swasan: A heart beat (Episode 13)


Hello guys. Thank you for your support. here is 13th part.

recap: raglak proposal. swasan consummation.


lucky hugs ragini.  They both sit at pool side. They talk about.

rag: lucky.. I’m is really happy. I’m going through the same feelings which swara told me.

lucky: I’m happy too. but what did  babhi say?

rag: swara said “when u find ur soulmate u find everything perfect about ur self and everything seems to be more beautiful than before.” but laksh.. I feel more happiness in your presence. I feel this moment more beautiful. everything is giving me happiness.

lucky: I too feel the same. I feel moon is getting more jealousy seeing u. I feel this flowers are more insecure with ur beauty. He holds her hand..

rag: aha..! really..? I know these are like filmy dialogues but sounds very special when you spell. she leans her head on his shoulder. They enjoys the moment well with a romantic surroundings.

rag: it’s already late. We have to now. We have to go to marriage tomorrow na?? Go to your room and sleep..

lucky: no.. I want to spend more time with you.

rag: understand lucky. We can meet early in the morning na?? Let’s move for now.
He agrees they go to their respective rooms and sleep.

early morning at swasan’s room:
swara in sanskar’s arms. Some one knocks the door. swasan wake up and sees their faces. sanky gets call from lucky asking bhai it’s already late.. are you ready??

sanky: no lucky not yet. give us 10 mins we will get ready..

llucky: we..? babhi did not get ready yet?? oh… love birds sorry to disturb you both.. take your own time to get ready. but please make sure to be early as we small kids will be waiting for you. sanskar smiles and disconnects the call.

swara goes to freshen up and comes out from bathroom. sanskar mesmerises seeing her. He comes close to her but she reminds him about schedule and asks him to go, where she won’t go anywhere. He can romance with her anytime. He goes to get ready with a smile.

swasan and raglak go to sanskar bhuaji grand son’s marriage. All welcome them. Both swara wishes all of them. They all impresse with their nature. The marriage happens well. swasan raglak enjoys a lot there. They return to home.

In car:
lucky: bhai, babhi… We want to tell you something important.

swara: what lucky??

lucky: I and ragini are in relationship. We love each other.

swara: what?? She is shocked. when did it happen?
sanskar listens to this and smiles.

lucky: actually I was loving her when we met. but yesterday night I proposed her. She accepted my proposal. bhai has already know this.

ragini blushes. she has mixed feelings of shyness and tension of getting acceptance from swasan.

swara: it’s really surprise for me. I’m happy for u both.. so ragini this is why u asked me that night right. I’m angry with you. You could share ur feelings with me earlier. I’ll take my dewar’s side as he is giving me importance.

rag: nothing like that swara. I thought to tell you but lucky told you before me.

sanskar: don’t worry ragini. If swara takes his dewar’s side I’ll side you. You are my saali.. anyway congrats for you both. They all smile. They have some talk among them. They reach home.
They take reSt for a day because of journey tiredness. raglak secret meetings at home happens meanwhile.
2 days later:
ap gets call from bhuaji..
bhua: hello ap. how are you? why didn’t you come to my grand son’s marriage?
ap: I’m very sorry bhuaji. baby is at home and dp was busy so we could not able to attend. so that I sent kids to give our wishes. we will surely come to bless new couple.
bhuaji: it’s k ap. your kids are very nice. Both married couples are perfect. They are made for each other.
ap: bhuaji.. sanskar got married but not laksh.
bhuaji: so what?? if not married then let him marry to that girl who came along with him. She is very cute and perfect for him. ap smiles and diverts topic and keeps the phone down.
sujatha comes there.

sujatha: what happened didi?

ap: bhuaji is telling that raglak jodi is made for each other. she is suggesting for their marriage.

sujatha: I too feel the same didi..
They are nice together. I think we have to think of this.


ragini gets call from sumi,calling her to come home. ragini gets surprised why sumi is asking her to come home very suddenly. she packs her bag. laksh comes to her.

rag: lucky.. ma called me to come home. I don’t want to go for here.

lucky: then don’t go…

ragini: I can’t. ma said that she has already talked with ap aunty. so I have to leave.

lucky: don’t worry. I’ll meet you some how.
ragini gets blessings and goes.

guys honestly tell me..
how many of you like my ff?? is there anything to improve?? which episode do u like more so far??
please comment… I’m waiting for your response..

Credit to: Queeny

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