Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (2)

Aslaam alikom all

My joy is just in your confused faces hahahhhahahh

You all didn’t miss any season 1 last chap.
It ends at the maheshwary anniversary but this season start after 4 years so many happned

But paient my dear fellows

Perviously: sanskar wins india best tycoon…


Sanskar open his eyes softly finding sharmeshta with concern look on her eyes mixed with moist, he throw himself in her lap and cried while she simply play his hairs to relax him…

Sharmeshta: stop blaming yourself beta…

Sanskar: all is my fault ma, all of it, I am really sorry ma I am really sorry…

Sharmeshta: shshhshsh beta…. Shhshss… nothing is yours ok… you was protecting her….. listen carfully today is uttra wedding and driver brought you the cloth.. you wont let uttra get sad right…. Come on, we must get ready….

Sharmeshta cupped his face and wept his tears: come on, stop those tears…. And get ready ok…

Sanskar composed himself: haan ma.. I will right away..

Sharmeshta placed the suit on bed and Sanskar fresh up and start getting ready…. He was in orange sherwani, making his hair in front of mirrior… his memories came as in same room with same mirrior he sat with swara… put her sendoor, in same room both confessed their love… both…



Sanskar train of memories interrupt as choto swara dashed in room in childy saree and her hairs total messy, he pick her immediately

“sanseekaaa do my hairs naaaa”

Ragini came: swara today I wont spare you… I do your hairs three times… come over here…

Ragini was pulling her while Sanskar was stoping her: bas ragini please… stop pulling, I will do it….

Ragini: bas Sanskar I hold your spoiling a lot.

“sanseekaaa ahhh ahhh” choto swara was sopping

Sanskar: ragini for me please choro na, go get ready with laksh come on, we don’t have much time.

Ragini: next time no one will save you huh.

Ragini moved out and Sanskar made swara stand on chair: shshsh coto princess shsh she is gone…

“hm hmm sanseeka I want tress. Ma cant do it… please do for me ahh ahh

Sanskar weep her tears: shshs don’t cry princess I will do it, so stop na…

Sanskar start making her tress and after finish he gaze her softly: princess (giving her a hug) you look beautifull

“you too sanseekaa”

Sanskar smiled to her and pick her up going downstairs and gather with the others and moved in cars to MM and as usual seara stay with sanskar the whole time.

They reached MM and few guests were there, Sanskar start to check the preparations and all, everything seemed good. He went to bride room and got in

Sanskar: uttra

Uttra turn around smiling to her bhai, she lessen the space and hugged him: bhai… where you have been


Sanskar: I am sorry oti, but I had to be at GM

Uttra node understanding: bhai, I saw what you told on TV, you think ……

Sanskar: I hope oti, I hope only… come on, you kept jai await for so much time that I don’t think he will even wait for the pandit

Uttra laugh a bit in her tears and hug her brother tightly then Annapurna came in with shome

Annapurna: Sanskar beta, leave her to us na, she still need preperations please…

Sanskar: ok ma…

Sanskar kissed uttra forehead softly and went out only to be stopped by Annapurna

AP: beta

Sanskar: haan ma..

Annapurna face expression changed to frown: beta please check kitchen, ya chori.. she is making trouble again so…

Even Sanskar face show anger: that…. Don’t worry ma, I will handle her.

Annapurna: easily Sanskar, we don’t want to spoil this day…

Sanskar: don’t worry.

Sanskar head to the kitchin, and when he was close enough he could her woman speaking…

…: I shall not do that. What do you think of me ah? Don’t you know who am i?

Sanskar enter angrily: you are simply parinita

Yes she is parinita, adharsh wife, she was standing with two girls in waitress uniform

Sanskar: you two go out…


Sanskar gazed parinita angrily, spoke in calm tune: what do you exactly think of yourself parinita?

Parinita was shaking in her place: I am… I am this house DIL…

Sanskar: DIL right… but that is over since 4 years parinita, and I keep you here for 1 propose and 1 propose only.

Parinita: you cant treat me like that sanskar, whatever you say, I am still parinita Mahesh…

Sanskar pull her elbow: don’t you dare join this name with yours, and let me remind you. MAHESHWARY PANASHED ADHARSH 4 YEARS AGO, he is no more a maheshwary, and you no longer our DIL …. You are only here so I can humiliate you in every possible way… to make you suffer…. You Are Staying in this house only to be a maid.. so go and get dress as waitress and go to your work… or I will …..


Sanskar gasp in shock “swaraaa”



I know its short update.. but good na….

Shoot ur guess what happen to adharsh

I ll b waiting

Precap: uttra wedding and sanskar shock

Allah hafiz dosto

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  1. AbrahamEzra

    Superb. But plss unveil the secrets soon. Pls pls plsssssss

  2. Awesome. Waiting for next one.

  3. Awesome..really interesting..

  4. Plz update in wattpad

  5. Independent

    Still confusing but nice I liked sanskar showing pari her real place

  6. Urmila.k


  7. Nice…..

  8. beautiful update

  9. Hey!!! This is cheating… You should not enjoy our confused faces šŸ˜‰ this is driving me crazy…
    Well, I’m really happy to see you back after a long time..sorry I could not make it up for good lengthy comments for the last two episodes..
    Well, this seems to be interesting.. But please give Atleast a promo of Swara.. It’s not even two episodes but see,we are already missing her.. Poor Sanskar loves her a lot.. He misses her.. Have some pity Atleast on him šŸ˜‰
    Now coming to your question.. Adarsh, I think he got the place he deserved.. I guess some fight broke out in maheshwari family, even Sanskar was saying something in office which frightened dp so May be regarding that and all the kutantras of adarsh came out and he is sent to jail may be.. Just a guess
    And ha, as always my guesses may not stand a chance before your thinking šŸ˜‰ as far as I remember, is only once that my guess was right..
    Keep updating..
    If possible, REGULARLY.. šŸ˜‰

    1. Rajkumari

      Anjaaaaaaaaaaali nice to have u back my best commenter evvvvverevvvvver

      How are u yaaar…. How exams passed

      I missed u

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