Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (18)

Assalam alikom all dosto

How are you all

Hope you enjoy still

I know I put you in many shocks

But kya Karo

I am such a drama Queen

Deal with it

Go read….

Romance awaits


Swara heart beat quicken. She was in her room. Sanskar was in her room. She was with him in her room. They were together in her room alone. Alone with closed door. Those sentences almost freak her out.

Sanskar: so finally your talking to me ah.

Swara: get the hell out of my room.

Sanskar got slowly steps closer “I scare you aren’t i?”

“wh..why would yo..you scare me?? Just go away”

“because you can’t run away from me swara, I am still your Sanskar, you still love me and…..”

he paused being so dangerously close to her that her breaths brushed against his breaths

“and I still affect you just as same as you affect me just as we used years ago”

Swara muffled and shattered, her body gaining his own mind, so egger to touch him one more time. But some memory flash to her mind awaking sadness to her heart

“I hate you Sanskar”

“do you swara?? Then why don’t you just push me away? Why do I feel that your heart may burst out just as mine only from the approximate of our closeness?”

Swara’s eyelashes shield her eyes from Sanskar’s intense gaze breathing steady but heavy, taking her time breathing in and out trying to calm herself and same posture going with Sanskar but with more confidence.

Swara’s mind and heart fight fiercely, swara mind flash with memories that would make her hate Sanskar for the rest of her life while her heart wanted nothing but to be embraced in Sanskar’s heart.

“I…. hate… you… go…. Away”

Swara spoke slowly, controlling hardly over each latter and each word, preventing her heart from taking control and spill its own words of love.

Sanskar smirk keeping an eye on each line in her face knowing how much she is flushed with need as he do for her. His hands go slowly to her hands and at the first touch, swara’s snapped her eyes open and trail their hands connected.

Swara eyes traces their hands going up slowly and land on Sanskar chest. He looked at her in the eyes softly and lovingly

“here, you, go.” He spoke whispery and was tilting he head right and left speaking each sentence “I do half of job for you. I know you wouldn’t be able to rise your hands to push me… so I do half. Push me swara. Stop me from being close to you. Show me that you hate me. Look at me and push telling that you hate me”

But swara didn’t utter a word, she couldn’t form a word, she hell forgot letters of all the languages she knew, but she recognize one thing only. A beat that matches hers under her right palm, Sanskar’s heart beating as drums matching her speedy heart. She snap her eyes and poured it to his and as much as his eyes carried love and passion and sorry for her, her eyes carried only sadness and blaming for him.

Swara found her voice from the deepest cave in her throat “I…”

Her trails went dead as Sanskar sealed his lips to hers so deeply, a passion kiss where he nippled her both lips grapping her hands on his chest tightly. Swara didn’t kiss him back as she was shocked, blank, wanted, angry, happy, and what not of all the emotions she was born with.

With her not responding Sanskar kept kissing and kissing, softly but demanding till he needed breath while swara wasn’t even breathing.

Sanskar looked at her eyes again watching them in shock manner, he urged to do many things out of his love not desire, but not yet he thought. He knew that swara was under the influence of her body and heart and he don’t want that, he want her mind also to be with him. He smiled lazily for her then spoke in husky whispery voice

“thanks for not pushing me”

He moved away softly from her and left the room, immediately swara mind register everything and flood with thoughts, emotions, memories, and impaction. Gradually she lost her leg strength and fall to the floor, mumbling in low voice

“I love you… yet I can’t love you”

Outside her door Sanskar lend on her door breathing as he had been ran for miles because some ghosts had been hunting him. He missed how swara felt for him, how she was with him and how her lips taste like, then he heard her soft words… and he reply even softer knowing that swara won’t hear him as he heard her

“soon enough shonna, you will remove this ‘can’t’”

Swara didn’t open that topic ever again and again start to ignore Sanskar, and not even looking at him, and if she did she would be shivering a bit and averting her gaze, then mask it with angry or emotionless face.

