Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (16)

Swara was at the door of GM in simple pink kurtha and white leggings, blonde wag over her head and reading glasses. Ragini smashed her in a hug perhaps crushing all swara’s bones, same favor was turned from swara’s side, she always took ragini as her sister

“OH SWARA, I missed you” ragini broke the hug “you… how.. blonde… where…MMAAAAAAA, PAAAAPAAAAA, SWARA CAME BACK”

Swara: ragini lower your voice please.

Ragini: to hell lower, I will shout my voice out

Ragini pulled swara in and lock the door, shekhar and sharmishta reached by now and were surprised to swara in that look. Swara understood their gaze so she removed the glasses and the wig to free her normal hairs completely

Shekhar: shonna

Swara took her father figure slowly, his hairs had more white places, some lines formed in his face here and there, but his body stood same wide as she remember..

Shekhar took a look again to his baby girl, still same fatigue body but act as strong woman, the glow of happy was long gone from her eyes but she was alive and near to him. He felt dizzy as his heart took a pace of beats and he would faint over sharmishta shoulder when he heard a soft scream

“papaaaa” that was the soft voice of swara, screaming and running to her father holding him from falling…

“shonna” his voice came raspy and whispery full of much missing of his little baby.

“come… rest here” she lead him to coach and make him sit.

Shekhar hold her hairs stroking it softly “baby shonna..”

Ragini: I really can’t belive you are here, I feel my heart will stop.

Swara: I hope it doesn’t, laksh will be very sad for days and will hurt our eyes with his awful devdas look…

Shesha giggled and ragini gasp loud in surprise: haaaa you…..

Shome: not now ragini, go make some tea, I am sure swara needs it.

Ragini: I will do more than just tea….

After ragini gone there was drop silent in the room. Was she back, really?

Shome: swara,…. I want to… I …..

Swara with bit hard voice: I need some answers before telling further things

Shekhar wasn’t worried at all, actually he was smilling looking at swara, he knew the answer, he saw it in swara’s eyes so he was just in peace

Swara looked at shekhar: did… did… you.. ever .. hate… hate me cau….

Shekhar didn’t wait her to finish: father can never hate his baby first girl ever, even if he wants.

Swara: still I am…

Sekhar: it depends on how I see it swara, I not you. To me you are my girl, the first everything in my father’s life, The only to be more precise. The first time I see a baby inside a womb, the first baby heart beat I ever hear, the first time I feel someone’s stomach being kicked from inside. The first baby cry that belonged to me, the first steps you took toward me, the first papa you said. Many, many firsts swara….

Swara eyes wept with tears, she understand it now, every single word, every single feeling, it’s as clear as sun to her. She moved her gaze to her mother

Swara: did I ever make you remember that man? Did you ever regret me being in your life?

Shome wasn’t express full like shekhar, she simply touched swara’s cheek motherly: not even for a second.

Swara took very deep breath and let it out with long heavy sight, she got wat she want to know. She stood up..

Swara: I am leaving..

Ragini came in this moment: over me only swara.. I won’t let you…

Over the time swara was with shekhar and shome, ragini had messaged “swara is home pick your feet right away” to two contacts. That time Sanskar was engrossed in a meeting when his phone flashed a sms, he flashed it open and his eyes fixed on screen for seconds and his irises widen to fill his eye completely – if this was possible to say – before he grip his keys and left running like mad with no word. He didn’t even wait for his driver and drive himself like mad through the streets, he wanted to be in GM in a blink of an eye.

Other hand laksh was at work too, and the cloth shop his father had by his hard work come like a small mall. He also got the sms and in no time he was heading to GM.

Sanskar was first to reach and he kept knocking the door to which ragini opened and let him in, and first what he saw was her.. her curly night hairs, her wide doe eyes, her simple wearing, her elegant body and for a mint he was lost in her smile. She just smiled… she took steps toward him and he felt his heart going flat, he smiled while tears fight to go out his eyes, but then all shatter.

She passed him and his smile vanished, he looked back and saw her in laksh arms

Laksh: shonnnaaaa, shonaaa, oh my di

Swara: bhai, you changed a lot. Where is that flirt boy that used to make out with girls under window?

Laksh: he got married swara… swara how could you leave us swara? How you got the brave? We were so worry about you shonna, please don’t go again, please.

Ragini: don’t worry laksh, I have been warning her that she won’t leave unless over me…

Swara: you brought up a feisty ragini here bhai.

