Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (15)

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Shekhar POV Cont.

“How did it felt?”

Sanskar asked me with many motions in his eyes. Four simple words but I had to close my eyes and it took me in a jet to that night, that very moment when I found door to that house in pune slightly open and stepped in.

“burning a life is defined to be the toughest pain ever, they are mistaken, because this is pain is thousands times multiple to be burn a life, actually I would trade anything and do anything to be burned alife and just erase that moment from mine and mishti memory”


“hh tumara sasuma”

“why you didn’t kill him?”

“you want truth!!, I didn’t have time. I wasn’t going to listen to her and spare him, but by time I made sure she is fine and safe which was my priority I went to kill him but I had khan’s phone call on the way. I don’t know why god was merciful to him and took him before I send him there”

Then silence again, I was glad, Sanskar didn’t ask more not because he don’t want to, but because he already know the answer about thoes questions….

“come beside me beta… (I call him and he sit beside me) you know sanskar, we are very much alike, more than you think, I know that you love swara beyond limits, just as I do, and we both made big mistake”

“what is that?”

“we both failed our women once, me when I didn’t protect shome, and you when you pushed swara. I spend my later life and till now make up for my failure, now it’s your turn, don’t ever leave her again”

“how can I uncle? But same time I feel like I can’t face her,…”

“you have too, even if it means to be cruel sometimes, swara will push you away but you shouldn’t … ever”

“what should I do now? I am totally puzzled”

“as swara habit, she asked for time, right?”


“you leave her today, but tomorrow go again, and win her back by anyhow. She will be worse than before”

“why you say so uncle?”

“beta, swara will think only bad about herself now, she will think she was heavy burden on us, on me, that she is an unwanted child came to this world due to a horrible sin. Many bad thoughts will run to her soul which all is untrue. Swara was my bless, our bless, our life became better when she come. She will need you badly Sanskar, and only you.”

“and I promise you, I will be with her.
Do you want to see something??”

He pull out his phone and show me a pic of shome holding a boy and smiling, she and him had a cute smile

“Sanskar??” I questioned

“your grandson”

I was beyond happy, I see my grandson, sure choto swara meant a lot to me, but this one is swara’s baby, its just so love. He was a small bless indeed. Sanskar scroll the screen and I saw swara, her angry face and hands tied in front of her chest, I caressed the screen, my sweet princess, come back please, I feel my time running over from this world, and I wish only to see one more time, my dear baby.

Shekhar POV over

Swara POV

“muma!! why you let nani ma go?”

Sanskar didn’t stop asking questions since they left and I came out of my room ending my 2 hours crying session. Sanskar is such a kid but full of 22 years old man curiosity.

“stop eating my mind Sanskar and eat your food”

“but what was swara’s father doing here??”

“ufff Sanskar I said bas” I shouted him and in fraction he his body jumped up and his all face go all red and I felt soon tear will made its way to his cheeks. GOD, I took him to my lap and hug him

“muma ka batcha, I know you have many things to ask, but muma isn’t ok now. Please finish your dinner then everything well be told in time ok”

“hmm ok mumma”

Finally I can get some moments, I left him with dinner and left to couch for think. I feel my blood flow with venom, it’s just can’t be described. I wish I never asked where I came from, as said lots of knowledge may kill the person. I wasn’t satisfied with the truth of being foundling girl to discover I was something more awful, I came due to forcing.

Forcing is too polite word, Raping is the right word. My mom was raped badly and that cave her a memory that she can never delete, ME. I wonder what she thought after I came to this life, did she thought about shree? Did she hated me even for a second? Why she didn’t just abort me? She could not to listen to dad and abort, but still she didn’t…. SHE DIDN’T.

Aur… aur… shekhar ji, papa… he took me, I was a bad reminder but still…. PAPA??!, I chuckle at myself, in what right I call him that??

I looked at Sanskar while he eat, his little finger warping the fork in childish way that make me smile, his mouth stained all over with red sauce, eating pasta one by one watching his cartoons and I thought again “in what right?”.

Yea by that right. I was angry from my parents not because they just didn’t tell me the truth but also for not wanting to tell me about my family… but now both reasons are vanished.

