swasan: A heart beat (Episode 7)


Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 7th part.If you want to follow the story from starting, just have a look of below links to read previous episodes.

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recap: raglak knock jokes.  swasan love realise love for each other.sanskar decides to propose swara.

morning at maheswari’s mansion:
All gather at dining table for breakfast. sanskar comes and greets ever one.

sanskar: badi papa, badi ma, papa, ma .. I want to tell you something very important to all of u.

dp: what’s the matter sanskar?

sanky: I don’t know how you feel after hearing this. But I want to share what I’m feeling. I hope you all understand me.

dp: sanskar y r u thinking like that. u have all freedom to tell what you want to.

sanky: I know papa. that’s why I want to tell you that. …….I…. I… I’m in love with swara.
All are shocked. and look at him.

sanky: I feel very comfortable when I’m with swara. she is very good and responsible can manage things well. She is very caring and protective. I can see she mingle with our family. She has all qualities which maheswari’s bahu needs. I want to know whether you like her are not? If u all like her then I’ll forward and propose her. otherwise. . I don’t want to hurt u all.

dp: sanskar. .! how can you think like this? how can you alone choose swara? ??

sanky gets upset while listening to this. It’s k papa. . I respect your decision.

dp: how can u think what exactly we think sanskar? ? we already chose swara for u when we saw her in parneeta’s baby shower function. how can u think we don’t accept ur proposal. u r our kid we know very well about u more than u know ur self. . Every one laughs at him.

sanskar is at cloud nine. He gets up and hugs dp. . “Thank you so much papa.”

ap: our sanskar grown up well. He is thinking about his marriage. I’m very proud of you. u r asking premiss to propose swara. .

sujatha, ram: we don’t have any objection. We like swara. she is very nice girl. We are very happy for you.

parneeta and adharsh: yes from outside.

lucky: bhai. .! no from my side. u didn’t tell me about this before. u hurted me. so u should have convince me.

sanky: lucky. . I don’t know that I’m loving her. I thought she is friend. I got to know about my feelings yesterday. so I said now.

lucky: k bhai.. I’m convinced. I like swara. she is so sweet. A big yes from my side..

uttu: I know ur feelings that day bhai. but u covered up. I’m happy bhai. I love swara. sorry “swara babhi. ..”

dp:k.k. All agreed na. We will talk to swara’s parents about this alliance.

swara and ragini goes out. maheswari’s come to swara’s home.

shekhar and sumi sees sanskar. He takes blessings and tells them that his family has come. shekar, sumi welcomes maheswari’s.
They all come in side. maheswari’s get seated and starts talking.

dp: I’m Durga Prasad Maheswari. This is my family. He introduces everyone in the family.

shekhar and sumi confuse and greets them. sumi goes to get coffee for everyone and serves.

dp starts his conversation. “I know u r confused why we came here. We are here to talk alliance for swara. Our sanskar loves swara. swara doesn’t know this. We like swara. We are delighted if we get swara as our bahu. if u like our alliance we will talk further. don’t worry. take your time and decide and let us know about it.

shekhar: I know Maheswari’s are good. but I didn’t expect this from u. It is shocking. We are greatful to talk for this alliance. We are happy. But… We want to ask swara about this what she feels. I will let u know after asking swara.
dp: sure.

sanskar: uncle. If u don’t mind can ask swara before you ask? after that you talk to her. I don’t want her to be forced. I want to know if she really accepts me are not.

shekhar and sumi impressed. They give their approval.

at evening:
lucky comes to swara asks her to come with him as bhai want to talk to her. She goes with ragini and lucky. They go to “moon light paradise” park. They get down. It gets dark.
lucky asks swara to inside. rags start moves with swara. but lucky calls rag and asks her help to take the bag from backside.
swara goes. rags finds there is no bag.

rag: why have u asked my help where there is no bag.

lucky: come to me. Let swara go alone inside. I’ll tell you.

swara goes to reception. she informs to go to garden and shows direction she goes there. She sees full decoration with lights and white curtains. Some fire files are coming. she is very excited and enjoyed the arrangement. she really likes it but confused. suddenly one waiter comes to her and gives “YELLOW” 50 roses bouquet with a note. she takes it and reads it.

“yellow rose is symbol offriendship. I’m Glad of our Friendship, I really feel new beginning when you are with me.I care for you. will u be my friend forever? ?”

she softly touch the rose petals and feels his friendship.

meanwhile another “LIGHT PINK” bouquet comes with note.

” like this pink rose your Gentleness, Grace, sweetness made me realise that I want to be with u forever.will u be with me forever? ??”

she reads and smiles.

another “DARK PINK” bouquet comes with note.

“like this pink rose I will never let u down. I will never leave u. will u believe me?”

she hold the bouquet had a wide smile on her lips.

another “WHITE” bouquet comes with note.

“white rose indicates Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility. I heavenly found u worthy of me. Will u be with me as white rose forever. ”
swara blushes.

Another “ORANGE” bouquet comes indicating

“like this orange rose your elegance made me realise my enthusiasm towards. will u make me realise the same feelings for the rest of my life?”

she gets spark in her eyes.
she receives another lavender bouquet stating that

“it is symbol of love at first sight and Let’s get together. shall we be together? ?”

swara feels his intension feels romantic.

last but not least she receives “RED Rose” bouquet stating that

“I love ur Beauty. I love ur Courage and Respect. I love every quality of u and “I Love You as u are.” do you love me? ?”

she gets teary eyed with happiness. she feels his presence around her. She turns back and sees him who wore v shaped red T-hirt with white trouser and white formal pants. He is so romantic and smart(hot). He comes to her and kneel downs and holds hand “will u be mine forever? ??”

pre cap: swara’s response.

Credit to: Queeny

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  1. omg this is so cute and it is really sweet pls put another one on quick

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    1. Thank you dear. I have thought a lot to write the flowers part. It took more time. u all liked it. I means a lot to me.

  5. Wow! The way he proposed her is totally different and nice from others. I like it. Keep it up 🙂

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  6. this is soooo cute nd i loved it plx post next part soon

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  11. Wow…….it’s amazing
    purposing style was just mind blowing

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  12. Guys. . I have uploaded 8th part. have a look of it.

  13. It was a unique proposal .so cute and lovely.how sweet of sanskar .

    1. Any girl would fall for the person who proposes her.. In this story he is sanskar. So what is the stupid qus of accepting proposal…?

  14. wow so sweet sanskar thae way he proposed is completely different.. swara should accept proposal …

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