She came back one day all tired and slept leaving sanky in the care of shome and sharmishta, she woke up by dinner only to find sanky, choto swara and Sanskar in his room playing PS

Choto swara: come on sanseeekaaa faster come on…

Sanky: cheer him a lot swara but he won’t win. My car is a lot faster… I am very good now in speed game now huh…

Sanskar: we shall see mr. Sanskar just don’t cry when you got beaten….

Sanky: never gonna happen…

They were racing cars, choto swara cheering for Sanskar, and Sanskar is losing on propose as nothing to him equals sanky wide smile to him

Sanky: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I win, I win, I win, ahhaaa ahhaaa aha haha haa… (he was jumping like shrimp and Punjabi dancing)

Choto swara; how could you lose sanseekaaa… I am so frorious

Hearing this world sanky laugh a lot and Sanskar attack him

Sanskar: you dare laugh at my choto princess ahh, I will show you

Sanskar was tickling sanky mercilessly and sanky eyes water tears from laughing..

Sanky: ple… hsahshshshsh chooroooo ahahahahaha ahaahah

Sanskar: not until you surrender, say it come on…

Sanky shouted: kabhi nahiiiiiiii

Sanskar stopped and kept looking in love in his own son while swara stood at door stop watching all that in an awe manner, so much love, so much happy, and she never saw sanky laugh this much

Sanky: Sanskar ji…

Sanskar: aari I told you na, you can call me just Sanskar, I don’t mind..

Sanky was little hesitating but then said: how about I call you papa??

The word shock swara and Sanskar to the core

Sanskar: wha.. what?

Sanky: papa?!, my papa always at travel, he don’t want me, mumma say he would want nothing more than me, but I think no, he Dont want me at all. All boys have their papa to play with but not me, I feel so sad that my papa isn’t with me or even love me. But you take care of me, you play with me and pick me, please Sanskar ji let me call you papa.

Sanskar felt pain in his heart, he was raised like this and even worse, he was in hard pain for his boy to have that pain

Sanskar smiled: you can call me what you want Sanskar, from now on we are father and…


Swara shouted loud at door step and the poor three people was in fear..

Sanky: mumma

Swara: no mumma, go to your room now…

Sanky with sad face moved from there

Swara: don’t make bonds you can’t keep Mr. Sanskar, don’t break his heart as you broke mine.

Sanskar didn’t spoke a words as choto swara was there, swara went outside and dinner run smoothly as possible. Swara and ragini put their children to sleep and would spend time with family… swara usually sit silently as she don’t want to talk with Sanskar but today Sanskar had different plans as he wasn’t to play in this matter, not in his son matter

Sanskar: you can’t run tonight swara, we must talk.

Swara: then talk to yourself… I have a morning work to do.

Swara was going but Sanskar hold her arm: not today swara… No. Running.

Shekhar, Shome and raglak didn’t act as they knew this conversation was coming sooner or later

Swara jerked Sanskar hand: I have been running for 4 years Sanskar, I am used to it.. breathing it, leave me be and don’t come near me or my son get it.

Sanskar: he is my son too, mine to hold and spoil enough the time I already missed with him, and I won’t miss another second. (both looked to each other with so much tension) we must come back together swara.

Swara: Not. In. A million. Years (said swara so slowly)

Sanskar: swara I still love you.

Swara: lair.

Ragini: swara just listen to him, he had been suffering without, give him a chance…

Swara: suffering??! Oh believe me ragini, he have no slightest idea of the word. Did he gave me one chance before he sign my fate? I think not…

Sanskar: I know I did wrong and I am ready to explain myself to you and I will do all my ability to fix my wrong but please don’t do this to me, to our son.

Swara jerked his arm hard this time shouting: STOP THIS YAAAR. How many time I should say he is only my son?. How many more so you can fix this line in your thick brain??

Shekhar: swara beta Sanskar is a father, don’t take his son from him.

Swara stood silent for a while caging a tear not to fall

Swara: I didn’t papa, he did.. he.. just please stop this.

Sanskar: please swara let me take care of you and my son.

Swara broken: he is not your son Sanskar…

Sanskar: just because you say that it become true swara, sanky is our..

Swara shouted: I said he isn’t your son Sanskar…..

(Whispered brokenly)

Nor mine.





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