Swasan – Hatred Love season 2 (10)

Assalam alikom all dosto

Now read this chap… as its the final of the 4 years flash back…. i hope its good as i believe….

Previously: FB… swara gets humiliated by parinita


Sanskar enter his cabin with a lot heavy heart only to feel some mass with silky hair engulfing him in tight hug to which he reply with even more force

Sanskar whispered: swaraa

Swara didn’t reply, not even a sound even though she wanted to scream but she didn’t, she didn’t want to burden Sanskar even more. After what seem forever Sanskar broke the hug, swara’s eyes didn’t have tears, but were red and puffy, she give him a smile but he knows how much pain behind that smile.

Swara: dinner is ready, come on.

Her voice was whispers, shattered, but Sanskar gave her smile that wept her all pain and moved to table, bare feet. Dinner was silent, nothing to be spoken, after that Sanskar head to office when his phone ring

Sanskar: haan laksh…

Laksh: what the hell Sanskar, I thought you will protect swara, how you let them black her face ahhh??

Sanskar was shocked: how you knew??

Laksh: what do mean? Its on youtube and news channels, your b*t*h bhabhi spread video all over…

Sanskar cursed: that whore….

Laksh begging: protect swara, please Sanskar. She don’t let us near her, so please…

Sanskar: I will laksh, I will.

Sanskar hanged the phone and watch socials and channels, he can’t let swara watch this. He moved to the room where swara wanted to turn tv on but he stopped her, she looked confused but when he genteelly print kiss on her forehead so she let it go.

Swara: we need to talk.

Sanskar body stiffens: about?

Swara make Sanskar sit on couch then sit in his lap

Swara: about work… I saw the economic news, you are facing shares losses cause of….

Sanskar interrupt her: shshsh its ok, it will pass…

Swara: nahi Sanskar, me and you know well it won’t, also I know that restaurants not working as before. So…

Sanskar: so??!

Swara: I made a plan, and I want to discuss with you and your PA and hm….

Sanskar sealed her in slow pick on her lips, just slow sucking to her both lips shocking her and stop her talking trail.

Sanskar: I am missing my wife after a long day work, so leave all that a side.

Sanskar start to kiss swara softly on her lips, rubbing her shoulders, his hands reached her hairs soothing it softly feeling it’s silky, swara responded slowly and Sanskar starting to lick her lips asking for entrance but Sanskar couldn’t feel swara responding to him as he used to her, he broke the kiss and gaze her deeply, he understood that swara don’t want it, he saw it deep in her heart.

Swara also looked deep in Sanskar eyes and felt bad for the pain in his eyes, how could she refuse her love, what is his fault? she immediately start kissing Sanskar cheeks softly, then his forehead and went to his lips but Sanskar cupped her face stopping her and hugged her softly.

Sanskar whisper in her ears softly: shsshsh…… i… understand….. shshsshh

Sanskar stand up and carry her to the bed and took her over him to sleep, while he planned how to save his wife from this trauma.

Swara POV

I laid on my sweet heart husband, god in a second has taken everything from me, my past, my identity, my parents, everything but he couldn’t take my husband away, he still with me, he still love me and understand me… I feel bad for rejecting him but my mind isn’t my own now, I just don’t know, I just wish to enter a comma as I am, holding my love into me.

I don’t know when but it was an evening, Sanskar came early today I was confused, he was different, don’t know how but it’s like a great burden on his shoulders. After dinner I went behind him to our room where he sits on bed quietly with stern face.

I asked: what happen Sanskar?

His eyes were emotionless, it’s the first time I am not able to read Sanskar, he barely looked at my eyes then he stands and walks away from me.

Sanskar voice came like cold and solid: My dream is fading.

What he talks about…: what dream baby?? What happened??

Sanskar: my shares are going in lose, restaurants aren’t working as it suppose, and everything is going down.

I stood: nahi Sanskar, don’t say this (I try to back hug him, but he stood away)

Sanskar: don’t touch me swara..

