulating them.
Swasan went near sarun (samy+Arun).
Swara hug samy.
Samy:I am happy for both of u.I kmwo u r the best for my best friend.
n u (to sanskar) Take care of her.
Sanskar nodded.
Arun too hug Sanskar. N after dinner all stRted to leaves.
But can our great media leave the most eligible bachelors who got married just now.
So media was crowding outside the hotel.
As soon as swasan came out they went to them.
R1:Sir u r most eligible bachelor of this city now that u r married how r u feeling.
Sanskar smile:Feeling great.
R2:Sir many models n famous personality were behind u then why did u married an unknown girl?
Sanksar:Becz they r behind my money but she is not.They were not my love but she is . They only kmow to take but she knows to give. She knows to give love .She love me n I love her.
In all this talks swara was just standing.She was shock afyer sanskar’s statement foe her.N she smile at him.
He too smile her back nspeak to the reporters.
Sanskar:So here I wanna introduce my beautiful wife Mrs.Swara Sanskar M.Kumar.Thank u all.
By saying this they went insids the car n went away.Samy n arun leave to there house as Arun’s parents have come to meet them.

♡♡♡♡SK MANSION♡♡♡♡
Swara n sanskar reach to there room n there was an awkward silence between them.
Sanskar:Swara I wanna say something to you.
Sanskar:Actually…..swara…..I….I…wanna say that I am addicted towards alcohol n sleeping pills.
Whenever I dnt get peaceful sleep I have to use one of them or sometimes both so …
Swara:But why r u saying me all this now. n if u comtinue to take all this it will effect ur health.N why u dnt get peaceful sleep.
Sanskar:Becz I am addicted to womens n I want someone’s body to sleep peacefully.
Swara was taken aback by his confession.
Sanskar:so I want u to cooperate with me.
Swara:Foe what?
Sanskar:To touch u otherwise I have to go for other option.
Swara cinfuse n shock:What other option u have again?
Sanskar:Either to drink till I faint …..or to eat sleeping pills at high doze or ….to……
Swara:or to?
Sanskar:Or to….sleep with someone else.
Swara was dishearted by his confession now how can he say like this infront of his wife that he will sleep with other girls.
Sankar:I will not go for the third option as I have committee with u n I will not break ur trust so I only have twp option.
u dnt worry I am heartless but I have some laws for myself n also for u too
1.we will never cheat eachother okay?
Swara nodded in yes.
2.U will not go out without my permission?
3.U should be with me when I am at home.
Swara nodded in all this.
Sanskar hold her hand n asure her that he will never.leave her n cheat her.
By saying this he went. to freshup.

Here swara was in confusion waht to do she was scared of his touch but also she cnt tske risk with bis health.

Recape:Reception party.
Agar result ache hue toh.

so guys what u think swara should do
1.To coopertae with him
2.Or to let him die.
3.Any other option plz comment

okY guys bye bye

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  1. Awesome.. all the best for results…. I think swara should you know find his past and help him getting out of it and unite him with his family!!! love ur ff <3<3

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  7. aliya zain abdullah

    to cooperate wid him

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  11. OK I think initially Swara should corporate with him and slowly she should try to bring him out from this addiction. Being wife she won’t allow him to go to other girl but she can’t allow him to drink also. So that is the only option left for her. I think they both will understand each other.

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    Option one is better
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