Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (3)

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It will be shocking and some past flashes will be revealed… so hold tight to your hearts and your phones, but please naaa… don’t break them or how you will know the rest



previously: uttra wedding and dancers entry with swara voice recorded song


Sanskar gave the girl a good look: who are you?

Girl: sir we are simple dancers.

Sanskar: dancers??

Boy: yes..we receive a request to come here today to this wedding and play that song and dance that way.

Sanskar: and I suppose to believe that… (Sanskar lost his temper and hold boy collar) talk now… where is swara?? Speak right now…

Girl trys separate them: sir, we really don’t know who you talk about sir, but there is something please… let him go…

Sanskar pushed him and turn to the girl: speak….

Girl shivering: believe us sir; we are working as dancers only, a woman called us and she instructed everything… but then she called me personally, she sent me your picture and asked me to eye you in the dance and no one else… but everything was on the phone sir, nothing else, we never meet her…

Sanskar: what was the phone number?

Girl: it was privet sir, please… she..she…

Sanskar shouted: she what?

Girl: she told us you will ask us about her and you will be angry, she said to tell you please don’t as we really know nothing … also for your own health sir

A tear forcly escape Sanskar’s eye: yea that sound like her… please help me to find that girl… anything please…

Girl: I am sorry sir…

Sanskar calmed down: I am sorry for my behave..you may leave…

The boy and girl were leaving but girl turn around and say

Girl: sir, if it mean anything to you, she have very beautiful voice sir…

Sanskar on edge of breaking: yea… yea I know..

Sanskar enter the hall one more time and many eyes locked on him… eyes looked with hope… with sparkle of maybe, just maybe… but the look in Sanskar eyes put down that sparkle, and the eyes that filled with urge and hope, shuted down with disappoint and tears.

How much Sanskar fight the egger to leave immediately, only he knows, as it would ruin his oti wedding so he simply smiled and move downwards. He opened his hands as chotoswara ran to him and picked her to a hug….

Swara: where you gone sanseekaa?

Sanskar: I didn’t, here I am waiting…

Little swara broke the hug not processing the words, simply Sanskar picked her cheek and went to Annapurna

Sanskar: badi ma, I think its time for their leave… you know they have a flight to catch…

AP: haan beta…

All family and guests moved to goodbye the bride and groom, they were taking elders bless, Sanskar hugged uttra tightly

Sanskar whisper her ear: enjoy your new life

Uttra: did you find anything??

Sanskar broke the hug and shake as no, uttra close her eyes in sadness and tears flow, but Sanskar weep them immediately

Sanskar: please don’t, she wouldn’t want you to cry..please na..

Uttra hummed and moved to pratap: I will miss you little boy…

Pratap: don’t call me boy yaar…. (both smiled) I will miss you too di… ( both hugged and uttra sit in the car)

Sanskar hugged jai: enjoy goa

Jai: thank you Sanskar, for the planning and everything…

Sanskar: no sorry no thank you… you have my second precious woman in my life, keep her happy..

Jai: I will…

They moved and Sanskar excused going to his cabin….

Little swara: sanseeka… come home please…

Sanskar: I will later swara, go with papa now…

Swara: nnnnnaaahi…. I will stay with you…

Laksh: don’t shout swara… come on we will be late….

Swara use her secret sad pout weapon: I want sanseeeka…

Sanskar: this wont work little princess, I will come later only, now please naaa go as good girl, for Sanskar naaa…

Swara defeated: hmmm

Each go to his respective home… and Sanskar enter his cabin, it was clean just as that day….

Sanskar POV

The moment I enter I inhaled the air, I didn’t come her since months… I off my shoes and felt the cold invade my feet, the sweet marble cold… my legs took me upstairs to the room, I keep looking around… her photos, her smell.. I took one picture…

Are you punishing me swara? I know I worth it, but please no more… give another punishment but just let me see you, even from feets away, let me fill the yearning in my heart… its killing your Sanskar … swara… please….

I close my eyes, her voice came to me as ecos, her cries mutes my ears… how I wish I was killed that day, how I wish I was really deaf so her crying voice don’t hunt me all the time…




I can’t help but running away from that place… not even having my shoes. That is why I hate to come here as much as I love it… each time I think I will regain my happy memories, I just keep remembering my cruel ones

I went to MM and directly enter my room with thud door shut and cry my heart out….. I miss you shonna… please come back please..please…

“you can’t miss me Sanskar… I am here na”


Sanskar POV over

Sanskar was sitting on bed..hugging pillow and crying while swara just standing there


“shshshs… I am back baby… how could you cry like this hm…”

Swara came forward moving that pillow and sit in Sanskar lap…

“are you back to me shonna?”


