Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (13)

Hello all

One point to clear

A dear di to me make one good point

Why i made shome to be raped and not first marry as example??

To be honest i never think of it, but as she put the question i remmber main thing in this story. Swasan had commen parents story, marawdi married to bengali, sanskar father didnt stand for his love but shekhar did, and as he trust his love for shome, she didnt fail him and marry else so i couldnt put shome in marriage.

Second thing i want to represent a common social POV… shome will narrate in the next lines….

Hope you got my point and dont hate the story…

Love you all


Sharmishta POV

Flash Back

“Case??! What you talk about shekhar??”

“What you mean Mishti? We are filing a case, I am with you na.. Come on”

“ohh shekhar, don’t you know what society we live in??, just because I couldn’t be pregnant I faced many taunts, now if this is known all will blame me and not him, please don’t do this to me, please.”

“Blame you? You.. you just.. got… forced, shome… u got raped… hell this… i…”

“This is what we both know shekhar, but people won’t, and they won’t understand, scenarios will be made, the taunt words… they will say i encourge him… it will hurt you more than me, our life will be utter hell, please shekhar (I fold my palms to him) please… don’t do…. this to me, I beg you… you.. can.. divorce… me, but not… this ppp..llleaseee nahi”

My sops only grow louder in his hug; he was picking my head continuously

“what nonces you speak now?, you are my wife, how can I leave you? What is your fault? It’s all on me, I should have protected you, I should have noticed, it’s my fault, I am so sorry my love, I am sorry.. sorry … sorry”

“ahh.. ahh ahhhh … AAAAAAAAAAA… shekhaaaaaaaaaaaaaar… ahh ahhhhh”

It was never his, I couldn’t put that blame on him, in this moment I couldn’t held my screams, either for me my hurt body or my heart and soul, my heart was bleeding as I got raped and I was still alife, I should have died, but I didn’t. I was terribly impure and filth, another man touched me else shekhar, why I just couldn’t die??

Flash back over

My sops were less but the pain in my heart was fresh as it just happened yesterday…

“it was very hard on shekhar to accept my decision to hide this, but I knew people very well, I faced them all my life, and I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing, but the proper thing. You are both modern generation but still raped women treated as before, you both know very well what happen to rapped women, even if society believed them later they will start make fake tales, and if they stood by woman side it will be for days then start calling her characterless and every man will try to get her as she easy shoot.

I can’t tell you how much shekhar cared me, cleaned me, wiped for the black holes in my body, the pain I felt, my face purses, and then he took me to sleep.

When I woke up he wasn’t there, I panicked, I was in hell pain but I stood and ran, I knew shekhar would revenge from shree and I needed to stop him before he waste himself on a waste like him.

I went to police station and I found shekhar and khan were already there, I hugged him not caring anything, but then khan dropped a bomb on me “shree malotra is dead”… he drove his car in the rain, it slipped and trail out of the road, he died in spot and car exploded leaving nothing left of him but aches. (I looked at swara, tears craved deep paths on her cheeks) every day I thank god he died in such way and wished if he died in more pain.

Me and shekhar thought the whole thing is over, something that me and him will past with our love and support, but after 2 months, I was late in my time and feeling sick. I never thought I will be pregnant but this is what doctor confirmed for me and shekhar. I was shocked as hell, I thought I can move on, but having a baby out from that night… I was hell disturbed, should I be happy that finally I will be a mother, or sad that he isn’t shekhar baby, that he came to this world due to a sin.

But shekhar again rocked my world when he hugged me in front of the doctor his words still ring in my ear…

“Congratulations shome, you will be a mother and I will become a father”

I looked shocked but the happiness never left his face, he carried me and rolled me, he was happy as if it was really his, at home when I asked him, he said that he want nothing but a baby as mini me, that perhaps our prays had finally came true, maybe not as we wish it to be but it did, and that baby will be his only like his own blood.

“I won’t lie to you swara, I thought for a second that he would ask me to abort the baby, and a part of me would want that too, but shekhar action changed everything.”

I paused and my throat was hurting from continuous speaking for much time along with the sopping. Swara voice cracked the air whispery and crying,

“I will be right back”

My hold around my mangalsutra got tighter, controlling my sops

“tu… “Coughs” tum .. teek hu… ma?”

Sanskar voice was so shallow and crackly but before I could answer him swara’s voice interrupt us

“water” she also whispered, like if any of us spoke with voice the house around us would collapse. I drank water as I felt so thirsty and my throat was aching, but I gotta end this.

“so I am that man girl?” swara questioned and I nodded “then how I reached the orphanage?”

“well, that was shekhar plan, everyone at home knew he can’t have a baby, and even if we say it’s a miracle I don’t think someone would have believed. So he hide me, we stayed in pune so I can have peaceful pregnant, even khan I never saw him again.

But that never stopped shekhar from enjoying, he recorded everything, your first heartbeat, your first pic in my womp, your first clear ultra sound, the day we knew you are a girl, your first kick, everything swara.

Our love to you weep all our pains, day of labour was the hardest, shekhar couldn’t even put me in hospital and i had to do it by my own, I was screaming like anything and he try to help holding me until you came, your soft screams cracked the whole room, you was still in blood and attached to me but he got you out of me holding you first, I can never forget the smile that spread on his face that moment, something can’t be told then he whispered “angel… swara” it’s just beyond my words.

Week later shekhar had to do the toughest thing ever, he put you on the step of that orphanage. Shekhar was ripped apart and kept watching until they took you inside and in the very next day we went to the orphanage together telling that we want to adopt a baby, I spend every day over there caring you secretly and said that I want to know the babies more. After a month we adopted you, and now no one would ever question us. We never told you anything, that night died with shree and in me and shekhar’s heart till that day at MM

Swara, shree was only you biological father, but shekhar gave you all the love a father can ever give to his baby, was he mistaken swara??”

I finally ended my story and exposed my heaviest secret waiting for swara to speak…

“I .. I can’t… hold… I .. need moment” she hardly spoke between her sops and went to some room running, I shut my eyes still holding my chain… it hurt like hell. I felt palm on my shoulder.

Sharmishta POV over


So secret is over….

What you think so far…

Hope you got my point…

Precap: meeting sanky

Allah hafiz all

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  1. Awwww….. Its toooo cute…. Amazinggggg hell with that trap. …. Awesome going…. Waiting for her reply……. Mother father daughter trio….. Waiting eagerly for the meetinggggg……

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    It’s amazing. I just loved it and I’m happy that b*t*h died. Poor shome how much she suffered. And loved shekhars each and every action and words. He is surely a 1 in Lakhs. Loved it olds post soon

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    Loved shekars character waiting for the father daughter union

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