What did he just said? I felt shocked


“I never thought my married life will affect my dream. These restaurants are my dream, the only thing that shapes my life”

I felt moist attack my eyes

“the only thing Sanskar??!”

where am I??…..

“haan swara… I can’t risk my dream”

“yo..You won’t have to… I told you I have a plan and I will sit with you and PA and…”

“we will divorce”

My heart… stopped beating… the air just sucked all around me


“listen this project, this chain… is my life, and due to the recent events I am losing everything!! I can’t swara I can’t… so let’s end this… I ….. I choose my work over…. over you”

I cried, no, please god don’t take the only thing I owned

“Sanskar what are you talking about? You love me right?? You said you won’t leave me”

He still didn’t look at me ” I know but my dream, my business, don’t make this harder ok… I left divorce papers at lawyer’s office sign it soon… leave to your parent’s house… no matter what they still your family”

I didn’t know what to do or say….

“Sanskar what are you speaking, they are not my family, you are… you are my husband… you are the only truth in my life …. you are my remaining family…. The only one left for me. please don’t do that… stay with me please…”

“I already picked your cloth, start packing else things swara”

I numbed at his tune, like he don’t care at all

Swara POV over

Swara was broke and shattered in pieces, like glass sheet fall hard on a floor, the only rock that hold her to the world just let her go, whom else she have??

“Sanskar… ple…” swara winched as she feel pain in her heart..

“swara please understand, my work is my life goal, if this gone I won’t be same” said Sanskar coldly.

No option, no exist, this is her destiny and her life, with lifeless body she started packing.

Swara finished packing her bag and was leaving their room while Sanskar giving her his back… she is moving slowly and crying bitterly.

Swara walking away and twisting her head hoping Sanskar will give her a look, would do something, he is her everything now. Sanskar was feeling her leaving and he remembers their moments, their laughs, their fights, their love making, everything…

Teri Nazron Mein Hai Tere Sapne
There are dreams in Your eyes

Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Naaraazi
There’s dissatisfaction in those dreams

Mujhe Lagta Hai Ke Baatein Dil Ki Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi
I feel that the talks of the heart are all fraudulent

Tum Saath Ho Ya Na Ho Kya Fark Hai
Doesn’t matter if You are with me or not

Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai
Life was painless anyways
Agar Tum Saath Ho
(Even) If You’re with me (or not)

Swara ran to Sanskar hugging his back tightly as her life depend on him only which was true while Sanskar is showing stone heart and face only..

Swara was hugging him and crying bitterly:

I love you Sanskar,ahhh I love uhuuh. Please rook mujhe, mein nahi jaana janti, mujhe nahi jara…. Please Sanskar, mein tumse dor nahi jara janti …. Sanskar rookloooo mujhe,
(shaking him and begging him to stop her, touching his neck and side face attaching her head to his shoulder). Roko lo mujhe please… I need you… please, isa mat karooo…

(I love you Sanskar, I love you. Please stop me, I don’t want to go…. Please Sanskar, I don’t want to be a part from you…. Sanskar please stop me… I need you, please don’t do that)

But no matter she begged, swara was hugging a stone of flesh, and her cries fall to meet deaf ears. Sanskar didn’t even flick his eyes that were filled with moist to hide from swara… swara would leave but her manglasutra hooked in Sanskar shirt, she kept looking so teary to him then say (mere taraf deko bhagi nahi) but he didn’t…. Sanskar didn’t..

He felt her struggling with manglautra, his eyes were falling and breaking, as soon as she finished he dashed outside the room not giving her any looks and locked himself in his study room.

As soon as Sanskar locked the door he shattered to pieces on the floor crying his bleeding heart out, sealing his lips with his palms preventing his sound able cries from passing his voice cords and that’s choked him even more…

Her cries and her begging were killing him but he can’t back off now, this is the only way to save her from his family, to send her away. His family caused her troubles and trauma and they will still do, his darkness hurt her and he can’t allow that anymore, in his POV this is the only way to protect his princess.

