Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (20)

Sanskar left swara and spend that day in a temple, just sitting on the stairs and watch people pray to gods, he also prayed in his heart, he prayed for the pain to end. Chaos running in his head, too many emotions and too many things, it was frustrating, too complex and he wanted to make it easy and simple.

He decided when he saw a man entering stretching his hand to his wife with big belly and carrying small girl in his hand. The man looked to content and happy hugging his wife and then praying like all people do.

That moment Sanskar knew what he must do. He stood and went to his office, he freshed and shaved and order cloth, doing meeting or two then call his bhai to the office

“pratap come to my office please”

When pratap arrived “bhai, where have you been? A week running office from … wherever you are? Kyu bhai?”

“it’s not time of questions pratab, I need you to listen carefully, arrange me a meeting with the Japanese company urgently ok, as soon as it can be. Also call for a meeting with karma company for accounting ”

“karma??? But it’s barely small bhai, we already deal with good famous company and they do good work”

“I know, but I need this very company”

“bhai, please make me understand! If any mistake happen…”

“there is won’t be any mistake pratap, and I want this company because….. this is where your bhabhi works”

Pratap grinned as Sanskar smirked “now go and get me all information about it, and do everything I told you”

“ok boss”

Sanskar rest in his chair looking to swara picture on his phone

“mission is on my love”

Swara was working in that accounting company in a team, company contain 5 teams, each team hold a project or projects to maintain it’s financials. Swara team manager name Sahil Sangupta, then there is swara, palan and kavita, That was the team and they were working on a project when the higher manager called them for a meeting.

Kavita: what do you think sahil sir? Why karma sir want us so fastly?

Sahil: I have no idea… perhaps new project, I heard one great company is lending us an offer.

Kavita: what we waits for?? Let’s go.

Swara: we await for palan miss kavita, he is on the way.

Kavita never liked swara calling her the plastic doll as she knows about her wags and glasses, but that’s not all, she was jealous of her, jealous over sahil. Sahil had an eye on swara, and even though he had a relationship with kavita but he always knew swara would be a new whole level.

Palan was a simple man with small figure came running to the cabin

‘sorry sorry sorry sorry, busses was so busy… hai behena”

Swara replied him with soft smile: hai palan.

Sahil: let’s go…

As the team enters the meeting room, all was ok until their eyes fall on the other person with their manger. Person dressed in deep blue suit with sky blue chemise and no tie showing his tuned neck beautifully, hairs falls upon his forehead and soft smirk playing on his lips.

Manager: come all, I guess you already know the mister over here right.

Sahil quickly stretch his hand: sure, who don’t know mr. Sanskar Maheshwary, business man on the year. Welcome sir…. Sahil sangupta, team manager.

Sanskar shake hands with sahil and all sit, Sanskar didn’t miss the shock look on swara’s face but then turn to anger. She knows exactly why is he here, He is the only person she know him better than her own self.

Manager: mr. Sanskar had chosen our company to hold the financials of one of his restaurants, and I had chosen your team with him as you shows great work already.

Sahil: we will be so honored with this. Thanks for your trust me. Sansk..

Swara interrupt sahil talk: why you chose our company mr, Maheshwary?

Manager: who is this lady sahil?

Before any one answer Sanskar said: please tell us your name, …. Lady.

Swara hold her fists: swara shah, accountant and software dealer.

Sanskar slowly with his smirk: interesting…

Sahil warning: swara??!….  Sorry Sanskar sir, she don’t mean anything

Swara controlling her angry tune:I do.

It shocked the team, swara usually never talks.

Sanskar calmly: well, I started as small man too na, I like to give opportunities to other to start. You will hold the Kolkata east restaurant just 3 blocks from here but under supervision of my main company until you prove your virtuous, hope there is no objections!!

Manager: no at all sir, we are so glad you give us such great chance, I will leave you now with team to discuss further details

Sanskar kept talking to the team too calmly time to time took glances over swara who hadn’t spoken a word, by end of meeting Sanskar stood…

I am looking forward working together mr.sahil”

“me too sir”

Sanskar shake hands with all and then came to swara

“I look forward working with you miss swara shah” Sanskar said those words slowly smirking and turned to leave.

Kavita in allure voice: pleasure to meet you mr. Sanskar.

Sanskar node and smile: pleasure is mine.

Sanskar left and swara was already fuming

Kavita: isn’t he hoooot to the grave?

Swara fumed more and more, she wanted to kill kavita in a second still she hold.

Sahil: No time for checking kavita, let’s get to work.

Swara spend that day very confused and blurred, she thought that last night was the swasan end, but for Sanskar to come like that didn’t make any sense at all. She was in deep thinking when laksh came with sanky and choto swara laughing and jumping, even sanky looked happy

Swara: what is going on here?

Choto swara: bua… buaaaaa…. Sanseeka came back today…

Sankey: swara please say Sanskar, also he is your uncle, give him respect.

Choto swara stick her tongue out to sanky: hmmmm I won’t.

Swara: so he is back?

Sanky: haan ma, he came and picked us to a fair.

Swara: what???

Choto swara: hehe we played and played like carzy poopele…

Laksh: choto, its actually crazy people.

Choto swara: whatnever….huh

Sanky hold his stomach laugh as choto swara always missed the right word..

Choto swara: hai don’t laugh at me, or I will say to swara bua…

Swara: say what??

Sanky: swara don’t

But choto swara didn’t stop: he cried with sanseeka at the horror house, he said he was scared.

Sanky face flashed red: I didn’t cry ok, something enter in my eye in that stupid house.

Laksh chickled while swara was between angry and hapyy, happy as sanky was enjoying happiness after so many days and angry due to Sanskar actions.

Laksh: look swara…

laksh came by her side showing his phone, and there she saw pictures of Sanskar and sanky in the fair, many of them laughing and playing, rolling a ball in a spinner, eating ice creams and candies, having slefies and silly pauses, duck face and all. Swara felt to tear; both were happy smiling and enjoying. Sanskar had this big smile on his face showing his 32 teeth as he was holding sanky up in his arm and sanky was holding a serious proud face holding his arms up as showing his big non-existed muscles.

Laksh: I didn’t want you to miss this.

Swara wanted to hold that content in her heart, but her mind refused to, she gave the Phone to laksh

Swara: Sanskar, what did I say about getting close to that person haah? Didn’t we say you won’t be friend with him

Sanky: I am not, I am taking him as a father.

Swara shouted: YOU CAN”T DO THAT







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