Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (17)

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Sanskar broke the hug with sanky smiling to his baby boy: who am I?

Sanky: you was my mumma ka best friend.

The smile on Sanskar vanished painfully: best friend??

Sanky: hmm but you both fight and now no more, please let me go. I want mumma

Sanky ran to swara while Sanskar kept sitting there paining, thinking that swara was cruel enough not to tell his son that his father is right here in front of him.

Chotto swara: sanseeeka, you and bua are like ma or papa naaa??

No one could answer, in the end they are mere children, nothing they can understand

Ragini: choto swara, take choto Sanskar to his room na, come on.

Sanky: choto??? Huh this is even worse than sanky…

Both kids went up running and Sanskar stood up weeping his eyes and swara would move to her room too

Sanskar; best friend swara??

Swara: we were once right!! So no lies. But not any more..

Sanskar: when you turned so cruel swara??…

Swara: the day you dumped me mr. Sanskar. Please all, sanky don’t need to know anything, I want only happiness in his life, so please..

Sanskar: he is my son swara…

Swara: no he is not Sanskar, he is only mine.

Swara left to her room heavy hearted while Sanskar stayed in guest room as gloomy as ever, how he will fix things, how to gain swara to his side again. Lunch was a great bless to Sanskar as he sit opposite to swara and sanky, watching swara feeding sanky and playing with him, same time it was painful he can’t share them.

Swara didn’t know that Sanskar will stay at GM and was shocked knowing he will stay in guest room as much as he want and that he is used to live here as much as he want

Swara: it’s late, don’t you have a home to limp on?

Sanskar: oh hello (swara manner) what is this limp ah? Am I dog or something??, I am staying with my ma, papa, and di ka house, actually you who came and took my room and now I have to Seattle in the guest room.

Swara: excuse me??? Your room??

Sanskar smirk and got closer making swara uncomfortable: yeaaaa your room became mine, so I used to sleep there… I won’t mind to sleep there with you and …

Swara breath was raspy, Sanskar words trailed off as he watch her shivering, he fights all the urgs he had to hold her and stood watching. Swara gain control on herself..

Swara: it’s my room, stay away from me and everything which is mine…

Sanskar: you are already mine, so all belongs to you is mine too, shonna…

Swara was angry, hurt, distracted and under influence of her Sanskar, so before, she lost it she storm out of his room and Sanskar throw himself on bed hugging the pillow.

Sanskar didn’t give up, he watched sanky closely and knew his favorites, his likes and dislikes, brought him his favorite ice creams, and in no time Sanskar made best friendship with sanky and choto swara.

Thing is that swara was irrated by all that, he didn’t want any relation between sanky and Sanskar, all family spoke to her that she can’t do that between father and his son but she didn’t listen, so later sanky and Sanskar kept their bond hidden.

Swara used to got to her work but without the wag and she didn’t bother to explain anyone anything about the difference in her appearance. Sanky used to go and back with choto swara, but not knowing that Sanskar pick them every day, getting closer to sanky each passing day.

Swara wasn’t her fully old swara, she would laugh and play with sanky, but smile never reachs her eyes that looked off light most of time. She would tease with laksh, ragini, or her parents, but the joyful in her voice was always missed, a broken swara is what always Sanskar called her in his self.

One-day swara was in kitchen making snakes for sanky while Sanskar was watching her standing at the door frame. Memories flushed him, here was the 1st time he held swara and then shome caught them, here he saw her love with her father at holy day. Then sad smile caught his lips as this wasn’t the same swara back then, this one was more robotic and sad.

Sanskar, notice swara was about to slip so he help her tight to his chest and boooooo a 1000 volt current ran through their bodies, swara was closing her eyes tight shut waiting for the hit that never came and she starting opening her doe big eyes. Immediately caught in the hazel brown orbits of Sanskar’s, sparks grow all over their skin.

