Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 1)


Hello friends…….Many want the name as same so swara’s name wi be swara gadodiya.
Sanskar is alreay Maheswari but due to his past he changed his title.
Let’s start my very first episode
A man was sitting in his cabin n was drinking wine .
His face is shown. he was sanskar kumar (SK)The arrogent notorious brat business man.
his pa enter wid some files n pass it to him.
He get up from his sit n move towards her n touch her sensiously.
Sanskar:New ??
Pa:Yes sir.
Sanskar bit her neck part n she pussed him.
Sanskar:How dare u push me ha saying this he hold her hair lock the door n went near her.
sanskar:Now u have to bear the punishment.
saying this he kissed her all over n forced her .After his inner lust was satisficed he leave her.
N went to his work.
The girl get up n went from there.

AFTER 1 month
In a big mansion a girl was screaming n begging someone to leave her.
Her face is shown she was the sMe Girl Pa of sanskar.
She was pushing him n begging him to leave her but the devil has no mercy.
Sanskar:I have bought u Miss swara gadodiya (yes the girl was swara) Opps sorry Mrs.Swara sanskar kumar.It.was your fault so u have to bear this pain everyday from now.
By saying this he again enter into her n was making harder for her to bear.She was screaming in pain but he was not affcted.He kiss her everywhere.
After sometime he stopped n push
her out of the bed n he sleep.
Swara was feeling disgusting n was crying bitterly. she somehow wrap herslf into a shawl n went to bathroom.
She was feeling emance pain but she was helpless.

Sanskar wake up n find swara sleeping on the floor.
He went near her n pour water on her.
N said tumhe maine sone ko nahi kaha tha n he hold her n again started to do his work.
swara was just wearing a shawl as she dnt have any dress so it was easy for sanskar to take off her dress.
After he take of her dress he hold her both hands n kiss her hard n enter into her.He made it harder n harder but thid time she cannot even scream as sanskar was kissing her.He was not in his control .swara puhed him but he hold her n slaped her n said:Tumhe maine apni enjoyment ke liye kharida hai woh bhi puri zindagi ke liye so dnt u dare to do this again.Jo main bolungi chup chap karo barna anjam is say bhi bura hoga.
He continue with his work of taking pleasure n swara was helpless .

Precap:Torture romance of swasan

Credit to: smiley

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