swasan in the haunted mansion by rabia OS (last part)

Shot 3:-

Swara was very tensed… she was trying to call sanky but no network….

Finally swara slept while sitting on the couch… at night around 2 swara woke up…that time there is no light in the mansion…

Swara with the help of mobile torch goes out…she was calling servants but nobody came…

Suddenly swara felt someone’s presence she turned back and found one girl standing while having a candle in her hand… she was looking very scary…

Swara was going to scream but that girl

Girl while putting finger on her lips: ssshhhhh..

Swara was sweating badly….:ww..hh.o.o.o.o.. r….rr…uuu….uuuu??

Girl: don’t u remember me??


Girl: how can u forget me swara?

Swara compose herself: how do u know my name??

Girl: I know everything swara…u were my sister..

Swara: sister???

Girl: yess in last birth u r my sister..

Swara: what rubbish??

Girl while laughing: hahahahhaa now u r saying my talks as rubbish.. but that time u likes my talk..

Swara: I don’t know u

Girl: don’t u remember how u snatched sanskar from me and married him..

Swara shocked: whaaatttt??

Girl: yesss… that time also u snatched him and in this birth also u snatched him… I will not leave u…

Swara: whattt the hell???

Girl laughing like a maniac: hahahahha u will surely face hell my dear sister… by saying this she sprinkled some powder upon swara..

Swara fainted…


Sanky came back from his meeting early he wants to give surprise to swara…

Sanky while entering in the room calls swara happily….but he didn’t found her.. he calls her again but no answer he goes towards balcony and found her standing there while facing her back…

Sanky goes and hugs her tightly from the back…

Sanky: I missed u soo much and look I came early.. but swara didn’t replied..

Sanky become confused and made her turn…

Sanky saw something different in her eyes..

Sanky with concern: swara what happened??

Swara smirk and before sanky can do anything he felt pain in his stomach…

Sanky looked down and found knife inside his stomach.. he looked up and saw swara smirking evilly..

Sanky with painful voice: swaaa..rraa….aaa??? but swara stabbed him again..

Sanky fall down and after few minutes his eyes got closed…swara was seeing him with blank expressions and later her head start ponding and she also fall down…

Same girl who claimed herself as swara’s sister in past came again….

Girl while laughing… ch..ch…ch.cchhhh.. the great business tycoon sanskar meheswarii killed by his own wife.. by saying this she removed her makeup… she was a normal girl who was disguised in the get up on witch….

Girl took out cell phonee but before she calls someone.. one hand came and stopped her.. she turned and found sanky standing there with a smirk while behind him swara is giving her evil smile…..

Girl stammerringgg…ggg: how come u alive?? She killed u naaa???

Swara: by this naaa?? She showed her fake knife which is having red clr inside and when it got pressed it spit red clr just like a blood…

Sanky snatched the cell phone from the girl’s hand and while swara slapped her hard that she fall down..

Sanky while smirking: what u ppl thought that u can make us fool?? The business tycoon of India is not an easy player to play with him

Girl: but u guys cant go out from this mansion?? We occupied the whole mansion

Swasan looked each other than laugh

Swara: do think my husband as a fool?? We came to know about your all plan that day itself when sanky saw the garden area different from the whole ground…

Sanky: we r not coming in this mansion from last generation it doesn’t mean that I don’t know about anything…

Swara: u ppl thought that this mansion is closed sooo that u can easily doo your illegal business

(sanky’s mansion was occupied one local goon and other dangerous ppl who are running an illegal business of human organ stealing and then sending the organs to abroad… the garden area is the where they hide the death bodies of poor ppl who become the victim of their this illegal business and the room which was closed inside the mansion was in actual the operation theatre where they take out the organs.. many servants of the mansion r involved in this matter.. because nobody from the family came from many yrs in this mansion that’s why these ppl r running this cheap business freely but when sanky decided to visit the mansion soo then these ppl decided to make swasan scared… and also kills sanky with the help of swara and so that swara will in killing her husband.. and in this way there will be no more heir for this property.. they hypnotized swara that’s why she stabbed sanky… girl is also the crime partner of that goon)

Girl whose name is laura…

Laura: but how your hypnotism broke?? And how u both came to know about this business??

Swara: the small girl navi which u sent to me and done some techniques soo that I will believe her as a ghost itself told me everything…

(navi is used by these ppl to scare swara……the night when swara fainted they brought her to her room.. navi the child came their and she woke swara and told her everything…swara asked her why she is helping her… then navi told she is an orphan and these ppl r forcing her to this dirty work.. but u seems to be a nice person that’s why im helping u… swara calls sanky and told him everything)

Navi came there and stand with swasan..