Mind was away behind, heart took control of their bodies as Sanskar pulled swara closer to his body, slowly as ever making her standing to her feet. Swara’s hands find it’s what along Sanskar tuned arms going up until it rest on his shoulder crabbing herself even closer, knots rested at their stomach and butterflies would struggle in their chests. They needed to breath, but it always came shallow, raspy, and full of love and need.

Swara was on her feet already but neither could pull away from the captive of their eyes, their eyes roomed on their faces detailing every feature, it was thirst and hungry and now getting what they both longed, until sanky voice interrupt them from outside…


Both jerked away and swara voided eye contact turning around so Sanskar can’t she how flushed she is and trying to control herself mentally slapping herself for her weakness. She was about to fall again when sanskat cought her again, but this time no losting..

Sanskar in comedy voice: is there any rolling balls on your feet that you keep falling.

Swara emotionless: let me go

Sanskar: if I let go you will fall..

Swara: I don’t care…

Sanskar left her a bit and when she gasped, he pulled her again

Swara: what the heck with you?

Sanskar: aaari, hello, you tell me to let you but I can’t see you fall, kya karo yaaar, I love you so much to do.

Swara: leave. Me…

Sanskar make her stand: ok

Swara: now leave from here, I can’t stand seeing you.

Sanskar kept his humor voice: oh hello, what was that ah?

Swara just can’t stand his way of humor voice, it was like hearing herself talking in male voice. She still didn’t turn

Swara: what is what?

Sanskar: stand seeing me!! Look at this face of you please. (pointing to his face) I am so gorgeous and handsome, if you not notice. Do you know how many falls for this face ah?? This is press favorite face to capture, and girls just flat drooling watching me and you say you can’t stand seeing me ahhhh

Swara felt a bang of sad and heat of fire in heart and spoke bitterly: well I just couldn’t care less.

Sanskar: huh, if you only know that this handsome make the most awesome girl fall for me and…

Swara bit rises her voice: and I said I am lest care, go f**king away.

Sanskar didn’t stop, he wanted to talk to her even if it was only angry talks from her side

Sanskar: and later (he came so close to her whisper her ear) I make this amazing girl my own wife for what seem an amazing year four years ago.

Swara stood still for seconds but then gone nuts. She picked the big knife in front of her and pointed to Sanskar’s neck going forward while he step back with shock comedy face

Swara shouted: and I said I don’t care anything about you nor your face nor your girl, get that you dump?

Swara was mad and her eyes sparkling fire while Sanskar eyes soften and held love which angry swara even more and didn’t relies the words she said next

Swara: and for your records, this girl didn’t fall for your face.

Sanskar face couldn’t hold more love as she said twistedly that she fall from him and not his looks. As soon as swara realized what she said her iris went to more shock, but then mask it in anger and drop the knife to the table and took the snaks. She stops before she go out…

Swara: just stay the f**k away from me.

Sanskar smirks: I think I will just be (around) instead (away from).

Swara went out and Sanskar kept his amuse face. But what happen later didn’t amuse him quit much as swara ignore increase toward him, she don’t look at him no matter how much he spoke, she sure don’t talk to him even a letter, she didn’t involve him any how and it was hitting the hell on his nervous. He hold and hold and tolerate for almost a week till he can’t hold anymore. He spot swara going to her room after she put sanky to bed

“swaraa” but as usual she ignored… “swara” he said again and again. “we need to talk, you can’t just ignore me forever.” …. “you ignore me right swara” she enter her room and was about to close the door but Sanskar put his foot and stopped her , “you can’t run forever swara” swara gave him annoyed look. She hated how much he knows her and her actions, she closed the door on her foot and that make him hiss in pain but swara mask her face with anger and that angry Sanskar a lot… “you…”.

Sanskar pushed the door open which caused swara to stubble back a bit and Sanskar entered the room and closed the door.

Swara: what the heck Sanskar? Get out of my room.

Swara heart beat quicken.

She was in her room.

Sanskar was in her room.

She was with him in her room.

They were together in her room alone.

Alone with closed door.

Thoses sentences almost freak her out.



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Precap:  some romance and a shock

Allah Hafiz


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