I keep thinking of what I am going to do, how funny I am going to say those words, I won’t be doing the right thing but the proper thing, same as mom told while ago.

Yet, is it the good for me? I will be seeing him again. My other soul and the split half of my heart, he will be there, he will call for me, he would want me again, and I can’t give him that, not anymore. He did something I can’t never ever forgive, every time I look to his face I will remember what he did, I will remember what happen, I can’t forgive him.


Around him I am not myself, my heart still love him, I still madly in love with him to the extent that I would have rushed to his hug the moment I saw him. Still when I am around him my body isn’t mine anymore, it will follow him, his looks, his words, like hypnotized to only follow him. After years of missing, the urge within me made me that way. So what to do now? My mind isn’t working anymore, what’s right?? What’s wrong?? What should I do?

I looked again to Sanskar while he is finishing his dinner, would I be doing the right thing?, he is amazing boy, he deserves a family, a support, just like the one I had… if I the bad girl got such amazing family and that’s I can’t deny then sankey for sure deserves one.

But for you my dear ex-husband and my love forever I will never come back …


“Sanskar, come lets wash your hands”

I took Sanskar for wash then to do his homework and then to bed…

“sanskar, I want to tell you a new story today”

“new?? Suchi mumma.. ready to hear”

“listen beta, once there was a girl she was very cute and every one called her bubbly and sweet, her name was swara. Her parents loved her a lot, treat her like a princess, she also had a brother and he loved her so much. But then something bad happen and swara had to leave everything behind and do”

“why mumma??”

“because bad people separate them baby, telling bad about their princess”

“poor princess, god will punish those people na muma”

“badly beta, I am sure”

“then what happen muma?”

“the princess left far na, god gave her a very awesome baby boy (pulling his nose) and she called him Sanskar”


“haan Sanskar, you are that boy. I left my family and god gave me you so I don’t be alone”

“then muma?”

“nothing!! nani ma came na so she can tell me to come back and Ignore those all bad people”

“please do muma, I want my nani ma, please”

“I know mera beccha, but there is more to know. That man came with dadi ma…..”

Swara POV over

Next day itself, after what seem to be breakfast at GM, shekhar and shome were sitting simply watching tv while ragini cleaning at some corner and they interrupted by a knock on door…

“coming” said ragini while she move toward the door and she open it wide in normal manner but the moment she lay eye on the person she was frozen. She felt her heart stop pumping for seconds then pumping very fast, she was in utter shock.

“sw.. swa… swaaaraaaaaaaaaaa”











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  1. When u r here to update….. Y we think….. ????????????????????? jst kodddingggggggg….. Amazingggggggg……. Mind blowingggggggg…….. Tough Swara…. Has to make her easy from mindddddd

    1. Amazing, I’m feeling bad for swara bt she shld go to her parents with chotu dey deserve her love nd abt sanskar if he has hurtd her beyond limit let him cry nd win her

  2. It was superb dear. U nailed it yaar. Yipee swara is back in gm. Hope sanskar will bring the old swara back and they will live happily ever after. Plss post soon
    And ha the story is not boring. It’s really interesting.

  3. AnuAnn

    It was awesome yaar

  4. I’m glad that Swara made an appropriate decision.. Yeah it’s true, I I’m finding many hidden meanings for the lines you wrote.. I just can’t understand or guess what might be her next move..
    She is thinking herself to be a sin. She is not able to accept the fact that she had been accepted gladly without any hate.. She is in a kind of emotional turmoil that she is finding difficult to come off..
    I just hope that she unites with HER FAMILY
    Choto Sanskar deserves his fatherly love..
    I’m not taking sides but I wish Swara accepts Sanskar. His opinion for sending her off the maheshwari mansion is to save her from humiliation of parineetha which he must have said in an appropriate way. She must be able to see the other side of coin.
    But when reading between lines,I think this might not be possible in near future, Sanskar has to face Swara
    Swara, in GM, I guess IS to meet her ma and shekar ji because things do not resolve without speaking.
    Keep writing 🙂 🙂

  5. Fantastic

  6. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Awesome episode dear?

  7. awesome epi dr hope swara started behaving good with her parents specially her father

  8. Superb..waiting for the next part..tc..

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