Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (9)

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Previously: swasan separation FB 1


Swara was in hospital room sopping and Sanskar sit beside her taking her head under his chin and picking it rapidly in soft kisses and tears fills his eyes too: I am sorry swara…. it’s all on me…. Forgive me my jaan … oh my jaaan….

Swara’s sops go louder closing her eyes shut and hugging sanskar so tightly and thoughts eating her brain, but then she start to wave Sanskar away try to stand from the bed…

Sanskar: jaan, what are you doing?, you should rest… (he said trying to cup her and make her rest but she refuse and start to remove feeder needle from her arm) swara, what are you doing? Stop… (but swara didn’t stop and Sanskar couldn’t stop her fearing needle would hurt her if he did) jaan, please leave the needle, you need it..

Finally swara got the needle out causing her hissing in pain and few blood droos fall from her then she started moving from bed, Sanskar was calling her and try to stop her but she didn’t listen, she walk struggling refusing even his support and when she stepped out few steps from her room, laksh and ragini where there and surprised seeing swara like this, swara went to them and in stern voice she spoke hardly

Swara: where is your father? (no one replied her so she asked again) where.. is..your..father?

Ragini: swara!! How can you…(swara raise her to stop her from talking)

Sanskar: swara please let’s get back for now na, papa got heart attack and isn’t fine…

Swara heart twinkled in many knots hearing those words but she didn’t step back, swalak had eye contact full of emotions, they were raised together, they know each other to the core, laksh knew swara won’t go back now and swara knew he won’t tell her, yet she asked again…

Swara: tumara pap kaha hai, laksh Gadodia? (where is your father laksh Gadodia)

Laksh voice showed his pain for his sister: my father??! Isn’t he your father anymore shonna… didn’t he raise you? Didn’t he feed you? Didn’t he make you his princess? Even if we believed the words that was told, still after what he did with you that made you his daughter.

A nurse passed by and swara turned to her: Shekhar Gadodia room please..

Nurse: that room!! (Pointing a door near them)

Swara without wasting much marched there, they tried to stop her, but who can? No one!! She opened door and get inside room, closing it in Sanskar face whi called her rapidly and halted the door from inside, they knocked several times but swara didn’t pay head and sit beside Shekhar sleeping body. Due to knocking Shekhar was gaining his conscious and then swara looking at him teary eyed. Both kept their gaze for a while

swara broke the ice in whimper whisper: why? (but Shekhar couldn’t reply) why your didn’t tell me before? I would understand and hold your great made of raising me my whole life… but why you took that right from me? Why??

Each word stapped Shekhar further into his heart, how much he wanted
to tell her everything, but he can’t as shome picture always remained in his mind, he can’t reveal that 22 years secret. So he left swara just speak….

Swara: who I am? From where you brought me? Please tell me…. Who is my father???

Shekhar: I am your father beta…

Swara shut her eyes and whisper: don’t call me that… don’t… please…. Who is my mother? She.. she didn’t want me at all??

Shekhar: your mother wanted you more than anything

Swara face light up: who…who is she?

Shekhar: Sharmeshta Gadodia…

Swara stand in anger: stop it, feel pity on me please… I want to know myself….

Shekhar had tears in his eyes: wasn’t I a good father that you don’t want me anymore?

Swara didn’t reply, how to reply?, to her he was the best man ever to the extent that once she swore she won’t marry any man unless he was exactly like her father… but now knowing he isn’t her father, she wonder where is her father?, what was her fate?, how would he treat her?, she might have a whole family and she don’t know about it….

That moment door was opened as Sanskar order the room spare keys, shome was first who stepped in and finding crying Shekhar she ran to him cupping his face…

Shome: Shekhar… swara please don’t do this, he is your father beta…

Swara crying: you both lost that right Sharmeshta ji, now I ask you, more I beg you please tell me who my parents are? Where are they? Anything please…

Shome brokenly: we are your parents swara….

Swara sight in defeat, while ragini spoke: they raised you swara, with all love, that give them right as your real parents or even more…

Swara: they raised my with a lie, giving me fake fairytale life… (looking to shaome) who is my mother please??, she might need me, she.. might be in trouble, I.. I.. might have brothers and sisters, and my dad… he might don’t know about me and want me with him…. DEAR GOD please speak, I need to know why I was dumped… many things run to my mind, I need to know SPEAK UP….


Swara tears stream was unstoppable: is that even my name? who gave it to me? The father who left me or the mother who dumped me? Or the orphanage where I was left unwanted? Or you my fake parents?

Shome had enough and shout angrily: swara stop this now, you are…. (Shekhar hold her hand tight stopping her from talking then assure her shaking his head in a no)

Swara shouted too: I am what… who I am? What is my identity, my whole past was lie, I’m nothing, I am foundling, unwanted… (swara hold her head tight as it start to spin) I have nothing, no name, no parents, no life… all was a lie… a hell lie, all is lies … lies.. lies…

Swara was about to faint when Sanskar caught her, the whole scene was in front of his eyes, but nothing can be done to sooth his jaan pain, he hugged her tight as two tears fall of his eyes looking up begging god in his secret to sooth her pain…

Swara crying: take me Sanskar… please.. take me from here… please…

Sanskar saw Shekhar hand raised in swara direction, perhaps he wanted to hug her too, but he was helpless. Sanskar looked helpless to them and moved slowly out with swara, laksh wanted to stop them but Sanskar node as no and left. Swasan went back to swara’s room and nurse gave her an injection to sleep..

