swasan: A heart beat (Episode 6)


Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 6th part.If you want to follow the story from starting, just have a look of below links to read previous episodes.

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recap: parneeta’s baby shower function.  swara sings a sweet song which impress everyone. raglak first meeting. uttara and parneeta teasing sanskar with swara’s name.

swaragini ready to go to home she goes to sanskar family members be for she leaves.

swara: aunty we are going to home.  It’s nice being with you.

ap: yes beta. take this with u(she gives return gift). u both sisters are very nice. u sang the song very well. Thanks for coming. come to home whenever u get time.

sujatha: ha beta. u both are so good. come anytime.  We will have good time with you.

swara: sure aunty.

ap: sanskar come here go and drop them.  It’s getting late. its not good they both go alone.
sanskar goes to drop swaragini.
sanskar sits in front seat. ragini sits at back.

sanskar: thank you so much for coming swaragini. swara your singing was fantastic.

swara: thank you sanskar for introducing your family.They are so nice. 

rag: yup.  They are very sweet except that kadhoos..

swasan asks with confusing who is that?

rag: I don’t know his name. uttara called him bhai.

sanskar: then they might be either adharsh r lucky.

rag: it must be lucky. as I have seen adharsh in party.

sanskar: what lucky has done? ?

rag: he is talked with me so harshly.she tells them the whole incident in her point of view. swasan laughs. ragini annoys.

sanskar: nothing like that rag.  He is my brother and he is just like you.  He is very good. just talk to him.  You will get to know more about him.shall we have ice cream tomorrow? rag says k and calm downs.
They reach to swara’s home. swaragini get down and bids bye.
sanskar on the way to home.
He still remembers swara’s beauty and all incidents that happened from their first meeting. He feels so special. “This girl is not going my mind.  why I’m feeling very special about her.  What is she to me. . This is the first time I’m feeling one girl is very close to my heart.  is it something more than friendship?”
“no sanky.  how can u think like this.  If swara doesn’t feel like you then. ? confirm what swara feels for u. don’t think anything else” his inner voice controls him.

swaragini comes to home and tells her home about the function.  They talk about it.

Next day:
swaragini, laksan meet at parlour. sanskar introduces him to swaragini. 

swara: nice to meet you.

rag: I know him already so don’t need of introduction.

lucky: yes. We already have had enough introduction yesterday While feeling uncomfortable.

rag smirks and says yes, I have had enough. If I get to know more…!! no. . It won’t be nice.

swasan observes this and try to cool down and tells “k leave that all happened. just start ur friendship fresh”. They agree. They all have ice cream. ragini finishes her Ice cream and she remembers something.

rag: oh god. damn it. I have to meet my friend. She is waiting there and I’m getting late.
sanskar tells her that he will drop. but lucky stops him and says we are new friends now. so let me drop her.they both go..

some men looks swara and feels hot. They concentrate on her. sanskar observes this so he sits very close her and held her hand around her shoulder as protective. They stop looking at her. swara sees this and feels happy. sanskar gets a call.
men think that sanskar has gone. They purposefully dash waiter in such away that Ice cream fell on swara. sanky sees this n gets angry. sanky holds one man in the group. They r very rude. They hit him back. sanky fights with them and manages them well. swara holds sanskar and takes him from there.
They both are in car:
swa: sanskar what happen to u? why did u get angry on them?
he stills at rage.
sanky: they didn’t do right. u stopped me otherwise I would have teach them a good lesson.
swa: see sanskar because of this u got hurt. . she sees his hand got hurt. she does first aid.
sanky: I don’t want to see you anyone insults u.
swa: y sanskar? ?

sanky: don’t u know u r my……. friend and u r my responsibility.
swa: do u care for me this much?
sanky: of course. I do. They have an intense eye lock. They talk each other’s feelings through eyes. They got to know about each other. sanky cools down and sees her.
sanky: how can you got to Home like this? ?
swara: I’m thinking the same.
sanky: use this tissues. do u need a dress? We will go to mall nearer here.
swa: no need. I’ll manage. drop me at home.
sanky: are you sure? ?
swara nodes yes.
sanky drop swara at home and go to home.

swara thinks about the whole incident and thinks “y I feel so protective in your presence. y do i feel to be myself when u r around me. I never felt as it before. is it really friendship r love. is he feeling the same?? But I can’t tell him my feelings. If he takes me that I’m running after his money? no I can’t bare.i need to know is he love me r not? ”
sanskar at home thinks.” I can see ur Care. I can see ur love in ur eyes. I’m sure u r going through what I’m feeling now. Do u swara? ?”
He decides to propose her.

per cap: sanskar tells his family about his feelings for swara. sanskar’s love proposal to swara.

Credit to: Queeny

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