swasan: A heart beat (Episode 3)


Hello guys. . Thank you for your support. here is the 3rd part. enjoy it:

recap: swasan collide with each other. swara’s violin bow broken down. she gets tears. sanskar helps her and buy violin set and drops her to the audition. she has selected in audition. All congratulate her.

swara remembers sanskar and goes to the place where sanskar dropped her. But she doesn’t find him there. She talks to herself who are you? you just came to me as angel to help me. I don’t know your name too. I didn’t even say thank you.” she felt so sorry.

sanskar comes to office and still thinks about swara. He feels her something special. He thinks is she got selected in audition? ? meanwhile one of his employee come to him and asks some signatures. He slowly do his work.

One week later:
swara goes to shopping mall with one of her best buddy Riya. They choose some dresses and Riya goes to trail room where swara is waiting outside and she looks here and there. She sees sanskar in the opposite shop in mens showroom. she suddenly goes to him.
swara:”Hello..! do you remember me? ?”.

sanskar : he sees her and surprises. he replies “Hello. yeah. I remember you.”

swara: sorry I was I hurry that day so that I didn’t even say thank you.

sanskar: it’s k. its not a big issue.

swara: thank you so much for everything.

sanskar: u r welcome.

swara: by the way I’m swara. and u?

sanskar: I’m sanskar. nice to meet you. By the way how was your audition? ?

swara: it was good. I got selected for the album.

sanskar: oh. that’s really great. congratulations. While saying this he forwards his hand.

swara: thank you. without u it can’t be possible on that day.

sanskar: no. not at all. It’s all your talent. by the way how come you find me here? ?

swara: me and my friend came for shopping and she want a treat from me? ?

sanskar: oh! I also come for shopping.

swara: would mind to join us for treat.

sanskar: yeah! I don’t mind.

Riya come to swara. swara introduces her to sanskar. sanskar friend to come there. 4 of them go to one restaurant. They order some food. They eat with some jokes meanwhile. Riya and sanskar’s friend are a bit humorous there. Riya get a call from her home. Riya tells Swara that she need to go home as she has an important work. sanskar friend offers her to drop her home. swasan are at the table.

sanskar: so.. what do you do?

swara: I did graduation in music. now I get a chance to be a part of album. I’m satisfied with it. What about yourself?

sanskar gets a call. He excuses himself and talked to call. He tells address. One man came to him and asks some signatures. sanskar gets another call. He goes to attend the call. swara asks the man. who are you? is sanskar is ur boss? ? He replies her. I’m manger of Maheswari industries. my boss sanskar is managing director of Maheswari group of industries. swara is shocked and shell bounded. sanskar comes to swara and sends his manager.

sanskar: where were we? ? yeah. u r asking about my self right. well. .

swara cuts his words and tells him. I got to know about you from ur manager. I’m sorry. I didn’t think u r heir of maheswari. so that I invited you for treat in this restaurant.

sanskar: don’t be sorry. I like when some one treat me as sanskar. I don’t want to be treated as sanskar maheswari. so be casual. let’s be friends. no formalities at all.

swara smiles and pays the bill though sanskar tells he will pay the bill. swara don’t allow him as it is her treat. they both go from there. sanskar offers her to drop her home. She says it’s k. swara get down from the car and thanks him and goes to her home. sanskar reaches his home. He finds her wallet. He sees his watch feels its already late so it doesn’t look good to go to her home at this time. He thinks to return it the next day.

night at swara’s place:
swara thinks of sanskar. how good he is? ? He is one of millionaire still doesn’t show off anything.
night at sanskar’s place: she is such a sweet and good natured girl. While I’m with her I just lost my self in her words. she is simple,damn cute and very friendly.
swasan feeling something for each other. But they think that they r friends. They are overwhelming with their friendship. .

pre cap: sanskar comes to swara to return her wallet.

Credit to: Queeny

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