Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (12)

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Previously: sanskar and sharmishta face off with swara


Sharmishta POV

I was angry, I really was, an anger that I didn’t feel consumed me since years, swara crossed all limits so I slapped her as she needs to wake up from herself pity.

The moment she gaze me with her teary eyes I felt stapp in my heart, I just slapped my baby girl…

“ma plea…” I raise my hand to stop Sanskar from talking

“Sanskar this is a matter between me and my daughter so don’t interfere… now swara sit down”

This time she did

“You never slapped me”

“Because you never did much wrong swara, when daughter do mistake then its mother’s duty to bend her from this wrong, and if the girl doesn’t listen then it’s also mother’s duty to punish her”

“Mother? Again those lies!!”

“Look at me in the eye swara (when she did I spoke the truth) you are my daughter, from my own blood and this is the utter truth”

I saw her iris getting blacker as she saw how truthful I am

“yo.. you.. are.. then… how… why….”

“shome ma?? How …” even Sanskar was equal confused. I fought a hard breath remembering the blackest days of my life… but swara must know, it’s now or never…

“Yes you are my girl, and yes you are not shekhar’s daughter”

“I think it’s better to leave you two alone” Sanskar tried to give us privacy.

“no Sanskar, you too should stay… please … for… me”

I felt myself on edge of breaking, a 23 years old secret came back to haunt me one more time… and I start narrating

“After 5 months of marrying shekhar your dadi ma start to ask me about having a baby, it wasn’t that she wanted one, but she wanted a subject to tease me with. I simply do not get pregnant, I done many poojas more than I can remember, fill full many requests, and feed many people, still nothing.

Your dadi ma make me eat many strange food and make me go to many pandits for bless and magic, but sharmishta isn’t getting pregnant, then she must be futile, with that assumption that follow every woman don’t get pregnant I faced many taunts from women thanks to your badi ma.

Still shekhar didn’t give up on me, he tried many times to stop me from listening to his mother as he don’t believe all this, and he make me go to doctor with him, we made tests and your dadi ma found it, she was mad but trusting her son she came with us for results.

And the news came, it was shekhar, not me, and that broke your dadi ma a lot, still she blamed me and told other woman that I was bad omen and I cursed her son, my life was more than difficult.

Shekhar had a friend in pune and asked him for help in business for few months; shekhar knew that his mother will give me more tortures when he leave so he took me with him. We didn’t know how much we will live in pune, we just hoped for exchange of environment, we didn’t know the real fate that awaited us”

I finally paused, taking my breath, I needed water, my chocked sops hurt, a single tear draft my cheek as I remembered meeting him…

Flash back

It was a week after we reached pune, shekhar friend named khan, he was really good guy, that day we visited him to find him with his boss…

Khan: shekhar, this is my boss Mr. shree malotra, boss this is my friend I told you about, mr. shekhar gadodia and his wife sharmishta

The moment I saw shree I felt my neck hairs stand in attention, in matter fact every hair in my skin stood in tension, this man looks made want to rip my skin off, make me want to dig a hole and burry myself, anywhere else in front of this man would be heaven, but I wasn’t that lucky. He looked at me and I saw his eyes lit up and it make me sick.

Shree spoke with deep voice: hello mr. shekhar, such a wife you have here… welcome to pune Sharmishta ji…

He extended his hand to me, I felt I will burn if I touched this man, so I simple fold my hands greeting him “Namaste”… he looked irritated by my action but then his smirk grow on his face making me crumble even more.

Shree was a sudden leech toward shekhar, he visited us in our own home, I always tried to hid from him, I don’t sit with him even when shekhar is around, still he managed ways to make shekhar tell me to accompany them. His looks were filled with desire for me, I read it as clearly as sun, how he touch my fingertips when I hand him tea, how his eyes gaze me shamelessly all the time shekhar don’t look at us, I tried to tell shekhar but I was afraid of his reaction he would kill shree on the spot.

One day shekhar and khan were speaking and shree took this as chance and went to the kitchen as I was there…

Shree: sharmishtaaa…

“Mr. malotra.. Do you.. want.. anything?”

“Yes… you”

“Excuse me??!”

“We should stop pushing around sweet shomeee, don’t you think?”

“How dare you call me like this?? Get out of here now”

“Tsk tsk tsk… don’t be such temper baby, I like obedient girls. You are so pretty shome, so f**king beauty that makes me go mad and make me want to f**k you on this counter in this very moment till you scream your voice out”

Suddenly his arms caged my waist violently trying to kiss me, I was protesting but I couldn’t find my voice to scream. His words and looks were lusty and disgusting, I didn’t feel myself until I pushed him with all my might and my palm slapped his face sending it to the other side

He spoke with rage: how dare you slap me b*t*h?

