Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (14)

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Sanskar POV

When I knew swara’s address I told shome ma about it as I promised, she insisted to come and suddenly like she was whole new woman to me and now I got to know from where swara was total strong and independed, it was shome ma hidden side. I reached swara house in a while and when she took us, all seemed like a bomb about to blow, so I try to say anything to ease the surroundings.

Then shome ma slapped swara, I felt the hurt on my face, I felt it in my heart, I wanted to stop her and hug swara but when shome ma stopped me I was helpless, she was really angry.

Then she started to tell about swara being her daughter, I thought she still meant about only raising her but then I saw seriousness in her eyes, I was equal shock as swara. She started to tell her past and I felt room floor vanishing and walls changed, I felt every word shome ma was telling, her pain was so clear, the taunts she had and the treating of that dadi ma, but the more she spoke the more I felt her pain going deeper.

Then she mentioned shree, the way she mentioned his name I knew he was kind of person you can never accept, and I was right. My feelings were swinging, sad and tears, and anger, ultimate anger.

I get f**ked up with the mere idea of a man touching my swara, then how shome ma felt then?? And shekhar uncle??!, my god, now I see his pain, his hurt, if he was a steal hill it would have collapsed by now by that very night.

That’s why he never talked, after these many years he wanted that secret dead, he didn’t want swara to know about it, he didn’t want these wounds to be opened again.

Now that she is over silence took us all, what can be said? Utter nothing, it hurt badly, swara couldn’t hold and gone, I would like to sooth her, but also there is a broken woman here, she treated me like a typical son, I put my palm over her shoulder and the broken look in her eyes wasn’t something I can hold.

I hugged her immediately and I felt like she wish to scream her pain, but it wasn’t possible yet. When your wife cry in your hug you will die of pain, when your sister cry in your hug you will be badly hurted, but when your mother cry in your hug you will wish to die but you won’t, each tear will make you feel helpless and stap you but you don’t die yet and even hell will be your heaven from that pain, and this is how I felt.

When I felt her bit calmer, I looked at her, how to describe what I see?? It’s like she is on a cliff, standing on one leg, she can fall on the strong floor, she can be strong and tough, weep her tears and stand up, but what if she don’t want that, what if she want to break down, what if she want to feel weak, what if she want to jump off that cliff, but simply not now, I am not the person she want to do it in front of him, not me.

Swara came back and she looked very miserable, I know what she will ask, she always do that, and for her and ma sake I will do it, maybe if it was any other secret I wouldn’t, but right now I cant.

“this is … a great … kno .. kno… knowledge to know.. m.. mmm… ma. Please… ttt..take your… l..leave, I nn…nneeed tto sss… sssort my … mind. Please take your leave”

I knew it. Whenever swara face something her mind can’t hold, she asks for a break, sometime to think, to accept and act, and hell yea this was something she wouldn’t take easily. Shome ma wept her tears and stood strongly, I believe I did the same, I would want to see sanky, but if he is sleeping I am helpless.

“ok swara, we would leave now, but you know well, this isn’t over and still many to tell.” Shome ma spoke my heart indeed, this was hell isn’t over.

We would move when a shout stopped us

“nani maaaa!!!!”

I looked behind and here is sanky, choto Sanskar in some white black doted pejamas, he run to shome ma and hugged her waist, she looked at me and I didn’t know how I smiled

Shome: you are Sanskar??

S: and you are nani ma naaaa!!

Shome: haan beta (she carried him) look at you, you look cute.

S: I am anything you say but please don’t go any more.

Swara: sanky that’s enough go to your baby boy come on.

S: you know how I knew you?? (haha he totally ignored swara) vo ma hai na, every day she hug your pic and cry a lot. You here na, then she won’t cry more, please… please stay.

Shome ma: is that so? (she said looking to swara) well I must go somewhere now, but I promise I will be back.

Sanky face turned so gloomy: you too will leave dadi ma, like papa did??

I fisted my hand, didn’t know what consumed me more, sad or anger?! And both did for many reasons…

Shome ma: you know beta, there is a say “closer to mom’s heart from the son is the grandson” means I love your ma, but I love you even more, I will come back for you, that is your nani ma promise

He grinned and hugged her, I wanted my share too, but his eyes fell on me and he seemed total surprised like only now he noticed me…

Sanskar: sir??! You are here?? Please nahi ma, put me down. Sir, you are swara’s father, you are here?? And nani ma?? Muma what is going on??.

Sanskar shoot many questions running to his small brain…

Swara: Sanskar please go to your room, right away…

I felt him confused, but he is a good boy so he bid us goodbye and left at once. Shome ma went out first but before I go, how I can’t no to sooth my princess, I went closer to her and I feel her rooted to her place, she wanted to move away, she moved to take a step away.

“DON’T” It came as a calm whisper but still in full domanting attitude and it did the job and rooted her steel in the ground this time, I lend to her ear wish I can crush her to a hug, “everything will be fine, princess. Trust your prince” I whispered her soothing then I plant a kiss to her forehead softly and give her final glance to her tired face then I turned to leave.

