Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (4)

Previously: sanskar hear swara singing arti in temple



That was sanskar shout when he heart swara voice…

The voice trail went off, Sanskar was like a mad man, he rotate the temple screaming her name… he descend stairs fastly that he spring his foot and family came panic of his voice

Laksh: kya hwa Sanskar??

Sanskar: swarraaa… swarraa she is here…

Shekhar with very hopefull voice: beta such…

Sanskar breathing like he ran for miles: haa.. haaan….I …. I…just heard her, its her voice ….. I swear… swwaaaraaaa … swaaaraaaaa

Shome feared perhaps he imagined it as he misses her a lot: beta.. pehapes you… I mean … we know you miss her a lot…

Sanskar: maaaaaa… I am not illusioning, believe me… i heared her…..

Sanskar start already walking away calling again and again that people were gathering and giving him looks…

Ragini came with little swara: laksh… kya hwa?

Laksh: Sanskar say he heard swara around…

Swara: but mein be hu papa..

Sanskar face trouble in breathing, just the thought of her being here made him happy as his may die of observing her figure one more time.

He stopped calling but were running feeling huge pain in his ankle, ailing finally laksh was able to stop him

Laksh: bas Sanskar, bas, people looking at us…

Sanskar: hell them… lucky… lucky I swear I heard her lucky… come on we must look for her lucky…

Laksh try to bend Sanskar’s well, but when its about swara who can bend him, he still running all over but In the end he came back with empty hands, he was disappoint of himself. He moved to the car and sit with no words with any one even choto swara…they head back to GM and laksh supported Sanskar to swara’s room, and make him rest there, then call doctor who put his foot in temporary bandage as it was badly twisted. Annapurna visted him and try to make him sit in MM but sanskar never agree… he felt so close in swara’s room… so he left MM in the care of his father Ram and his brother Pratap.

Sanskar lay only on swara bed, remember the singing voice, was he really imagining it??!, did his miss to swara created that??!… but he is sure of what he heard, the bells and her voice… his heart tells him he heard right, his swara is in Kolkata.

Few days pass again and Sanskar barely move but still he do… he haired detectives again to search swara everywhere… he search airports, train stations, bus stops, all private cars companies, still no entry of swara Sanskar Maheshwary.. nor swara Gadodia.

Little swara started to attend her kindergarten, and it was good school but from some pulley girls… don’t be surprised, even among kids there is pulleys

(Trust me in this girls I tested it myself either from boys or girls urrgh).

They teased swara for being pampered girl by teachers and a topper. It was a day at lunch break where she was eating and girl came to be a silly pulley girl, but little swara being hard nut as someone we know?? fought back and it ended by swara pushing the girl as she went too far to it, and the girl land on her back in front of her friends and many laughed at her and she started crying, swara went to her try help her but girl jerk her and gone. Little swara back to her bench for lunch and the whole situation was observed by two brown eyes.

After while same girl back again but this time with boy seem to be year elder (first grade)

Boy to little swara: hey you, did you hit my sister?

Swara: she pulley me first…

Boy: I don’t care, she is my sister and I can’t see her cry huh…

Boy pull swara’s food to floor and would push her too but then a hand stopped him before it reach her only to reveal a boy, fair skin and wild hair and very angry eyes.

Boy2: hands off sumit.

Sumit: what deal you have in this Sanky?

Yes the boy name sanky.

Sanky: your sister is the mistaken sumit, I saw everything, instead doing this to the little girl you should show your sister her mistake.

Sumit jerk sanky hand: aarri choro yaar… (he would approach to swara again) no one make my sis cry.

Sanky took swara behind his back: leave sumit, now or you will lay on you back just like you sis….

Sumit felt threat, sanky was gangy boy in class, a boy of troubles and chaos and if he got mad he hit everything around even if it hurted him so simply sumit take his sis and go. Sanky turn around finding little swara little shivering and two tears streams on her cheeks

Sanky: tum teek hu??

Swara looked up to him, his black eyes remind her of her dear and she mumble: sanseeeka

Sanky again: are you hurt?

Swara: nahi… (she start pick her lunch box and the food, also sanky start picking with her) thank you..

Sanky: why you cry?

Swara: throwing food is bad, else don’t find this.

Sanky: its ok… (Both put food in trash) now some pets will find food to eat.

Swara mile: what is your name?

“sanky… and you?”

“swara… thank you for stopping him”

“mention not… here (sansky gave her a chocolate from his pocket and smile to her ligh up face)

“haaa I love chocolate” she took and start eating.

Then noon classes ring sounded in all hall.

“bye.. be carful”

” bye sanky… thanks again”

Snaky gone but both were happy as friendship blooms. Laksh picked swara from school, she eagerly waits to tell Sanskar about what happen in school.. When she reached the house she ran to swara’s room which was already open and ragini inside putting food for him…

“Sanseekaaa.. sanseeekaaaaa”

Ragini “here she comes. We should have called her little Sanskar, not little swara”

Swara: huh… I don’t mind

He engulfed her in a sweet hug while ragini left for her works

“hahaha my little princess hmmmmm, how was your school today?”

“horrible sansekaaa, aaj…” little swara started to narrate the fight evidences “then that boy came and stood for me”

“what the hell, that boy dare come front of you, I will come tomorrow na, and I will show him. And who is that other boy hm”

“his name is sanky sanseeekaaa, he came and was furirous..”