“Just shut up and get the hell out of here before I call shekhar and make him burry you right where you are”

“You… Will.. Pay.. For This, I Promise you”

He utters his words venomly and left. I felt my jelly legs and fall to the floor and decided to tell shekhar everything as soon as possible, still I couldn’t tell him that night, nor the day next, but at night it started to rain heavily and I was about to speak when he had a phone call. My stomach tied in knots hearing shree name..

“What happened shekhar?”

“Its khan shome, he made an accident, shree call me for help, he is with him and I am also going”

“What?? No please shekhar don’t leave me alone” my heart ached badly; I didn’t want to be alone.

“shome, he need my help, how can I let him? I promise I won’t be late”

“but shekhar… no wait”

But he had already left, I closed the door and went to the mandeep praying when I heard my door knocking, I thought shekhar came back so I went and open door immediately to find shree all drenched at my door…

“YOU?? But you just called shekhar…”

“Yes I know, that will give us pretty time, bengali b*t*h”

I was pushed far and he closed the door, I got horrified, it was his trick…

“Time to pay whore” he came forward to me “st.. stay away… go out or i.. will shout.. go…” (TAAAAAAK) I felt hard slap on my cheek that sends me flat on the floor.

“now you will see what you get when you refuse shree malotra, and also slapping him”. Shree got a hold on my hairs that make me scream in pain, but again another slap shut me, slap after another, he beat me brutally and my face was heated due to many slaps. I was on floor with no energy when he came on top of me ripping my cloths and say most nasty things I ever heard in my life, still I fight and I got more hits, but in the end he did what he came for, he raped me in most savage way, tortures, putting off his cigarettes in my body and left only when he had everything and left laughing, and through all this I went lost in black dots.

Flash back over

I cried out but no loud voice, I was holding my manglasutra, my symbol of pure love and marriage, my strength, crying remembering this worst night of my life… I saw swara with her hand over her mouth try to stop herself to scream crying, and Sanskar eyes and face filled with tears…

“That night I lost everything, more badly when I woke up on voice of shekhar’s crying, I saw myself still on hall floor. Shekhar must came in and found me like this, cloth openly tored, naked and raped; the hurt in his eyes killed me again. He took me to the bed asking what happened and how did this happened to me and who did it”

Flash back

I was carefully carried to bed and shekhar covered my with the sheets, he was crying, I was crying, no words to describe how we both felt

“shome… shomee… what … who did this to you? Tell me?

“shekhar… ahh.. vo…”

“bolo na baby…”

“sh… shree” I said the name with lots difficulty and I felt shekhar palm over mine getting tighten…

“I went to where he told and found nothing, when I limped to khan house, he wasn’t there… but I never thought… I never… I will…”

He stood up and evil sparks off his eyes but I hold his arm

“nahi shekhar, please.. please don’t… make me …lose you… pleaseeee” my cries never stopped as I begged him, he sat again hugging my head..

“shshs… shsh I promise I will claim your right. We will go to a doctor and then police, we will file a case and put him behind bars.. can you walk??”

“case? What you talk about shekhar?” I looked him knowing I will be teary and pathetic as ever..


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  1. AbrahamEzra

    Omg it was mind blowing. I dont have words to describe this dear. Poor shomi. The blo*dy cheapo jerk pervert shree. Huff I will cut him into pieces. Plss post soon dear. And ha loved shekhars support for shomi. It’s not unrealastic dear. There are people who thinks like this. .

  2. No.. i dont think its some fantasy knd of behaviour, its really normal but shekar must not have been such ignorant of someones looks over his wife even had sharmistha not hidden her feelings with shekar, this might not have happened.. you know.. as a matter of fact.. it was really very pathetic how shome must have felt but she is lucky she had shekar’s support..

    HURRAH!! i was right.. shome SLAPPED swara and she deserved it..

    Are you all fine noor.. I just felt to ask because i didnt find reply for my comment which you generally dont miss to reply back.. Are you angry with my comment for 5th part ?
    I am sorry i could not comment for later episodes as due to network issues i could not access nternet.
    please try to reply
    keep smiling 🙂

    1. Rajkumari

      Nahi yaaar what u talk about…. But every time I want to reply u sometgihappen to network or I get busy updating and forget to comment u…. Sorry about tat diii… Mafii karo

  3. It was really emotional..
    Poor soumi..
    waiting for the next part..

  4. Wow loved it ❤️

  5. Super awesome

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