swasan: A heart beat (Episode 11)


Hello everyone.  here is 11th part.  For more recap visit below


recap: swasan romantic conversation. raglak feelings.

Night at maheswari mansion:

sanskar comes from office a bit late. swara waits for him.  He gets fresh up and asks swara.

sanky: had ur dinner?

swara: not yet.  I’m waiting for you. Let’s go for dinner.

They come to dining table they both had finish with their dinner and goes to their room.

sanky: swara.. This is for you.  He places his a small gift pack in her hand.

swara: what is this?
she opens it and finds a simple white pearl waist belt. It has some white stones between the pearls. it is simple and elegant.

swara: wow. … such a nice chain. its really nice. Thank you sanskar. is it for me?

sanky: yes. its for ur morning kheer. morning I have seen u wearing Saree.  but I thought something is missing. I felt this was missing. so thought to gift u.
she smiles. she keeps it safe and they both talk about their day and go to sleep.

next day:
everyone is busy with their works. suddenly parneeta feels labour pains. she is at he room. ap, sujatha,  swara come to her.  They get to know about labour pains.  They call the doctor and shifts her to hospital. men also come to hospital. adharash feels a bit tensed. All are praying safety for baby and mother. swara’s parents also come there.  They all get a happy news that parneeta gave birth to a baby girl and both are safe.  All feel happy and they distribute sweets.

3 days later:

discharging parneeta. sumi comes to see the baby asks ap if she needs any help?

ap : yes sumi ji. baby came to Home na.  We are bit busy with baby. swara must be feeling lonely. If you send ragini to our home for some days. swara feels better.

sumi: how good u r. . u r thinking more about my shona. I’m happy that she is gone to her mayekhe after her marriage too.. I’ll send ragini..

ragini comes to maheswari’s home with her language. swara comes to her and hugs. she shows her the room.  ragini settle down  there. ap, sujatha goes to shop to buy things for baby. .

swara guess to kitchen and ragini too goes there to help her. swara tries to get a flour which is at upper cupboard. baby cries meanwhile.  swara goes to see the baby. she thinks parneeta might need some help. ragini tells she will get the flour and gets a stool and tried to bring down the flour container but suddenly she slips and almost falls. lucky comes there and holds her. The flour gets poured on both of them. They gave an eye lock. swara come there calling ragini without seeing her. .
They separate each other.
swara sees them and laughs. what happened to u? ?

rag: swara. . I slipped and lucky hold me. .

swara: it is visible to me. may I tell you one thing.  It’s very funny to see you both in this make up. She again laughs at them.

rag: swara please. .

swara: k u go and change.  lucky u too go.  If anyone see you like this then they will make fun of u.

ragini gets bath and changes and come to dry her hair and remincing her moments with laksh. she gets smile on her cheek unknowingly.  she thinks why I’m I feeling something strange? but I like this feeling. no. u can’t think like this ragini. just remember why you came here her inner voice dominates her heart. she changes her mood.

at lucky room:

he freshes up and he leans on bed and thinks. . I know so many girls. I flirted with them. But when I’m with ragini I’m feeling something different. I don’t know what exactly it is.. He gets an idea and smiles.


sanskar is at his room lucky comes to him asks bhai. . are you free.?

sanky: yes. why? do u want to talk me. ?

lucky: yes bhai. u know na. whenever I get confused I come to you to take correct decision.

sanky: so u r confused now?  what makes you confusing now?

lucky: bhai. . u know na. . I have lot of friends. actually I have more girl friends.  whenever I’m with my friends I feel good. but whenever I’m with ragini I’m feeling too good.  suddenly my heart beat is going high. whenever I’m with her I think the time to stop there. I’m feeling strange. is it something that I’m having any health problem?  do I need to take any treatment?

sanskar laughs loudly.
lucky amazed with his smile. what happened?  why are you laughing like this? ?

sanky: hahaha lucky I can’t stop laughing. yes surely u have problem but you need have love treatment. u need ragini’s help.

lucky: what do u mean by that? ?

sanky: simple lucky. . u have feelings for her.  I too feel the same when I’m with swara.  later I came to know that it’s of love. .

lucky: love…..!! really…….. is it love. ..!!! he amused.

sanky: yes it is. .  but first u better to know ragini is feeling the same or not?

lucky: how can I know?

sanky: think your self.

lucky: hm. Thank you so much bhai. . He holds sanskar’s hand and twirls him.  Please don’t tell this to anyone including babhi.  I’ll tell her later. 

sanky: k. but don’t take much time.

sanskar feels happy for lucky. He thinks swara will be more happy when she gets to know about this. But I need to wait sometime.

pre cap: ragini asking swara how she is concluded her self she is in love with sanskar? swasan and raglak on date..

Credit to: Queeny

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