Journey back to GM was full of silence, I halted the car at the entrance “come after mints please”, I enter there and choto swara came hurriedly to me, I hugged her tight but I gazed shekhar uncle, he should be worshiped.

“Sanskar where have you been, and where is ma?”

Laksh asked me, feeling weird maybe!!, all they know that I picked shome ma for some ride and nothing else.

“laksh, ragini, we must talk, come with me” I took them to a room giving time for our elders,

Sanskar POV over

Shekhar POV

Moment Sanskar stepped in the house I felt my heart ached, the glance in his eyes while he looked at me, like something is wrong, and to take laksh and ragini, what is going on?

After moments shome stood at the door and I saw her puffy eyes, what on earth??, she gazed me and only tears came down her eyes, she ran to me, like we are a 20 years age again and I hugged her tight, nothing matter, only my wife mattered.

“mishti??” mishti is the nickname I gave her long ago, my mishit, “kya hwa biwi?!”

“she.. shekhar… i…” her sops pierced me.

“shhshs, come with me” I took her to our room and sit on bed with her with a soft hug.

“kya hwa mishit??, where did you gone hm??”

She looked at me, why I see this pain again??, why all this hurt??

“why I didn’t die that day shekhar, why he kept me alife? Why my heart…..”

“MISHTI…. Why you tell that?? Why you….?” I shouted at first to silence her, death didn’t suit us any time of our life, then it hit me “did you… swara!!! You meet swara??” she noded “oh god thank you, how… how is she shome? Is she health?? Is she good? Where is her address…..” I kept shooting question and shome was simply looking at me and crying… “you… you told her, didn’t you??” again she noded, dear lord.

“she… she is ok … shekhar”

“how can she be ok mishit?? Why did you open that wound my love? Why you told her that secrete?? Didn’t we burry it?”

“she had to know shekhar, that I am her mother and you… you are her father with whole heartly…. But telling her wasn’t.. wasn’t… I …. …..”

I hugged her to me, ya bagwan ji, I thought everything is over, why you write to make her face that pain again??. I moved my hands to her bun and released her silk like hairs, suddenly she became the young girl I fall in love with since I open my eyes to this world, I took her head to my lap… I soothed her hairs

“mishit, again I say you shouldn’t have told anything, this shouldn’t even exist na, nothing happened remember? Wasn’t this our promise??”

Her sops gotten louder, so I shushed her softly and make her sleep. I went outside and only Sanskar was there

“ragini and laksh??!” I questioned him

“took swara to ice cream shop”

I walk to him, his looks, “don’t give those look Sanskar”

“what looks??”

“looks as I am some sort of a mahan, cause I am not. I am a simple man who love his wife unconditionally as simple as that”

He kept silent while I sat in front of him, he was averting his gaze everywhere, I felt to chuckle but situation wouldn’t hold

“you can ask what you want” he looked at me surprised “you know what’s funny about time Sanskar?, it makes you mature. I read many questions in your eyes so tell them; I doubt I will act same way as I would 20 years ago.”

“how it felt like?”



Done for today lovelys

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How will shekhar answer??!

What would be sanskar furthur questions???

How swara will feel??!

Questions …. Questions… Questionsss

Gussess … Guessesss… Gussess….

I  am waiting for your gusses and any requested scenes

C you next chap

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  1. It’s really impossible to describe the feelings in words.. All the 26 letters will fall short to describe feelings of each and everyone here at this pretext..
    Sanskar’s question is really too hard to be answered.. Can’t he guess how it feels like.. Was it really necessary to ask shekar this question?! It feels like being the most helpless person on the earth.. You would want to crush the person who touched your wife yet she stopping you from doing so.. What the hell feeling must it be.. Like being sandwiched with two heavy rocks.. Like being held between two strong emotions..
    Must see how Shekar answers Sanskar questions..
    Swara.. How to put it in words how must she feel like.. But she must act mature.. She must get back to her parents soon.. They are really dying with pain in their hearts which only she can heel
    Request scene.. Sanskar and sanky bonding.. Please make it cute…
    Good day:)
    Keep smiling 🙂

    1. Rajkumari

      And the award of the best commenter ever goes to m8ss awesome and amazing anjaaaliiiiii….. Yaaaaho……. Thank u miss little perfect….. And believe Me u use the 26 letter perfectly yaaar… Good day to u too dear… And BTW I am posting another story

      Swasan-a Despacito one night stand… Please read it cause I need ur opinion in next chapters… C u there too

      1. Thanks noor.. But it’s you who frame alphabets very beautifully into a plot which is really amazing.
        I’ll try my level best to comment on despactio too, but I don’t know whether I can comment regular there or not coz of the study schedules are very packed. But I’ll surely try to comment 🙂

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    Loved shekar

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    Omg u nailed it. I really loved shekhars character. I wanted a same in swaragini but there he was spineless. But sanskar shouldn’t asked this. He will feel more hurt na. It’s indeed a hard question. Plss post soon and plss unite swasan soon

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    Rona chahe ro na paye,
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    Rona chahe ro na paye,
    Dil kitna majbur hai
    Kise pata hai kaun bataye
    Rab ko kya manjur hai
    Rona chahe ro na paye

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