“hahaa was what”


Sanskar couldn’t hold his laugh that eco from his deep heart to the walls of the room

“hahahahhah whe,,, wheeere… where you hear that word?”

“TV sanseekaaa, why you laugh at me??”

“princess its furious, not furirous…”

“nnnnnooo, I will keep it furirious only”

“hahahah stubborn, so sanky na”


“I will thank him next time I pick you”

“but you kn…”

Sanskar phone rang interrupting little swara talks

Sanskar: ji inspector, did you find anything?? HMM, one second please… swara princess would you please bring me glass of water, I am thirsty (swara move outside and Sanskar facial expression changed like chameleon change its skin) …..

Inspector, in case you forgot how SM is, I will be multiple pleasured to remind you, my wife is in Kolkata, so don’t you dare preserving that case or you will spend your rest years as constable in the most dangerous villages in India where you can be shot by a bullet before you even know… you can take my words for grantee inspector. KEEP LOOKING

Sanskar hanged he call and his eyes grow in evil glow, everyone think that the devil is dead but no, the truth is the devil lives deep inside him chained and caged, and ready to be out in any time.

Few more days passed, sanky and little swara became friends, they usually spend their lunch time together, and leaving time also untill their parents arrive, but they never mention family neither see at picking time… they just talk about themselves and hopes and classes as kids why would they mention family in middle…

Sanskar was still flipping each corner rock in Kolkata, he was in office that day, when laksh called him

“Sanskar! Can you please pick swara today? I am busy in a meeting”

“ok laksh I will be there on time”

By time of leaving, sanky and little swara were chatting as usual, when swara hear music of ice-cream car…

Swara: ohhhh I want ice cream….

Sanky: lets go and buy…

Swara pouting: I can’t I finished my money for today…. Ohho i wish I saved it….

Sanky: you wait here ok…

Sanky went to the cart and bought a cone and while going back he dashed in some one and fall on floor

Sanky: awww

Other person: hay.. are you ok kid?

Sanky: first don’t call me kid stranger, and cant you look while walking…

Other person was surprised by boy words that exceed his age for sure

OP: excuse me, it’s you who colloid to me…

Sanky: it’s you who don’t watch while you walk…. Look what you did!! Now I don’t have money to buy another…

OP: take it as punishment for not being carful while you walk and to talk rudely to elders….

Sanky: I respect elders in every matter, it’s what mom taught me, but if they are mistaken, I shouldn’t kept it passing as no one is elder on doing mistake.

It was obvious that boy is just reciting words he heard before from his mom without realizing it’s full meaning

OP: I would like to keep this conversation with a 2nd grade kid which is quit unbelievable , but I don’t want to keep my princess waiting, nice to meet you kid…

Sanky held angry look: I told you I am not a k…

….:sanky??! Haaaa sanseeka

Little swara came in search of sanky to find him standing with her dear sanseeka looking breath taking in hus brown suit and dark olive shirt.. she gasped but then run to his embrace as usual and he picked her up. So yes sanky only colloid with Sanskar

Sanskar: little princess, I came.. how was your day…

Little swara gazed sanky which was now bowed and sad: kya hwa sanky?

Sanky: I am sorry swara, I messed ur ice-cream….

Sanskar: choto, you know him?

Little swara: haan, he is sanky, I told you about… but my??

Sanky: you say you want one, and I had money for one only, so I went to buy for you, but I colloid with Mr. and drop it… sorry dosto…

Little swara also was sad as her friend was sad: it’s ok sanky, we will buy for all now (she look at Sanskar) na?!

Sanskar smiled on the pure friendship: sure, it’s ok kid… come I will buy you one…

Sanky again angry: SIR I already told you I am no kid, I have a name and my name is…


A feminine filled the around space gaining the attention of three persons, but shock was the share of three persons out of four…

Sanskar while fixing his gaze on woman in front of him, his breath went shallow, he almost swear his heart stopped beating. His heart, his mind, his eyes and each cell in his body screamed (SWARA) but not his lips, not his tongue, he lost his voice chords, or perhaps he got paralyzed in this part only.

Time seem to halt as car apply hard break in a sudden crowded traffic so that driver body would jerk, Sanskar arrounds flipped in same way, like he just came out of a spinner play in some play park.

His voice finally arrive from far lost journey in a whisper (swara). Yes it was swara, but she was totally changed. She was in white sleevless dress with flower prints looking so young and divine, but that wasn’t all.

She was in very blonde hair, sun rays were burning her hair in gold glow, it seem longer and more feather like fairy dream. Her appearance was much changed by mere hair coloring but he couldn’t ever mistake her deep bubble doe eyes that capture him on first sight of their life and caught him again was more…. even with the black framed glasses she wore

(sorry girls couldnt edit this.. mafi naaaa)

It was mere seconds but felt like ages of Sanskar, his heart was really going for heart attack when heard some words making him more numb…


Sanskar saw they little boy whom his little princess call sanky running to his swara whom she picked without breaking eye contact with Sanskar and both hugged in intense….



How was that

I hope it excite ur feelings as it do to me

Precap: Swara Pov

Alla hafiz all

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  7. Hey noor.. Can you please provide me a dictionary
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    This update is probably the best part of the season 2.. Just analyse it.. it contains almost all the true elements of feelings… PAIN of being separated from loved, EAGERNESS, love, bond between father-like and daughter, pure friendship, protectiveness, stand for tight and what is RIGHT.. Meeting the loved one where there is no hope of seeing the one at that tune and at that place with an unexpected call..
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