Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (5)

Assalam alikom dosto

Finally swara is here…..

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Previously: swasan face off


Swara POV

“mama I have been calling you, why are you not replaying me? Are you mad at me”

My chain of thoughts broken as I heard my boy talking

“nahi Sanskar, why you say that? Tell me how was your day?”

“fine mama, hmmmm I’m thirsty”

“hmm, driver ji please stop at this shop for seconds if you please”

As told the driver stopped at next shop and I buy bottle of water for Sanskar…

“here you go… thank you driver ji, now let’s go”

As I finished the cap I stopped at Sanskar school moved… at his school, I saw him again. I knew that one day hell gates will be open one more time, I made all my arranges to not meet him again, yet it happened, and my life may be in hell again.

“MAMA, what happen?”

“ohh sorry Sanskar, it’s just… work is a lot these days, that’s why!!, tell me who you were standing with??!”

“ohh haan mama, you left and didn’t make you know. That girl is my besti, swara… she have your name, ohh I didn’t even tell her that…”

“your besti!!”

“Haan mama, she is so kind… we spend our lunch break and…”

“we arrived ma’am”

The cap driver interpret us, so I paid and took Sanskar to the flat where we live. It’s not something big nor classy, but its best for people like me.

“come on Sanskar, go fresh up I will make up something for both of us”

“haan mama”

He went to fresh as I taught him and I start doing indomy, while I prepare my head back to just hour ago.

Flash back

I reached Sanskar school but didn’t find him waiting me as usual and it made me worry… I was asking boys about him when I found him standing far so I called while getting close



It would have been normal replay, if I didn’t hear it mute. He was there, Sanskar, My Sanskar.

The air I breath was different in a second, it was somehow clearer but hurting my lungs. I just feel everything stopped moving, even my boy sanky… I saw nothing but him.

His brown suit, his red chemise, his hairs falling upon his forehead dashing his look, then his devdas beard, oh god merci on my heart. Our eyes fight to pour love but surprise was the ruler.

How I wished to run to him, to bury myself in his hug till me body vanishes in his, to become part of his bones and exist only in his existence. But he don’t want me, and I can’t ruin his life ever.


My sanky boy run to me so picked him, but soon other thoughts occupy my mind, what does sanky do with him? What thoughts will come to his mind? I should leave… now…

Flash back over

“mama I am hungry” said my sanky stopping my trail of memories

“haa, yes baby boy, I will do now”

I put the indomy in two pawls and we start eating

“so sanskar, your besti name is swara”

“yes mama, she is very kind… I defend her against pully girl… huh … but she is very awesome girl”

“hmm, what’s her full name?”

“hmmm pata nahi (I don’t know) I just call her swara”

“hmm, did you tell her your name?”

“hmmm also nahi… just sanky”

“hmm, so,,, who was man standing there”

“hmmm, It must be her father”

I drop my spoon, he remarried!!!!!!, he really moved on!!!. Stupid, he himself prepared divorce papers, then what you expected??!. He remarried and now live happy life with good wife and have a daughter too. But if that so then why he still looks for me, why he still calls me to come back, why??

“mama, I am little tired, can I sleep for a while before do home works, please mama!!”

Sanky gave me that puppy look I can’t refuse

“ok come on”

We both moved to his bedroom and I make him sleep then head to my room… I removed my blond wig and free my black hairs …. I gazed my wrist and bells ring don’t stop… I never removes that chain Sanskar, ever… I drag my treasure box and open it… it has all things about my Sanskar, his pictures, his news … my beloved Sanskar..

I drag one of his pictures, could you really do it Sanskar?? Marry another girl… have you been calling me to say sorry or for something else?? Why you named your girl by my name Sanskar… ahhh

I cried my heart, it hurts Sanskar, it hurts badly. My mind flashed back days ago when I was in office. I work in a marketing team in middle exporting and importing company.

I was in my cabin with other two girls when it come to my ears…

G1: did you saw the hot Maheshwary boy??

G2: yes dear, oh god, how hot he is… I heard that he is nominated for India business tycoon, and all news say that he will probably win it.