Sanskar was happy and cries keep flowing, swara weep them, but then new flow down his deep brown lakes..swara kiss his tears and hugged him

“shhshhh sanku… you said you will be strong right… shshs”

Sanskar breaths were going fast and harsh like his heart will pump out his rip cage, having swara in is hands mad him that much…..

“I lied shonna…. shonna please..sho hmmmmmm”

Swara sealed Sanskar lips tenderly and Sanskar immediately close his eyes and one last tear left his lash… swara was just nippling his lips softly and her hands find its way to his neck touching it softly sending butterflies to Sanskar stomach… their kiss was going more passionate and Sanskar hands went to swara shoulder so he can hold her closer… to hold her close to his heart only to feel air… he opened his eyes to find himself sleeping on bed and it was a mere dream….

Sanskar breath got heavier and heavier, he felt like no air is enough for him to breath, like he was suffocating with his own cries… and his head flashed back to the day he destroyed swara and play a real demon role in her life…

Flash Back

Swara seen to pick her bag and leaving swasan room while Sanskar giving her his back… she is moving slowly and crying bitterly

Pal Bhar Theher Jao, Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye
Wait for a few moments so that this heart becomes steady

KaiseTumhe Roka Karoon…
How should I stop You from going?

Meri Taraf Aata, Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips

Aankhon Mein Tum KoBharoon…
I want to capture You in my eyes

Bin Bole BaateinTumseKaroon
Without speaking words, I talk with You

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Agar Tum Saath Ho
If You’re with me

Swara walking away and twisting her head hoping Sanskar will give her a look, would do something, he is her everything now.

Behti Rehti… Neher Nadiya Si, Teri Duniya Mein
Like a river I keep flowing in Your world

Meri Duniya Hai Teri Chaahaton Mein
My world lies in Your love

Main Dhal Jaati Hoon Teri Aadaton Mein
I get dissolved in Your habits

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Sanskar was feeling her leaving and he remembers their moments, their laughs, their fights, their love making, everything…

Teri Nazron Mein Hai TereSapne
There are dreams in Your eyes

Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Naaraazi
There’s dissatisfaction in those dreams

Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Baatein Dil Ki Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
I feel that the talks of the heart are all fraudulent

Tum Saath Ho Ya Na Ho Kya Fark Hai
Doesn’t matter if You are with me or not

Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Life was painless anyways

Agar Tum Saath Ho
(Even) If You’re with me (or not)

Swasan without knowing remembered their moments together

Pal kein Jhapakte Hi, Din Ye Nikal Jaaye
In just a blink of an eye, the day passes

Baithi Baithi Bhaagi Phiroon
Even though I’m sitting, I feel as if I’m running around

Meri Taraf Aata, Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips

Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharoon…
I want to capture You in my eyes

Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karoon
Without speaking words, I talk with You

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Agar Tum Saath Ho
If You’re with me

she ran to Sanskar hugging his back tightly as her life depend on him only which was true while Sanskar is showing stone heart and face only…

Teri Nazron Mein Hai Tere Sapne
There are dreams in Your eyes

Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Naaraazi
There’s dissatisfaction in those dreams

Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Baatein Dil Ki Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
I feel that the talks of the heart are all fraudulent

Tum Saath Ho Ya Na Ho Kya Fark Hai
Doesn’t matter if You are with me or not

Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Life was painless anyways

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Dil Yeh Sambhal Jaaye
My heart becomes steady

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Every grief that comes my way slips

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Din Ye NikalJaaye
The day passes

Agar Tum Saath Ho…
If You’re with me

Har Gham Phisal Jaaye
Every grief that comes my way slips

Swara was hugging him and crying bitterly: I love you Sanskar,ahhh I love u huuh. Plzz maath bhejo mujhe…. mai nahi jaana cahati, mujhe nahi jaana…. please sanskar…. Mai tumse door nahi jaana cahati, sanskaar rok lo mujhe
Rokk lo mujhe plzzz…. (shaking him and begging him to stop her, touching his neck and side face attaching her head to his shoulder). Rokk lo mujhe please… I need you… please, isa mat karooo…

(I love you Sanskar, I love you. Please stop me, I don’t want to go…. Please Sanskar, I don’t want to be a part from you…. Sanskar please stop me… I need you, please don’t do that)

But no matter she begged, swara was hugging a stone of flesh, and her cries fall to meet deaf ears. Sanskar didn’t even flick his eyes that were filled with moist to hide from swara… swara would leave but her manglasutra hooked in Sanskar shirt, she kept looking so teary to him then say (Meri taraf dekho ge bhi nahi??!!) but he didn’t…. Sanskar didn’t..

He felt her struggling with manglautra, his eyes were falling and breaking, as soon as she finished he dashed outside the room not giving her any looks and locked himself in his study room.