Sanskar: I will give you as money as you want but don’t leave her side at all, stay in this room only, can you manage that?

Nurse: ji sir..(Sanskar give her quit money and left)

In 15 mints Sanskar reached MM, and anger sparks soars from his eyes, he enter the house to find AP crying and DP sitting like his soul just came out his body while Parinita sitting evilly smirking..

Sanskar move slowly but dangerously to AP: you was kind to me, even when you couldn’t show it, you never defended me yet I liked you and respected you… but not even that will spare Adharsh from my hands, kiss him goodbye as his end has come.

Parinita: hahahaha ohh devar ji …. do you think you can do anything to us now? When whole this property is in our name now… you think you can harm him, we can kick you all out… but we are kind enough, we will leave badi pa aur badi ma to live here, but they will work for us. Just like you was long ago, be a servant for your living is how you all will be…

Sanskar in stern voice: one week… goodbye you husband and welcome your hell…

Parinita was angry of how confident he was, she came close to him to slap him: HOW DARE YOU…..

Sanskar hold her hand tight, his angry was already at its peak, and how someone can be beyond anger?? That was Sanskar and he did something he never did before, even when he was the most devil man alive… he slapped parinita hard that she fall on floor

Sanskar: I never raised my hand over a woman, but for a b*t*h like you, I am ready to do expectation pari…

Parinita was wrenching in pain, he lip bleed due to the hit, Sanskar faced AP again, and bend and took bless… and stood

Sanskar: in one week I will put adharsh behind bars, get enough of his scent…

AP cried: beta… I know he did awful to you and swara, and also us as he deceived Durga and took over the whole property, I know he land our reputation as gum in society hard jaws, but he still my son….

Sanskar gaze her for a while then: and … she… is … my…. WIFE

Sanskar left without paying head to still shocked Dp nor the falling crying parinita or the shatter AP, he left to hospital again so swara eyes will see him first thing, and it did happen.

Swara woke up, it was 3 am now and Sanskar was on chair sleeping beside her, when he felt her movement he woke up immediately cupping her delight face…

Sanskar: jaan… (his thump rapidly moved up and down her cheek bone in small gesture) sleep for more…

Swara whispered: I wanna go home…

Sanskar: home??!

Sanskar was asking, not sure what she want, she want to go to gadodia house?? No way, and as same as possible she won’t go to MM then where she meant home? Swara saw his confusion as clear as sun, she was in pain yet her lips curled in faint smile…

Swara: wherever you are that will be my home….

Sanskar eyes teared and he hugged her softly: oh jaanu

Swara: you are the only one left for me, you are the only truth in my life Sanskar, I am married to you, no matter what I am….

Sanskar: you are, my jaan, my shonna, my love…

Swara: never leave me Sanskar, ever….

Sanskar: I won’t my baby… I won’t…

They stayed like this for a while then Sanskar finished papers to take swara with him, while going they met raglak on way and laksh wanted to talk to swara but she hugged Sanskar tight hiding herself in his chest wishing not to talk to any creature.

Sanskar went to a hotel and booked a suit and they spend the night there, Sanskar had his frim hold around swara while she sleeps on him, it was a really tough night. Next morning he was first to awake and swara was still in deep sleep and her face carry her stresses… Sanskar hated himself for disturbing her but things need to be done, he kissed her forehead smelling her deeply and instantly her lips curled up in faint smile.

Sanskar moved swara body aside and started making calls, he ordered information about adharsh and his dirty business and put a new PA for him and told him to settle meetings in hotel for now as he will run everything from hotel. He ordered bf and went to swara and start waking her up softly, she opened her doe hazel eyes, it was sad and lifeless but still manage to smile to her husband.

Sanskar whispers: good morning… (to which swara simply hummed) come on we will both fresh together.

Swara barely spoke and both fresh together and gone out when sanskar phone rang, he went to pick the call and spoke in balcony and swara sit on bed. The door knocked and swara went to open and it was breakfast, the waiter came in pushing the carriage and he kept gazing swara to which swara didn’t pay head, but the waiter gave her glances time to time.

Feeling weird gaze swara snapped her head to the waiter and he looked down placing plates on table, but he couldn’t help last glamces while he leave… swara couldn’t understand and moved to the table but the newspaper caught her attention as picture with Sanskar hugging her on first page. There was an article about her and it was ugly describing her as a golden dagger and low mannered girl, the name of gadodia was taken badly, everything was narrated gruesomely and swara legs became weak and fall to the floor crying seilently.

As Sanskar finished his call and came back he found swara on the floor and it panicked him, he rushed to her holding her tightly

Sanskar: swara jaan, what happened? What is it?