Sanky: I was having a doubt on many ppl in this mansion that’s why I called my detectives and there they found about the complete history…

Many mysterious deaths that happened in this mansion r those who came to know about your this business and u all ppl hypnotize them and made them jump from the roof…. Soo that everyone thing that this mansion is haunted due to same type of deaths…

U created drama in front of swara of that rubbish previous birth and later hypnotized her but due to navi her hypnotism broke down and later she did all drama…

Swara: what u ppl thought that if nobody came here till now then they will also not come in future also?? U heartless ppl r running this disgusting business without any fear now its time to payback…

Police already surrounded the whole mansion…and all the ppl who r the part of that business got arrested..

Later in room only swasan and navi were there…

Swara while seeing navi to sanky: sanky what if we take navi with us??

Sanky also looked towards navi and said: sure dear..

While navi is seeing both of them with sweet smile…

Navi: u can’t take me…

Swara: why?? Don’t u want to come with us??

Navi with smile: I want to but I can’t come…

Sanky: why beta?? Is there any problem??

Navi walks towards the balcony and then turns towards them..

Navi: because I can’t leave my family..

Swasan become confused…

Swara: but u said that u r an orphan??

Navi: yes im an orphan but an orphan soul..

Sanky: what do u mean??

Navi with a smile: im not alive im dead and me and my family all died 20 yrs back in this mansion… we r the servants of this mansion… once our quarter got fire while we were sleeping at night time that’s why we didn’t got time to escape and we all died.. my whole family got freed from this world but I didn’t and from last 20 yrs I was wondering why my soul didn’t get freedom??

And later when u both came that day I came to know that from last 20 yrs my soul is waiting for u both so that I can save u both and get freedom from this world… now my work is done here I saved u both now I have to go… by saying this she goes with a smile and after few second she became a light…and vanished…

Swasan were shocked they were standing numb…

Sanky was the first one who gain his senses and he shakes swara..

Sanky: swaraaaa

Swara: sank..yyy… was she real?

Sanky: I don’t know swara may bee…

Swara: sanky please im fine now lets goo from this mansion..

Sanky nodes and later after 2 hrs both left….

When they left camera zooms towards the mansion title… there we can easily see a girl sitting and camera zoomed more and there we can found navi is sitting in a ghost getup playing with doll and waving her hand…

Navi while putting finger on her lips: sssshhhhhh….. some mysteries r remained unfolded… by saying this she vanished in a flicker situation…..

(the spring wood mansion built almost 5 centuries back.. having a lot of mysteries inside it.. which nobody knows… swasan got saved but really what navi told was the truth?? The mansion will always remains as a mystery mansion…the mysteries which will never be going to disclose or come in front of anybody)

The end…

Soo guys this is the end… swasan got saved but the mysteries of mansion remains unfold… which I also don’t know 😉 soo this is the end…I hope u will like it iff not then also don’t ask any question due to confusion because I also don’t know what I have written 😉 hehehehe


  1. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Uff…i m alright..nothing happened to me. My heart is beating lil fast but i think it be normal after sometime. Such a relief!!!

  2. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    Dii…are you a ghost detective.. You know every thing about these haunted mansion so clearly…. I bet you see conjuring as if its a funny movie😟😟awsm episode loved it.*scared pout…

  3. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Rabiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*a is infinity….!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aliya123


    |Registered Member


    okkk…..nw i m ok….again mystery u really made that mansion name real…..navi is a ghost.,..(smirking)i dont knw bt i think what i m thinking right nw is gonna happen soon…..hehehe……bt its nt scary….(angry pout)…..bt mindblowing

  5. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous ending bt still mystery lies behind lady don… u told not ask questions bcz thy cnt b found… i loved this haunted os and thnk u do much lady don for giving awesome ghost role… ;-*

  6. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Oh my God… Fabulous Di…. This was so different… Hehe not only this all ur concepts r unique… Ty for this wonderful story …. 😊

  7. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Haasshh!! Aakhir finish ho gaya..
    Actually till sanky’s drama.. I was reading it normally, but when navi dii was sitting on the gate, i was seriously… Cant say even..
    Whetever it was amazing ts..
    If possible plz give the season two of it disclosing navi’s secret.. Plz..

    • Rabia



      heheheh thankuu sooo much manasvii andd dear i even dont know what is the meaning behind navi’s saying 😉 then how can i write season 2 😛

  8. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Rabia Diii,,,
    waaa come back to wish u Marry Christmas n advance Happy new year… *hug..
    will meet u soon Dii… rock with ur FFs.. stay blessed n TC…!

  9. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Sorry Rabia Diiiiii for using ur FF as my new wishing spamming site… 😊 .. hope u don’t mind… if u mind also then push u to Nallaaaa… 😛heyAaa good byeee…n🙇

  10. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    waah waah!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 2 3 claps go!!!!!!!!!
    i expected this to be a real ghost story
    seriously how do u do it di
    u always give me shocks but i love them so much

  11. shalini

    Amazing yr bich m to tumne dara hi dia tha yr 😱😱
    BT seriously superb epi I loved it 😘😘😘😘😘

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