swasan the heart wins (epi-1)


Swsan room.swara is sleeping peacefully in sanky”s hand and sanky wakes up and saw the beautiful beam of light disturbing the sleeping beauty.sanskaar stare her very intensely and contd. Until our pretending sleeping beauty wake up.
Swa: yaar why are u staring like this. Pls don”t start the romance morning it self .
Sanky:no if my jaan don’t need romance then I don’t dare to stare u .ok . now pls smile yaar.
Swa: hubby whats up today? Boring breakfast by me then u to office me for my study in college.and in evening again boring dinner by me ok.
Sanky: I never complain abt ur food becoz.
Swara: becoz I’m ur love.
Sanky: becoz urs is a love marriage. Both family didn’t accept it from there heart.
Swa: yesterday dad had called me and I just cut.
Sanky: he is the one who gave me by giving birth don’t hurt him ok.
Swa: he never like u and all ways warn me that u will cheat me.
Sanky: if I cheat u then?
Swa: there will be no swara ………………………………………..
Sanky: pls don”t tell anything like this I can’t adjust.
Swa: leave it I just like to be ur baby wife or small wife.
Sanky: but I really like this life our problem ,sadness happinesssetc. Any way get ready for ur college aftr one year I came just going to my college were I and lucky were the hero and u and ragini heroine .
Swara go wash room . lucky called sanskaar.
Lk: bhai, I’m also eloping with ragini like u do . don’t scold me becz aftr ur marriage both kavya and kavitha is behind me yaar.
Sanky: chill bro I will find some way out.
Swara and sanskaar go to colg. Everyone is shock to see there hero sanky in campusonce again. Now also jniors admire him. Everyone including lectures gathered in around him.
Lect: ure back . what made u visit here today and the prominent beauty of our colg swara is also with u any prob.
Sank: I need I a mike. ( thru mike) I don’t want any one flirting with swara ok . this is not a request whereas this is a warning.
Sanky leave the the place . everyone came near her very curiously .and ask why what is going in b/w them.
Swa:: becz I’m swara sanskaar maheswari his wife. She go for classs.
Flash back
Swara ‘s first day in colg due to tension she ate the choco which contain a chit abt future unfortunately that chit go and stuck in the blazer of one of the boy. Swa: excuse me.
Sanky: yes mrs . what u want?
Swara everything abt chit .
Sanky: that so funny how sweet ure.
Swa: becz I eat choco every day. Any way I’m swara my sis is studying here in arts and I’m in science.
San: I’m sanskaar. Ur group leader and senior. Art is govern by my bro laksh . and u can call me sanky
Swa: u can call me shone. And I’m leaving becoz at fisrt day going late to class is not shone style ok.
Sanky: have a nice class.
Rag: shone u came and didn’t inform me.
Luk: this is ure pyaar pyaari sis whom I talk once in a day.
Swa; yes jiju.
Ragi: shone u frnd with sanky that’s fine.
Sanky: yes cuti pie my bro lucky is lucky to have a saali like her.
Shone leave to classs.
Rag: how is she ?
San: pagal (mind) buit I love her pagalness.

Swara confronting maheswari .

Credit to: meera

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