I smiled at their talks, sure he will… I promised him and I always keep my promises..

G1: I heard also his sister will marry in the day of award extradites…

G2: really??!

I just felt my heart twinkle in knots: Uttra??! Whom she will marry?

The gazed me strangely, as I’m not who involve in their talks

G2: she will marry Sanskar Maheshwary partner, jai kumar nair.

I sight in relief and smile, finally Uttra, you will marry your devdas, you kept him wait for quit long, but he had to wait you finish studies na…. girls still confused by my act, but I am least to bother. I moved to toilets and close a cabin for me to let my cries flow. How I wish to be with you oti, to jet you myself. Pick your dress, your jewelry, mess you and jai with haldi, apply your mehendi…. To hug you oti and tease you about jai while Sanskar take my si..side… ah ahh

I couldn’t even complete words with myself and cry, I wish to be there with them… but.. but.. I can’t… I can’t

Flash back over

I cheeked the date from news and it was confirmed. I call dancers and set a dance I wished to do with Sanskar in their shadi…

In that day I was in the streets, wearing a hooded shirt to cover myself as I wasn’t wearing my wig. I watched tv in façade like many people

“As today the famous mr. Sanskar maheshwary imitate the prize of India best tycoon his last words in his speech had brought many questions about the scandal that happened 4 years ago,,

Sanskar speech last words “I would have never gain this without my dear wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwary, my beloved and my breath, and since I am sure that she is watching this… swara… swara please come back to me, please…. I am sorry… I miss you”

That day he still call me his wife, then how?? How he still call me back… perhaps sanky got it wrong … but who is the girl?? Did he adopt?? Why I bother anyway… let him do as he want as long as he will be happy, that what really matters.

I sent the dancers for Uttra only, and I knew he would ask so I was carful, I really wished if I can be even near.

I hug his photo to my heart and let my tears wash my pain as if its possible…. Why you left me Sanskar? Whyyyy?

I cry and cry so that I faint sleeping, with only his picture in my eyes, my heart, my soul. Mera Sanskar

Swara POV over

Swara fall on bed sleeping while tears keep streaming from her eyes, like the day she left Sanskar and her tears didn’t stop. She dreamt that day when she left how much she cries, and how that day in temple was special to her…


Swara was in temple in front of god statue singing arti but moment she heard his voice calling her she got terrified. She stopped her arti in scare face, he was so close to her so she had to take off the chain, she knew he would follow her if he heard the bells. She ran quickly hiding, and every time he was close she ran to be far, she heard his weeping and she wept too, she peeked outside and saw him with laksh, but couldn’t heard what they say.

When she saw laksh her tears knew no limits, he savior and protector was standing there, how much he changed with his suits and elegant shaved face, but his habit in showing his tattoo arm didn’t fade. She kept herself hidden till she saw him off in car, just then she sight in relief and left to her flat.

The moment she reached she bolted door behind her and fall to floor hugging her knees and cries


The soft concerned sound of boy Sanskar make her rise her head and open her arms calling him for hug, to which he respond by running and hugging her intensely. Swara hugged her boy tightly, she needed that hug, she breathed that hug, right now it was her only consol, her only solace and nothing else.

After a while she broke the hug and continuo her days and caring for Sanskar, and made sure she never come front of maheshwaries or any one for any reason but destiny had its own plans.

So here is another update…

I hope u like it even when i think its a bit boring…

Now do you want me to keep flash back to reveal what happen… it postpone that abit??

I will wait your gueses…

Allah hafiz all

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  10. It was nice.. Swara’s emotions were portrayed well, the PAIN she is going through is unbearable but why is she bearing it.. We got to know who is baby Swara, is baby Sanskar really swasan’s son, I wish I’m wrong But somewhere, I found it unclear.. Your writing style is different, it’s not like this.. I mean, you write everything in detail right.. The past though is not completely out, it can be done more interesting..
    I hope I didn’t disappoint you with comment but it’s not my nature to give fake emotions
    Please do update saza also, even it became too heavy with pain, please try to turn the tables there also, make it payback time
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