Sanskar felt swara behind the door and her broken voice crumb to his ears…

Swara: Sanskar, mein jari hu, hamesha hamesha hu, but I know that I am not going alone… it doesn’t matter how much you say I must go but I know that your heart and your eyes only see swara… just as mine see only Sanskar. Mein jarihu, but mein akele nahi hu… tum mere saath hu Sanskar and you will call me back… but who knows if I’d come back or no.

Sanskar shatter with every word, it stapped him more and more like hell knives… till swara left the whole house and the ringing bells of Sanskar’s mother belly chain fade with her…

Sanskar just laid there didn’t know when sleep took over him but he woke up on a ringing tune of his cell phone

Sanskar: haan laksh

Laksh: good evening Sanskar, how is swara today?

Sanskar heart squeezed at the mention of her name; I sent her to your home. She will be reaching any second.

Laksh: what?? Really… is she finally coming back?

Sanskar: no… i.. i… forced her.. i….

Laksh: forced?? What you mean Sanskar, speak clearly?

Sanskar in one blow: laksh, me and swara are going to divorce, I send her to your masion, everything is over.

Laksh stayed numb for a while: what.. did.. you.. just say?? Div.. divorce?

Sanskar: yes, my family is hurting her, I can’t watch that anymore, so I send her a way, take care of her laksh please.


Sanskar numbed for laksh language and his tune: laksh!! Sure she will, she will reach your door any mint now.


Laksh hanged the phone angry as hell while Sanskar thought about his words and his body went as cold as corpse. Sanskar went to GM but swara wasn’t there neither laksh… he told shekhar and sharmishta about what he did and why, both couldn’t hate him but also couldn’t agree what he did. He went out as laksh looking as mad for swara, he searched all over as possible but found nothing. Ports, stations, caps, trains all nothing. Hospitals, hotels, also nothing. His heart skip beats continuously as he went back to GM empty handed, the moment he stepped in he faced the angry face of laksh giving him a tight punish (you f**king idiot) he drag Sanskar collar and hit him while family shouts him to stop, but he didn’t and Sanskar didn’t protest.

Laksh hitting Sanskar: idiot, f**ker, buster, how dare you let her go? No you didn’t. you pushed her naaaaaa, huh huh,,, a*sh*le… hell you buster.

Finally shekhar separate them, laksh chest was raging with rag while Sanskar laid on the floor with bleeding lips and nose, didn’t even flinch but his eyes didn’t stop crying shome cupped Sanskar face and make him stand taking him to side room. She was treating his injury…

Sanskar cryingly: I am sorry m….. mmmaaa… I …. I didn’t know she will… I thought… she will listen to me, shome ma… I am sorry so sorry

Sanskar hugged shome lap crying bitterly

Shome: shshsh beta, everything will be fine.

They stayed like this for long. Day became two, week became four, time pass like that and swara still missing, sanslak relation was slowly getting better and both do everything to find swara, still nothing at all. Then it came the news of ragini being pregnant and all were happy with it, and family decided the baby to be named swara.

Four years of searching pass in a blink of an eye shekhar and shome almost lost hope. Raglak support Sanskar to find swara all the time. Sanskar put adharsh in jail, but it was too late as asharsh did many bad to durga Prasad that his body couldn’t hold it and he fall paralyzed not even cable of speaking.

Sanskar wanted to be better person for his swara, so he forgave durga Prasad for all his doings, especially when he got paralyzed, Sanskar couldn’t keep his hatred to him anymore. After a passing while Sanskar went to his father, it was the hardest thing he did till that date, his father welcomed him but he never saw his step mother… he met his half brother pratap and step by step their relation got back again on the line.

He did all this all for swara… so that when she come back she will be proud of him.

Flash back over



Thats alll

I ll be very nervious to know your opinion about the chapter….

Precap: Back To The Present

Allah hafiz all

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