Swara was in no state to speak and Sanskar eyes followed her and found the newspaper. The headline alone was blood boiling

The foundling Maheshwari Bhau

Sanskar didn’t need to read anything he fist the paper and throw it away hugging his brutally sobbing wife. He tried to sooth her, rubbing her back, but vein. After long enough swara sobs calmed and Sanskar supported her to eat but she barely swallowed.

Swasan life caged in suit room for 3 days, swara did nothing but eat and sleep, she didn’t wish to see anyone, even ge talks was less… very less, not more than few words. The news about that party scandal spread everywhere, newspapers, tv, social network, everywhere. Laksh called Sanskar daily to check on swara, but there was no progress.

Sanskar try to take swara out of her trauma but it was next to impossible, he try to take her out.. Special dinner, stay with her all day. But she was so closed on her sad shell and only infront of Sanskar she broke down crying every night.

Sanskar kept his promise and start trapping adharsh, suddenly he was in huge loses and his dirty past was going to courts with proofs, Sanskar indeed didn’t spare him. Swara hated suit room walls, she wanted to go back to Sanskar cabin in MM and even though Sanskar hated the idea, but in the end they moved back to Sanskar cabin, still swara never left the cabin. Shome and shekhar tried to visit her many times but she didn’t wanna see anyone.

One day swara woke up early on her phone ringing, it was Sanskar’s PA as he told her there is very important meeting today and Sanskar presence is needed but Sanskar is refusing and he don’t what to do. Swara assured him that Sanskar will come to the meeting…

Swara set Sanskar cloth and breakfast and everything and went to the bed, she gazed him deeply like she was seeing him for the first and how cute and angelic he was, then she start to blow soft air on his face till he opned his easy

Sanskar: hmm good morning.

Swara: good morning…

“what is waking my princess so early?”

“so that she make her prince ready for his meeting”

Sanskar frowned: what meeting!! I am going nowhere.

Swara smiled: Sanskar, we can’t stop our lives. This meeting needs you, I can’t let you miss that, please come on.

Sanskar: I can’t leave you alone swara…

Swara: I am not alone, your shade never leaves me till you come back come on please…

Swara start to drag him up and he followed her order. After while both were in front of mirror and swara was jetting him up, she was the one requested his leave still she was sad about it…. Sanskar caged her waist softly

Sanskar: tell me not to go and I won’t…

Swara: I know… but still you should… but come fast na…

Sanskar: before you start missing me I will be here….

Sanskar lead slowly, taking swara lips between his tenderly in act of love, it was their first kiss since days, not knowing it’s the last.

Sanskar left not aware of the game played behind his back, parinita waited ever since swara to be alone and today she was given that chance. After Sanskar left swara was cleaning normally when her phone rang and stranger voice came to her ears telling her that Sanskar had fainted in the company and asking her to come. Swara panicked at the thought and without thinking she ran to the company, dashed to the cabin but seeing no one there she was surprised. Employee were gazing her like crazy woman, she asked where is Sanskar and they told her he is in conference room, and swara didn’t care and dashed there. Sanskar stood in tension when she was at the door all sweeting and the fear look in her eyes, he ran and cupped her face…

“jaan kya hwa”

“Sanskar … you… you are ok… you didn’t faint?”

“what??? What you talk about swara?”

“I had a call… he say…. you….”

“jaaan shshsh calm down… im am full fine ok”

Swara hummed then her gaze came behind Sanskar and she didn’t like those looks at all that still accuse her for many things….

Sanskar: wait me in my cabin ok…

Swara: nahi, I will go home, don’t worry about me …

Swara gave him smile and left, but all the way down girls worked in Sanskar company gave swara many taunts and kept calling her golden dagger even the girls who played friendship with her. Swara ran out of company and took cap to MM immediately and when she pushed the gate to enter parinita receive her with other women.

Swara closed her eyes having a hold on herself and walk pass them…

Parinita; such haan, people with shy are countable now. Such great shame on her and she still move freely…

W1: you shouldn’t be in this house girl, we are women from marwadi society and your existence here hurt people of the house, you must leave.

Swara: I live in my husband house, please stay out of it.

W2: we will tell him to divorce you, we can’t hold you being part of such pure family.

Swara eyes stormed with moist and turn to leave, (swara) parinita said frimly and when swara turn parinita and the women through black powder on her face….

W2: leave this house characterless girl… never come back…

W1: go find orphanage like you to marry…

Swara hold no more and ran to the cabin and there she broke down and cry her heart out, the pain she felt was indescribable, like heavy tar coal stuck in her throat… she felt so stained and heavy, but the only thing stopped her from killing herself right away was Sanskar. She knew Sanskar will be lost without her, so she drag herself to the washroom and wash herself of the black and prepare dinner to Sanskar and watched tv.

Due to the scandal Sanskar was facing lose in his shares in markets, his shares were in going down and swara didn’t like that at all. When Sanskar came back home he was gloomy and frustrated but remain calm for swara, the guard told Sanskar about parinita doings, but he didn’t act, not yet but same time he felt his heart torn every second, swara was being humiliated every second because of him and his family and more worse he won’t be here all time to protect her… what to do to save swara from all this was his mystery to solve.



Such long tiring chapter

Dont know about you… but i cried alot

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Allah hafiz

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