swasan: A heart beat (Episode 4)

Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 4th part. have a look of below links to read previous episodes.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

swasan unfortunate meeting at restaurant. swara gives treat. sanskar drops her to home. swara forgets her wallet. swasan thinking of each other.

night at sanskar’s place: she is such a sweet and good natured girl. While I’m with her I just lost my self in her words.  she is simple,damn cute and very friendly.

night at swara’s place:
swara thinks of sanskar. how good he is? ? He is one of millionaire still doesn’t show off anything.

swasan feeling something for each other.  But they think that they r friends. They are overwhelming with their friendship. .

swara’s place:
swara she thinks about sanskar and smiles. swara’s sister ragini see this.
ragini: what happen swara(they do call each other with their names as they are twins. but swara looks as her mom and rag has her dad face cuts) .u r charming today? why are smiling?
swara: nothing rag. just remember one joke.
ragini: then tell me. I want to smile even.
They hear door knock and see their mom.
sumi: don’t u sleep till now. will u talk whole night?? drink this milk and go to sleep.
swaragini finishes their milk.
sumi: shona I forget to ask u. today morning u have taken the receipt of jewellery shop. I need it. I will go to shop to collect the things.
swara: ha ma. she goes to search for it. She doesn’t find it. Then she remembers she left her wallet in sanskar’s car.
sumi: what happened shona? what are you searching for?
swara: ma. . today I went to shopping. There I met sanskar who had helped me on concert day. He dropped to home. I forgot my wallet in his car.
sumi: oh. sanskar. .! have u met him? ? have you thanked him?
swara: ha ma. I thanked him.
sumi: k. collect your wallet tomorrow.
swara: sure. ma do u know how good he is? ? He is sanskar maheswari.
sumi and rag at once: what? ???
swara: yes. He is sanskar maheswari. still he cares the people and he didn’t show his status and richness. He is friendly.
sumi: ya. Some good people always down to earth. k. its getting late. Both u go to sleep.good night.
rag wants to ask something but she thinks to ask her later.

at the morning:
sanskar get ready and thinks to return the wallet before college starts . so he goes to swara’s Home early morning.

He reaches her place and get down from the car. He sees swara giving violin classes to some children. she is in white dress. With the effect of early morning small cool breeze touches him. And white smoke is falling. she is looking like an angel. He lost himself. but comes to sense in a sec. He comes to swara. she sees him.
swara: hello sanskar. good morning.
sanskar: good morning. u forgot ur wallet yesterday and I don’t have your number to call u. so I thought to return to u before your college timing.
swara: ha sanskar. I’m sorry. I troubled u.
sanskar: it’s k.
swara: come inside. I’ll get u a cup of coffee.
Both come inside. swara father and mother see him.
swara: dad, mom. He is sanskar maheswari. my friend.
sanskar feels so happy listening my friend from swara. He greets them.
sumi goes to get a coffee.
shekar and sanskar talks some time. After that shekar leaves as he has some work. swara and sanskar are there.
sanskar: do u teach violin?
swara: I’m not very professional at but I teach them what I know.
sanskar: oh good.
ragini comes to them. swara introduce sanskar.
ragini: oh u r sanskar. swara told about u yesterday. I’m eager to meet you.
actually ragini is more childish than swara. she talks what she thinks. so it will be visible of he childishness and frankness.
sanskar: talks to her. They both become good friends.
sumi gives coffee. He finishes his coffee. He ready to go. swaragini come to give send off. sanskar asks swara’s number. she tells him I don’t have mobile. u can call me at my home number. sanskar gives his visiting card and leaves.

rag: swara you are right. He is so handsome and very good person.

precap: sanskar invites swaragini to his home for his babhi’s baby showering(godh barayi) function. swara comes to his home. Uttara teases his brother.

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