swasan: A heart beat (Episode 2)

recap: swasan marriage and sankar’s surprise. Their sweet hug.

sanskar: “do u remember that all happened with us”
swara: “of course. how I can’t forget them. They r most memorable movements of my life where as u r my life. I’ll remember everything till my Last breath. ”
sanskar: he cups her face and says “don’t say that swara. u will be with me forever. I won’t u go away from me.” he hug her so tightly. After that he caresses her. They talk about themselves how destiny made them meet.


swara is a matured girl and who enjoys her life and find happiness in every thing she has. she is very optimistic. she is a violin player. she loves music a lot. she want to start her career in music with a bang.

sanskar is Mr . perfect. He is one the heir of top business industrialist. but he is always down to the earth. He want to prove himself. so he is working in his own company. He bought everything with his own earning. He loves his family. They too love him and his parents are proud of him.

Dec 22, 2015:
This is big day for her. She has a music concert in her college. That is conducted by “Raga” music albums. They will select best musicians from the concert and they will do their album. she just want to grab the opportunity. she get ready for that and start to college. everyone in y he family wish her. While going to college she meet her children gang. They give rose flowers and wish her all the best.

sanskar comes from jogging. He sees his sister in front of him. She come to him and asks him to drop her to the college as she has exam.she feels he is her lucky for her. so sanskar gets ready and they both go to college.

at college entrance:
swara holds her violin. Some of her friends came to her and asks to show her new violin. she shows them. She is about to place it bag one of her call her tells her to come auditorium as their is calling her. She goes to her not watching opposite side.

meanwhile sanskar drops his sister uttara. After she left her hall ticket in the car. sanskar observes it. so he goes to give to her not noticing opposite side. swara and sanskar both collide with each other. sanskar holds swara but her violin drops from her hand. They have an eye lock. uttara calls his brother. swasan depart each other. sanskar says sorry to her and she collects her violin. meanwhile uttara com r so to sanskar and collects her hall ticket and says bye as she is getting late. sanskar turns to swara and notices her with teary eyed. He is confused and then sees her broken violin bow. He asks her wha y happen. she tells him that it’s her big day and she is having audition in half an hour and she is going to lose her career because of this broken bow. sanskar feels guilty and he tells her that he will help. He asks her to come with him and they both go to shop and buy violin there and he drops her to college and wishes all the best. she is in hurry so she runs to auditorium. While sanskar leave from the college.

swara gives her audition and she has been selected. she feels happy and everyone appreciate her. suddenly she remembers sanskar and she goes to the place where he drops her. But does not find him. She is disappointed and feels “who are you.? you just came as an angel. I even don’t say thank you”

pre cap: second meeting of swasan

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    Woooooooooooooow swasan meeting scean was awesome voilen is my favorite instrument please update next episode fast please please

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  5. Thank you guys.. I’ll try to upload next part by today’s night. otherwise I’ll upload it tomorrow for sure. I’ll probably try to post today.

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  7. thank you hayathi, shanaya, kittu, esha,mouni.
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