Laksh: she was always feisty, but you didn’t test it huuh. Swara please… ple…

Swara: I must go now bhai…

Sanskar was hurt that swara just ignored him, but he would do anything to make her back…

Sasnakr: you .. can’t leave…

Swara still ignored him: I must pick my son and my cloth.. I can’t stay here with one outfit, can i??

Laksh gazed his parents for conform then to swara who gave him assuring node

Laksh: ohhh shonaa… I am so damn happy… you know what? We will go together, I must pick up swara also, she will be so happy meeting her bua..

Swara: bua?? Isn’t she ….

Sanskar frowned at her unfinished question, then he remember sanky calling him swara’s father, swara thought choto swara as his daughter

Sanskar: she is laksh little girl.

Swara smiled to her brother: ohh bhai..

Laksh: come on lets go..

Sanskar: swara we must talk..

Swara breathe in and out then moved to fix her wag: nothing to talk about Sanskar

Sanskar: there is swara, you and my son, we must talk about that…

Swara inhaled a gasp: your son?

She remind silent for a while, gazing everywhere but him

Sanskar: yes swara, my son who you hide from me, my son who needs me every passing second.

Swara finished with her wag: then let me clear my words mr. sanskar Maheshwary, I am coming back to my home, my parents, my brother so that MY, and I repeat MY son can have the family he deserve and to spend mymy last days with my family till death departs us…. But you… (she hold herself very tight) you no longer have a place in my life, we are over Sanskar, we are divorced, you moved on and so do me.

Ragini: just listen… (swara raised her hand)

Swara: challo bhai, we are going late…

Swara moved out while family was bit shocked of her action, but understand her pain…

Shekhar spoke: remember my words beta…

Sanskar took deep breaths, control his emotions, and then spoke

Sanskar: shome ma I hope you have the guest room free for me…

Shome smiled in her tears and nodded as yes

Swara and laksh went to her apartment and took her belongings, it was almost silent ride but from some information about her and sanky. Choto swara was so happy meeting her bua indeed and more happier to know that Sanky will be staying with her in home and that they are relatives.

They stepped to the front gate, sanky was little afraid, he stopped and swara too, laksh look at them as swara kneel to look at him. People were already looking at them


“people will hurt you …. na mumma? Let’s go back”

“yea they will, but I have you my Sanskar, my little strength, and together we will fight them na? you will fight with mumma na so she don’t run away again”

Sanky smile widly: sure haaaan

Swara stood and enter the house

Choto swara shouted as usual: sanseeeeeeekaaaaaaa

Swara straddle at how she said Sanskar’s name

Choto swara: sansseeka, sanseeka look, bua is back, swara bua is back….

Sanskar was smiling: yes choto princess, she is back…

All GM came closer to meet the new member who looked hesitating…

Shome kneel to one knee open her arms and sanky immediately run to her

“nani maaaa”

Shome hugged him tightly and left him to shekhar as both kissed him and hug him, their small bless

“nani ma, put me down please I forgot it”

“what you forgot baby”

“just do na”

After she put hum down sanky bent and took their bless

“mumma say always take bless when you can as it compine you all the way”

Shekhar smiled to his swara, proud with her rise… Sanskar came closer to sanky

Sanskar: hello sanky, nice to…

Sanky didn’t wait him to finish: sir, don’t call me this sissy name, my name is Sanskar please keep it.

Sanskar was surprises at how sharp sanky tune is but then smiled wide, isn’t he his little boy

Sanskar: I am sorry Sanskar, it’s just our name is the same and it will be hard to call you same as me.

Sanskar: then you can be the sanky, I hate that name.

Ragini laughed and almost rolled on floor but then got closer

Ragini: hello Sanskar, I am ragini, choto swara’s mother, nice to meet you.

Sanky: nice to meet you too aunty… (he give her a cheek kiss and smiled)

Sanky would move back to his mother but Sanskar hugged him, Sanskar couldn’t hold that urge any more, each passing second he want to hold his boy, he can’t stop now while he in front of him…

Sanskar then spoke softly: do you know who I am Sanskar??

Sanky innocently: yes I do…


And we are done

I know its short and boring

But we just started????

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    Sanky is little version of Mr. Maheshwari.. nice to see it though.. the litte boy will mostly tell the relation b/w sanskar and choto swara.., innocent little fellow 🙂

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