swasan: A heart beat (Episode 9)


Hello everyone.  here is part 9.  For more pre cap visit below link.


recap: swara accepts sanskar’s proposal. Their engagement.  swasan first kiss.

swasan meet on some pre marriage occasions. finally they have 2 days to get married. Their sangeet is planned at godidha’s home at the evening.
raglak meet each other to plan something new for their sangeet. They share more plans. They finally come to final decision.

evening every one gathered. sanskar comes with his family. His eyes searches for swara. rag teases him. swara comes down and mehandi starts. After mehandi completes rag asks sanskar to search his name. sanskar: I know my name is at her heart.
swara blushes and everyone laughs.
lucky: you are great bhai. . ragini I know you lost your words by my brother’s answer. what will you say now, ??

rag: this is cheating.. jiju please find your name at swara’s mehandi. He searches a lot but he seems he doesn’t find. swara sees him. They both see each other and swara signs him the place where his name written through her eyes. no one observes her. sanskar identifies his name. They all are clapped for them.

raglak announce it’s party time. They together host the party. They dedicate a special performance to be married couple.

laksh gets ready like sanskar and he behave like sanskar and dances on mein Hu hero term song from hero movie. While other end rag dresses as swara and perform like swara holding violin for the song ambarisyaa song from fukrey. then the act like they are colliding and lucky hold rag as it happened in swasan background Tum mile song from Tum mile. . They have eye lock raglak preform swasan proposal scene with song mein tenhu samjaawa song from hum sharma ki dulhaniya. . They do some slasa steps too. At last they act as they are engaged. everyone clap for them. While performing raglak both have feel something odd. but they think it is performing mood. They both separated. everyone are happy. sanskar’s family ready to go. . lucky forgot his mobile in ragini room when they worked at her home. He comes to ragini’s room to take it. meanwhile ragini enters her room and takes out her dupatta to get changed her lehanga. lucky sees her mesmerised. She gets shocked. she suddenly covers her top with towel besides her. She makes he looks here and there. lucky some closer and hold her shoulder and wishpers you are too hot. They have an eye lock. suddenly lucky phone rings. They come to senses. lucky says I cam here to take my mobile and says sorry and goes.

swasan marriage preparations.
swasan sits for marriage. sanskar mesmerised with swara’s beauty and calmly he tells her ear “you are very beautiful. you are mine today. I’ll will feel your beauty tonight.”
swara blushes. her shyness makes her even more beautiful.

pandit: if you are done with your conversation. We shall start marriage rituals.
They feel awkward and they start rituals.
They start doing seven pheras. sanskar fills her mang with sindhoor and he makes her wear mangal sutras. The get eleder’s blessings. lucky hug snaky. rag hugs swara and wishes both of them.

flashback completes.

pre cap: swasan romantic movements. rag lak meetings.

Credit to: Queeny

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