swasan: A heart beat (Episode 5)

Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 5th part. actually I’m from south India so I don’t know how north Indians celebrate godh bharayi. still I tried much to make it in North Indian style. If u find any flaw just ignore it. If you want to follow the story from starting, just have a look of below links to read previous episodes.

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recap: sanskar came to swara’s home to return her wallet and met with her parents.  ragini and swara became friends.

next day at maheswari’s home.
annapurna (Ap), sujatha, durga prasad (dp), ram maheswari, adarsh, parneeta, sanskar, uttara are doing breakfast.

Ap: dp ji. . its 7th month is coming to end for parneeta. so I want to celebrate baby shower function.

dp: ha Ap. Make the arrangements after asking muhurat from pundit ji.

All r happy and think to invite their respective friends and relatives.

sanskar thinks to buy a gift for parneeta babhi and for the baby too. but he doesn’t know more about girls thinks because he never had a girlfriend. Of course he goes to shopping with uttara but he doesn’t pay attention. He just pay the bill which chooses. so he thinks to ask uttara to help him in shopping. but she has exams so he doesn’t want to disturb her. Then he reminds swara. He make a call to swara.

swara picks up the call. Hello..

sanskar: Hello is this swara.. ?

swara: yes swara speaking. who is this?

sanskar: swara. I’m sanskar.

swara: hello sanskar. tell me. .

sanskar: swara I need a help. do you have any work?

swara: no sanskar I’m free for now. tell me what you want? ?

sanskar: my babhi’s baby shower function is going happen at our home. so I thought to buy a gift for babhi and baby. can you please help me in shopping.

swara: of course sanskar. when to come? where to come? ?

sanskar: thank you swara. k be ready. I’ll pick you at ur home.
swara says k n gets ready.

at shopping mall:
They search a lot of items. They buy a pair of gold bangles for parneeta and a application form of life cell stem of protect baby and mother umbilical menstrual blood stem cell banking. sanskar is overwhelmed with her taste of gift and the protective nature towards others. He is really impressed.

sanskar: swara. can you please come to my home for the function. its my invitation and it is ladies function too. u and ragini both come to home.

swara: I’ll ask ragini. I’ll come.

evening at swara’s place:
swara gets ready with simple lehenga and she had simple jewellery which r matching with her dress. she does light make up. ragini just come home. She gets tired. so she doesn’t do any makeup. she wears suit and goes to maheswari’s mansion.

At maheswari’s mansion:
all guests gathered. swaragini come there. sanskar invites them and introduces them to uttara and her family members.

sanskar: ma papa… This is swara my friend. She is ragini her sister.
All are surprised because it is the first time that he introducing one girl as friend. but they smile and invite her. uttara takes swaragini with her.

One person gets down from car. He goes to maheswari’s home. He shouts stop it. everyone see him. They are shocked. He says with out me how can you celebrate any function. They all smile at him. They call lucky. have u finished with ur exams? ?

lucky: yes. exams are over. k. I’ll get ready and meet u all. He goes to his room.

uttara shows the house to swaragini. suddenly one waiter collides with ragini. her dress gets spoil. she feels. uttara asks her to come to her room and change. suddenly she gets a call so she attends showing the roo. direction to ragini. meanwhile sanskar calls swara to help him in gift packing. ragini goes to room. she goes to wash room. and shouts. lucky sees her and he too shouts. she comes out of the room. lucky to comes out with towel.

lucky: who are you,?? why did u come to my room?

rag: I’m ragini. uttara showed me the room to wash drink stain.

lucky: uffu. uttara? ? uttara? ?

uttara: ha bhayya. when did u come? tell me.

lucky: I came now. why did u show her my room.?

uttara: no brother. I have shown her my room. It might be some mistake. why what happened? ? why did you came out like this? ?

lucky: are u asking me what happened? she has come to my waaash. . .. no no. nothing. I’m going. take her to ur room.
ragini comes to uttara’s room and gets changed.

everyone gather at function hall. parneeta adorned with jewellery and seated in chair. Everyone comes and wear her bangles. everyone women do this. Some ladies asks to sing song for harathi. no one sings. Some one ragini tells swara sings well. All ask her to sing. swara sings annamacharya keerthana which describes Lord srikrishna’s birth and his eternity. everyone impressed with her singing and appreciate her. sanskar feels happy. men from maheswari’s family come there blesses/wishes her and gifts her. sanskar comes to parneeta and gives gifts. she opens it. everyone see those. parneeta overwhelms with his gifts.

parneeta: sanskar is its ur choice? ?

sanskar: no babhi. its swara’s.

parneeta: but ur choice is fabulous sighing towards swara.
sanskar smiles and comes to the place where he was earlier. uttara comes to him.

uttara: bhayya what happened you. today u look so blushing and happy. I know the reason behind it. shall I tell that to badi ma and badi pa.? she teases him well.

sanskar: no uttara. u r wrong. It is not that u r thinking.

uttara: k bhayi. tell me what is write then? ?

sanskar: she is my friend and she is good. that’s it nothing more than that.

Ap calls uttara so she goes there while telling him that I’ll talk to u later.

pre cap: sanskar drops swaragini. some knock jokes of raglak.

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