Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (27)

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Next morning


Such peaceful sleep, having her in my arms, smelling her morning scent, and touch her soft skin, all these gave me peace and content for sleep. I tug her close to me and saw a smile crept to her lips, even when she sleeps she loved my touch, I don’t know how lucky I got her in my life, without her I would have been that same ruthless person I was or worse.

Thanks for coming to my life swara… I smelled her neck closly Planting soft kisses to her neck, hmmmm only god know how I saved myself for her all 4 years, and now having her that close only god knows how much power I put to control having her… my sweet swara… I moved from her side and went to fresh.

Shower was nice and warm but my thoughts were wondering, really now what? I only planned to have swara in special lonely place, and here we are, now what will happen will depend on her actions…


Her sleepy voice came from behind door interrupting my thoughts

“haan swara”

“I need the bathroom, come on”

I was already dressed but thought why not to tease her more

“well shonna, me naked under the shower… I don’t mind company”

She shouted angrily “shut up you pervert idiot, get out”

I couldn’t surpress my laugh so I did opening the door. She was sleepy but angry and she grapped my collar pushing me past her and go inside locking the door.

“fun killer” I mumbled. Its 10 in the morning and weather cant be any way better. It was blissful and calm… I went to catch a snack…



Nature’s call was so hard in the morning like I had to do it right now, but when my need is gone, I again evaluate my situation. I am on isolated island with most man I love, desire and hate, my husband…. And he isn’t welling to get me back to my life any time soon, I showered warmly and cover in soft towel, when I am out I found summer dress on bed with undergements…. No sir thanks…

I toss the cloth in closet again and wear new, comfy pramoda and blue top.. hmm good enough… I went down and mr control was outside in terass laying on couch looking at the forst…

“now what?” I said

“good morning sweet heart… I see you didn’t wear what I picked’

“last time I checked I owed my choise… answer me sanskar”

“I don’t know… it depend on you as I told… agree to come back to me and we will be out be a month”

“you cant hold me here for a month”

“well we are stuck so… enjoy the view”

I sat on chair beside him “you became mad”

“in your love as I said before…”

He hand me a mug with “I love you” statement, it had coffe… I took it gladly and drink as I watch the forest…

After long silence sanskar spoke

“tell me about sanky”

“What about him?”

“tell me his first day in school… his first walk.. tell me all”

I remained quit for a while and i found my self smiling remembering my baby days… his first steps, his cryings when his teeth were coming out.. she start telling sanskar pieces of it.

Sanskar was smiling and laughing with swara on sanky, his antics made them really laugh, but inside sanskar felt a bang of hurt as he wasn’t with her, he didn’t see these moments, he felt many of what if filing his mind, but also knew that regret wont solve anything so he just enjoied present…

Sun was in the middle of sky and the weather was all tropican and nice

Sanskar: I feel to swim…

Swara: yea it’s a good weather…

Sanskar: wanna join me…

Swara: never…

Sanskar smirk: your loss baby

He said standing from chair facing her, taking off his shirt in most s*xy way making swara gulp her throut as he reveal his body. His board chest, wide shoulders, his sculped naval and six abs that she wanted to define its border one by one, his torso has been calling her and her touch and all evil thoughts hit swara’s mind.

Swara breath quickend and she couldn’t move her eyes off his body, she watched him holding the hem of his pants and start pulling down, immediately she covered her eyes with her palms and she heard sanskar chuckle

“nothing you already didn’t saw baby”

After seconds she felt his hands over hers removing them from her eyes, she felt his breath on her lips

“don’t stop your eyes from what’s hers shonna”

After he finished he gave her a lip kiss that shaked all her walls, it was soft yet so passionate and demanding that it felt like fire burn. sanskar hands guid swara hands to touch his biseps and at the contact sanskar let a manly moan passing his throut and die in his kiss while swara still could’t kiss back as her head was spinning of so much pleasure…

Sanskar broke the kiss and both were breathing heavy trying to steady their accelerating hearts, as swara opened her eyes sanskar was already gazing her and she felt her cheeks burn with shy, sanskar winked her with devil smirk on his face and then got himself straight and run toward the sea.

Swara watched him going to sea jumping and screaming with joy and then started swimming enjoying the water, it was so attempting for sure but she wont say that right…..

He swam for a while and she just graped a book watching him from time to time till he came out of water, and if he was s*xy shirtless then he is was far more s*xy when water dripped from him… she couldn’t lower her gaze all the way till he passed her (like what you see wify?) said sanskar and swara burn in embarcement… that night they sat and eat too talking about everything they missed

“so you didn’t tell me sanskar, why you went back to your father? I mean sure I am happy for that but … how…”

“hard to guess? Its you swara.. I wanted to be better person for you, you told me to subside my hate, well I didn’t but I live with it, I don’t take him like a father as the word but he is in my life you know”

“I am glad you done that. And pratap?”

“cool brother, and a friend. But not like jai”

“no one is like jai. Where he took uttra?”

“to goa”

“I missed her a lot”

“she did too, we all did”

“I am sleepy, good night…”

Sanskar let her to dual with her thoughts for another night and after she doze he would go and sleep beside her…

Next day sawara woke first, freshen but this time lake scene captured her, it was pretty morning and birds softly crimpling but sun still didn’t cascade its shine over the world. Swara went to the wardrope and knew why sanskar pick each piece of coth.

“I ll just do it before he awakes”

She told herself and like that she picked up a white swimming suit and head to the room back door. She went down slowly on the stony stairs and when the water got her feet it was warm and lovely that with ease she went totally to the water…

She dived and swam and played and lost track of time, beneth the lake was awesome, filled with sea plants and played with fishes and sea stars and turtules… a total heaven and bless… she came out to the surface for breaths and swam on her back softly and slowly…

“lake mermaid”


Swara yalped loudly at sanskar voice, she stood swimming and holding her repeatedly beating heart. Sanskar laughed a lot out loud

“your face is terrified”

“you scared me sanskar, what the hell?”

“ohh sorry baby, I was so engross in your beauty that I couldn’t not to speak. I heard about sea mermaids but my shonna the first hot s*xy lake mermaid I actully see”

Swara felt shy of his words and felt as exposed as she really is, she was In a swim suit, i.e. reveling many skin that she didn’t want to reveal. Sanskar wasn’t on the ground or even close he was on the 10 meters hill standing now and swara felt that his eyes was under the water…

“sanskar go away I wana go out”

“no, you cheat me swara, you should have told me that you are coming for swimming, how shall I lunish you now”

“shut the hell sanskar and just leave” sanskar smirk inside him and thought how he ll take advantage now…

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