Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-9)

Hello all

I see that i worthed your expectations… thanks all for suppprring me….

Lets start… but be a ware… this epi had a hot scene.. read on ur own risk

Perviously: swara accept sanskar challange

Epi. 9: Shattred Heart

Voice: Sanskar baby what I did?

Sanskar look shockly to phone: oh sorry Natasha, I didn’t saw ur number. Hw are you baby?

Natasha: im ok baby, why u were shouting?

Sanskar: never mind it pls.

Natasha: ok….but….. I miss u cuty

Sanskar: me too. Tonight at ur home 10 pm ok

Natasha: I ll b waiting darlingo..

Sanskar put phone and jump again to pool to out his rage from swara ego.

10:30 at Gadodia dinner table (Sharmeshta, Shekhar, laksh, swara):

Swara: dad I have something to say.

Shekhar; bolo shonna

Swara look at laksh like last time she ll have rights to look to him, then back to her dad: well….ah… there is guy….

Shekhar: guy?

Swara: haan, voooo.. I mean…..

Laksh was nervous f she ll tell him about aman

Swara: a guy wanna come with family to propose me

Laksh spoon fill and like he took stap in heart.

Sharmeshta: really beta!!!!

Swara: haan ma!

Shekhar: what is his name?

Swara: Sanskar Maheshwary

Shekhar: Maheshwary!!! As famous company?

Swara: haan papa he is their son.

Sharmeshta look happily to Shekhar: what great news shonna

Swara didn’t dare look to laksh side at all and keep fake smile to her dad

Shekhar: do u love him beta?

Swara: y..yes papa

Laksh got angry and stand up: no swara! U cant do that! U cant marry.

Swara still dnt dare look at him

Shekhar: y beta?

Laksh: just like that papa, she is young she… she didnt finish her study yet… she…  she has no right.

Sharmeshta: but she love him beta, she can marry and study same time, or at least engagment. Y u like that??, its swara right

Laksh in pain voice: do u love him swara?

Swara look at him fighting tears in her eyes and wanted to shout a big NO but she managed to face him, the first eye contact.

She think he is only concerned about her, tats y so much pain his eye, and laksh thinks her tears due to not beliving his harsh reaction as a brother

Swara: dnt worry laksh….  he is good …. he love me two years back and…..

Laksh: that’s not my question swara…. answer me

Swara acted very well: yes I love him a lot

It was very good act that laksh belived it and left angrily,

Shekhar: dnt b sad shonna, he care a lot for his sis naa, thats y. And if u both in love beta then I agree, set date with them to come

Swara: tomorrow evening?!

Sharmeshta: that soon?, we may not have time shonna for house prepare

Swara: he is in a hurry. Toh…

Shekhar: its ok mishti… we ll find time, teek hai beta, tommorow 5 pm ok
Swara: ji papa…. ahh…Excuse me.

She gone to her room and make call…

In same time Sanskar knock a door at 10:30, woman open door wearing s*xy red dress

Sanskar: oh Natasha, what a hot you are.

Natasha: as always honey, come in

Sanskar enter Natasha cottage and it was In a romantic mode, they dinned and drink wine, glass after another till they are dizzy, Natasha played romantic song drag Sanskar to her and cuddle together while dancing, he hugged her waist and both wine was playing their mind and desires… he carresed her ba lck sensually and started buting over her neck…. while natasha moan in pleasure.

Soon sanskar was kissing and nippling all her exposed skin… filling his lust desire just like her, he hold her palm and twist her around.

Sanskar then drop her on coach and lay on to smell her when his phone rang, he just answer,

Sanskar: who is it?

Swara: tomorrow evening .

Sanskar: What? why? Whr?

Swara look to phone: are u drunk?

Natasha: close it baby and come … don’t waste the moment

Sanskar: who is that?

Swara; what a loser ( she hange phone and left him sms with date.. dress)

Sanskar: she closed!!!!!! Whoever she is I ll…. (Natasha drag him and kiss his lips and locked him in her arms then spent night together

Next morning

Sanskar felt dizzy opening his eyes slowly, he didn’t know whr he was for seconds, then flash of yesterday come to him, he look to his side and found Natasha. He got up to shower and freshen, back to room bare chest and towel around waist…..

Natasha give a whisle

Sanskar: come on Natasha…. its not ur first time see me that way

Natasha seducly: but ur stunning in each time. Come here hotty

Sanskar: nahi Natasha! I’m n hurry.

Natasha; what crule, will u come tonight also??.

Sanskar: I dnt know that also

Natasha: who is that girl called u yesterday???

Sanskar: girl? When?

Natasha: just when we got dizzy on couch u got a call, I heard girl’s voice. Who is she???

Sanskar remembered that swara was gonna tell him about propose date. He curse himself for doing that. He catch phone immediately and found sms of “tomorrow (which mean today) at 5 pm” and it was about 11 am now and many things to do. He was so angry but a shame from himself that sms ended with “u loser cheater”. Does whay he did consider as cheating????? He called her back more and more, but her phone was closed.

Natasha: who she is Sanskar?

Sanskar: Natasha…. this is last time we do that, from day on I’m taken

Natasha: what???

Sanskar: that girl! My family ll propose her today.. i.e will be my wife. And u know Nat (sanskar call her tat name sometimes) I hate cheating, so… no more these

Natasha unbeliving voice: r u kidding me sanskar? What the hell u say? If tat joke knock it off coz its not funny.

Sanskar give her smug face: i in no mode for kidding Nat…. i am getting marry.

Natasha: r u serious Sanskar? Hw can u forget me that easily? What about what we have ah….. hw … hw….

Soooo how was that….

You all expect kavita na… but yaar im tired of kavita being in swasan life so i put new one…

Enjoy… till then allah hafiz

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  1. Kakali

    Nice episode Nour, but m lil confuse about Swara & Laksh relation.! Is he Swara’s bro or what? I mean is there anything more than that? Do clear my doubts out.! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Rajkumari

      Every one have same confuse in this story… here swalak were raised together… laksh is a far relative who was raised in same house with swara… shekhar and some always think them as bro and sis.. but neither swalak thiught that or even tie rakhi to laksh…. so lalsh love swara romanticly…… and swara also love laksh… i hope i cleared all ur doubts

      1. Mica

        Nour,, don’t give her any explanation naa… let her to be confused,, muahahaha *devil laugh

  2. Superb ?? hate sanskar he cn be evil but sleeping with girl???

  3. Mica

    hot romantic but uughhhh.. it for other couple… you killed me Nourrrr!!!! you killed meee!!! 😀 😀

    1. Rajkumari

      Hahahahhahahahah aaari yaaar sorry… maf na… or they ll areest me for killing u hahahah

  4. Nice part but sanky is romancing with other girl ????. Feeling to cry for swalak ?? they get separated . Yes bored with Kavita’s name.
    Nour is ur Nickname
    …. Allah Hafiz….

  5. Nice….

  6. Seebu_s

    this is in wattpad right..?if yes then congrats for 93k+ views in watty…

    1. Rajkumari

      Yes it is.. and i assure you i am same writer.. and thank you so much for congradulating me.. ur the first to do☺☺☺ thankx a lot

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