swasan: A heart beat (Episode 8)

Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 8th part.If you want to follow the story from starting, just have a look of below links to read previous episodes.

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recap: sanskar share his feelings with his family for swara. maheswari’s go to swara’s home to talk for alliance.  sanskar proposes swara with different roses.

outside the hotel:
lucky tells everything what happened at swara’s home and tells her that sanskar has planned some surprise for love proposal.  rag feels happily and screams with joy. wow. . is sanskar is going to be my jiju. .? I’m really excited. I want to wish both of them. yes you can.  But let them come first.

swara: she has tears in her eyes.  she is ecstatic.  she want to talk to him what she feels for him.  But no words come from her mouth.  she is more than happy. she feels that she is the happiest person at that movement.  she takes a deep breath. she hardly collects words.

“sanskar…! pinch me. am I dreaming or is it really happening?”

sanskar: he gets up and tells. It’s not a dream swara.  it is true.  I’m asking your hand to hold mine forever. I love you swara.  do you love me? ?

swara: sanskar. .! when I met you for the first time I lost my self. I don’t know why? but when I got to know about u in the restaurant I got know about your good character. At your home I have seen your caring for everyone. your family makes me feel that’s my family. I have seen ur protective nature when we are at icecream parlour. u have all qualities what a girl wants. I wish I can say “yes” to u. but….

sanky: but….! what else is stopping u?

swara: I can’t take such a big decisions on my own. my parents has all the right on me.  They know what I deserve.. I can’t tell you “yes” without asking them.

sanskar: I know this swara.  This is what makes me fall even more for u. my family already talked to ur family today morning. They don’t have any objections. u can tell me your decision.
swara feels she is at heaven.

swara: yes sanskar I want to be with you rest of my life. She holds his hand.

sanskar overwhelmed and asks “that’s it? ?” with a grinned expression.

swara: what do u want then? ?

snaky: tell me three magical words.

swara: I….. I……. I……

sanky: he comes closer to her. He holds her waist.  till when will u tell I…. common tell me the remaining.

swara: she feels his touch. now she is not able to speak. she slowly tells him that “I…. I LOVE YOU sanskar”.  she manages to lose his grip and runs from with shyness.

sanskar: swara I didn’t listen this.  Please be louder.  He again comes nearer to her. He places his hand on her shoulder.  she turns to him and hugs him. her head is at sanskar’s chest. He tightens his grip around her. ishq bulava.. song plays in background. 

raglak waited for so much time but swasan didn’t come.  so they decide to go to them. They approach to swasan. They see swasan hug.  They smile.

lucky: bhai aur babhi. . when your romance get over we can go to home.  All are waiting for your decision. swasan depart each other and feel embarrass.
rag come to swara and hugs her. “swara. I’m so happy for u. u deserve jiju.”  She tells to sanskar “I can call u jiju now onwards. congrats jiju. .”

they go to respective homes.
swara’s parents ask for her decision.  she says yes.
sanskar tells swara agreed for marriage.

Both families decides muhuratm for engagement. They do arrangements. They get engaged.
night after their engagement:
sanskar calls to swara’s home. rag lifts the phone.
rag: hello

sanky: hello..

rag: jiju. . do u want to talk to swara? y don’t romance enough? sanskar feels more embarrass. swara comes there and holds the phone and scolds ragini for her childish behaviour.

swara: sorry sanskar. Please don’t mind.

sanky: it’s k. swara… what are you doing?

swara: nothing much. y?

sanky: I can’t resist my self talking with you. I’m not able to wait till marriage.
swara blushes and says u have to. .

sanky: can you come to garden at backside of your home.

swara amazes you came here. But how? how I can I come? ?

sanky:u have to come otherwise I’ll come inside.

swara,: oh. Please don’t do that. I’ll come. please wait.

swara comes to sanskar. how did u come here. If any one sees u here? ?

sanky: no one sees. don’t worry.
He holds her hand and tells u look more beautiful when u tensed. she smiles.

He cups her face and tells. We are engaged na. . technically u r my better half. so I can ask what I want. He asks can I kiss you? ?
swara was shocked at the same time her happiness reflects in her eyes. her lips are shivering, her cheeks and nose turns to pink.

swara: sanskar. …

sanky: don’t u want this? he wishpers at her ear. comes to closer to her and hold her waist and kisses on her fore head. swara closes her eyes. He kisses on her eyes and now he reduces the gap between their lips. she feels warmth of his lips. swara holds sanskars neck. They continue for a while. They depart each other. take a deep breath. They see each other. They gave an eye lock. They hear sumi voice calling swara.

swara gets tensed and runs. sanskar goes from there with smiling.

pre cap: swasan marriage

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