As soon as Sanskar locked the door he shattered to pieces on the floor crying his bleeding heart out, sealing his lips with his palms preventing his sound able cries from passing his voice cords and that’s choked him even more… remmbering their moments

Her cries and her begging were killing him but he can’t back off now, he felt her behind the door and her broken voice crumb to his ears…

Swara: Sanskar, mein jari hu, hamesha hamesha hu, but I know that I am not going alone… it doesn’t matter how much you say I must go but I know that your heart and your eyes only see swara… just as mine see only sanskar. Mein jari hu, but mein akele nahi hu… tum mere saath hu Sanskar and you will call me back… but who knows if I’d come back or no.

Sanskar shatter with every, it stapped him more and more like hell knives… till swara left the whole house and the ringing bells of Sanskar’s mother belly chain fade with her…

That moment swara was right and Sanskar soul left with her..

Flash Back Over

Sanskar had a picture of swara hugging it tightly and crying;as only cries were left for him….

Days pass and each day isn’t much differ from before… and the only thing that solace Sanskar over swara’s valedictory is her mini duplicate, chotoswara… he never lived in the cabin after swara left, not much in MM as it don’t hold many of swara memories even though his room is filled with her pictures, also he would spend most of time shouting parinita, so he used to life his day between office and GM…

One day in office, paratap, Sanskar’s half-brother came in: bhai

Sanskar: haan pratap

“bhai… the Japanese welcomed the idea you offered and support will start in a month,,”

Sanskar in flat tune: great…

Pratap: you don’t sound interesting…

Sanskar: cause we knew they would, and the one who is the reason for all this…. Can’t even celebrate that victory with me…

Pratap was so confused:we??! Who we bhaiya?

Sanskar: did you know that the economic plan given to you for the company position in that time and its forecasting was carefullyprepared by my dear wife swara… she planned everything from A-Z and left the decoration for me huh.

Pratap: really??! She forecasted for about 6 years ahead?…

Sanskar: yea… we loved math, economic & management… she is very good in bussiness… anyway… I should take my leave, today there is a pooja as choto princess will start going to kindergarten…

Sanskar picked some bags and went to GM, and as habit little swara ran to him for a hug

Swara: sanseeekaaaa

Ragini: one day I will punish you on calling him like that…

Little swara: yea please try, sanseeka will stop you… nasanseeka

Sanskar: zarori… its me and my princess matter why you interfere ahhh

Shome: ahh if you people start these fights again we will miss the pooja in temple..challo

Laksh: what is all this Sanskar?

Sanskar: did you think I will send choto princess to school with no preparation ah??!

Sanskar opened the bags, showing bag of princess reponzil (her &my favorite?) also pencils, rubbers, rullers, note books all with reponzil princess theme

Little swara gasped in happiness: hhhuuuuhhhahhhh… sanseekaaaa…

She was so happy with all the stuff Sanskar brought for her…. Sanskar stand up watching her plaything the stuff with joy while laksh came beside him

Laksh: you didn’t have to do that Sanskar…

Sanskar: I do… she is choto princess

Laksh: and I am her father Sanskar… its my responsibility…

Laksh looked serious and Sanskar numbed, yes he is possissve about swara that he couldn’t relies that he may hurt laksh in process

Sanskar: laksh, I really didn’t meant to, you know how i…

Laksh: hahahahaa (Sanskar looked confused) relaxed Sanskar, I was teasing you only… well half actually as I am jealous how she treats you..

Sanskar: but in the end you are her father laksh.. I will never be as you to her..

Sanlak just exchanged smiles while little still jumps with joy. Family moved to the temple and started their pooja for their happy, and to return their smile one more time, and for little swara to be a good girl…

Sanskar was standing folding his hands and praying, swara’s smiling face occupy his imagination, his emotion were mixed as always one more time when he heard something that shoved his heart in earthquake.

Ring bells… ringing in his ears and knocking his heart… only one ring bells can make him feel that way, his mother’s belly chain bells which swara took with her day she left… but nahi, maybe it’s just his imagination that what he thought… he flipped Kolkata upside down searching her and couldn’t find her.

The ringing sound was barley heard, like its far away, Sanskar had some fear now to follow the voice and turn to be a new fake hope… so he didn’t. family finished the pooja and were taking Prasad, they were descending stairs and Sanskar in the end, he notice that his watch isn’t there so he asked rest to sit in cars and he will follow…. He went back to the temple and was searching his watch, which he find in a corner. He would leave again when he heard her voice…

mhaaraarii giri dhara gopaal

mhaaraarii giri dhara gopaal

duusaraa Na koyaa

duusaraa Na koyaa

duusaraa Na koyaa

saadhaa sakallok joyaa duusaraa Na koyaa

mhaaraarii giri dhara gopaal

Sanskar breaths went off, first the bells, then the voice, it wasn’t recorded, he knew it was real….

Sanskar shouted his voice out: SWAAARAAAAAA




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Precap: swasan face off

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