Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (6)

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Previously: swara Pov


Back to that moment when swasan meet, where both were shocked of their faces view, love poured of their eyes, heart, soul, breath, the air around them filled of love, missing and logging and what not. It was mere seconds, but lasted as years or ages, each was asking, is it true? Does this really happening? And time gave them a big yes confirming their life time line is in process.

As sanky ran toward his mama, shouting her name, swara’s body moved in automatic motion and picked him up but never broke the eye lock, then fearing thoughts came to her mind and she hugged Sanskar protectively then turn around to leave with no word spoken.

In this very intense second Sanskar felt his soul leaving his body again, and same cold hand of death snatching his heart out of its place….. she is leaving, her hairs are flying as she is going. Adrenaline rushed in his veins.

Sanskar holding choto swara is his arms shouted: swaaraaaa – princess wait me in car come on-

Little swara did as told while Sanskar run behind his life…

Sanskar: swaaaraa…. Wait…

She kept running and enter the cap, by time it left Sanskar reached it and watched the car fading away but couldn’t help his last shout for her


Now he is damn sure, she is in same state and now he will find her in no time. He went back to his car, and little swara, he sit to driver seat, his breath not steady as wave of happy stroking him, his chest were rising up and down roughly

“sanseka, what happen?”

“oh swara” he looked happily to her and pick her cheek “we must go home now”

He drive with much excitement that soon fade and replaced by other thoughts

Sanskar POV

“Mama”, that kid called her mama. Is he… is it possible… nahi swara would never do this to me, then…

my phone rang

“haan badi ma”

“beta we called gadodias for dinner today bring swara here”

“badi ma you have never done something more fit than this, I will be there in no time”

I hanged the call and thoughts still kill me.

“swara, tell me about sanky again”

“he is in 1st grade sanseeka”

“and his name”

“I told you naaaa sankyyy”

“I mean full name princess”


“forget it”

Let me put my thoughts first, Sanky….. but swara called him, Sanskar. Do i…

My god please help me

I reached MM, and just my blood boiled, I hardly control my temper

“choto princess, wait me in my room, and whatever you hear don’t come ok”

“haan sanseeka”

My eyes followed her as she climb up stairs step by step and disappear, she can argue her parents but she never let me repeat my words… my little princess.

Now that she disappeared I leashed the angry devil inside me who didn’t rest unless my hands were around her neck taking that usless creature life

Sanskar POV over

When Sanskar came in and sent little swara up, his face changed to the devil and descended stairs quickly in front of all family (Ap, DP, Ram, Shekhar, Shome, Raglak), and another one was there.

Sanskar head toward parinita and caged her neck in his tight grip willing to take her soul.

Sanskar shouted: I will kill you, I will do nowwwwww

All family were shocked from his action and immediately try to separate them but Sanskar was adamant to take parinita soul right away

“Sanskar let her, what are you doing….leave her … sanskaaaaaar”

All family were shouting try to separate them but it was really hard and parinita was really dieing

Sanskar; just let me badi ma end her useless life… blo*dy low life…

Ragini; Sanskar what happen? Stop your noncess, let her goo sanskaaaaaar…

Laksh with many difficulty separate Sanskar from his mad action

Ram: what hell wrong with you? Why you do this?


Words fall as bomb on other… sure all knew that accident happened 4 years ago, but from where SON word come from.

Laksh: Sanskar calm down!! What are you hallucinating about?

Parinita fall to the floor hold her neck and counting her breaths: i.. i can’t live here… just expel me…. Let me go from this hell

Sansakr released a devilish laugh then moved from laksh grip quitly and kneel at her: noo paaaaari nooo… you will stay her only, hell??! You haven’t seen hell yet parinita. I will treat you worse than a maid, I will make suffer more and more, I will feed you sorrows day and night until swara come back and release you if she want…

Shekhar: Sanskar bas, enough of all that.

Ram: you parinita go to your room now…

Parinita ran for her life while Sanskar was standing again and laksh felt je might go after parinita again so he caged him in his arms…..

Shekhar: let him go laksh…

Sanskar heart felt weak, his legs couldn’t hold him anymore, he too steps to nearst chair and fall sitting with dull face expression…

Shome: what is this all about beta?

Sanskar: i… I … met.. with.. swara

Shome: kyaaaa?

Ragini; is she ok??

Shekhar: are you sure beta?

Sanskar: like I am sure that I am Sanskar maheshwary… I saw her face to face.

Annapurrna: where meet her beta?

Sanskar: at swara’s school, she.. she was.. th..the..there, she.. had a boy… call her … maamaaa

Shome: whaaaat?

Sanskar: she called him Sanskar… he is little swara friend and she call him sanky… swara used to call me sanky to tease me…

Laksh: are you sure Sanskar?, you know we flipped Kolkata upside down to….

Sanskar: she changed her appearance… that’s why we weren’t able to find her…

All family gasped, it was too much for them…

Sanskar: I have a son, and swara hide that from me. (Sanskar was dull and panic and the idea itself clashing his brain and heart again and again, like an axe pierce a thick tree) I HAVE A SON, how much he needed me?, how much he missed me in his life? How much trouble swara faced rising him so far? It’s all on me, it all my fault.

Sanskar was pulled to stand up by force only to face angry shome

Shome: are you sure of what you saw? (Sanskar node slightly) are you sure of your son? (Sanskar again node) then bring me back my daughter Sanskar, very… veryyyy soon. She needs us more than anything and more than any time do you get that? I never asked you to find her again knowing that days will make her come again, but no time to waste, bring swara home Sanskar do you get that??!.

Sanskar got so much power and confidence from shome words and node in positive, he excused himself and went to guest room and sit on bed coving his face with his palms remembering how sanky looked like, his face, his hair, his replays and even though Sanskar felt immense pain yet he was happy.

Sanskar monologue: how weird that feeling is??… Mints ago I was just Sanskar, missing my wife and like a second father to little swara, but the moment that realization got me that sanky is my son, such weird happiness run through me. Another piece of me existed outside my body in a shap of human life, his talk, his shape. My dear lord how much I missed with him, his first step, his first words….

With these thoughts Sanskar was crying, guilt was squeezing him… he pushed swara away and now he is paying the price. Ragini came

Ragini: Sanskar!! (she sit in front of him) what you have been thinking jiju… killing this woman, have you gone mad?

Sanskar: I couldn’t control ragini, I couldn’t… it doesn’t matter how much I punish her and her husband, my hatred don’t fade. This is the only hatred I couldn’t let go.

Ragini sighted, she couldn’t go against that since she feel the same, but she had laksh by her side to calm her down and vase versa but Sanskar no matter how they were around him he was alone.

Ragini: little swara is taking a nap, when dinner is ready we will call you, try to rest.

Ragini left Sanskar and he lay on bed letting his head remember that day when both families life flipped upside down. On the other side swara was dreaming of that day.

Swasan heads ecoed adhrash words:


*note: sqzq last part ll be posted tonight

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