Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-8)

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Epi. 8: Titains round 2

Previously: swara goes to meet sanskar


Swara entered sanskar’s office and like canon

Swara: u r a low life, cheep creature MR. Maheshwary.

Sanskar shouts: SWAAARAAA

Swara shouts: don’t shout to me!
Hw dare u hurt my dad that way? (Said venomly)

Sanskar: I couldn’t waste more time

They look to each other in hate eye contact, swara sit

Swara: y marry and why me?

Sanskar smile at her sudden calm: why marry coz I cant get u in other way, ur that type of girls, u dnt confess with gf-bf stuff. Why u that is another story!

Swara: ready to hear

Sanskar rest his back to his chair: I have two reasons to marry u, second reason u ll know with days. But first reason is ur sweet ego.

Swara: not ego. Its faith and confident

Sanskar: silly names of great power of ego. I ll give u that swara, ur ego matches mine, stubborn and strong. A repeal ego, no other girl had much ego, girls either throw on me or I break their ego so they fall. U can say I’m serial killer.

Swara: I can see not say

Sanskar: not by death, but by breaking ego, girls who refuse me like u, I break them, and get pleasure by doing that, they thought by following refusing plan I ll fall for them, so I turn their plan on them . but not u, ur not planning, u really hate me, ur ego as mine, a real challenge and I wanna play.

Swara kept listening in silent and thinking (he is sick indeed)

Sanskar: don’t say tat

Swara shocked: did I speak load?

Sanskar; u did

Swara smile: never mind

Sanskar get up so swara do and stand against each other: I call u to this play swara, u can refuse but I ll suffer each of ur family, yesterday phone was just warming up, as soon we marry rumors ll disappear, but if u not, I ll do rumors beyond ur imagine. I give two days to think swara and then I ll come with my family to propose u.

Swara: one day! I ll give my reply in one day. (the air is so electric between them, u can hear voices of iron magnet hitting between these two)

Sanskar smile: it ll be so much fun breaking u swara gadodia

Swara got more closer to him that he can smell her scent: the more fun Mr. Maheshwary is watching u trying and fail.

Sanskar: call me Sanskar only.

Swara smile increase: never (Sanskar got confused), u hate it right, ur surname, I notice that u never use it to call urself, u hate who call u with it, I gather formations and it say all ur projects u made by ur own, without ur family. So I’m calling u that way only Mr. Maheshwary, and this …. is my warm up. (then she took her bag and left, leaving Sanskar grinning and gazing in her walk and thinking hw on earth did she know that)

Swara head back home and saw her mom in kitchine

Swara: ma

mishti: haan shonna!

Swara: where is papa?

Mishit sigh: he go to market.

Swara widen eye:what? But ma…..

Mishit: I know… I try stop him but he didn’t listen.

Swara: aur laksh?

Mishit: Gone with him, in case he needed him

swara: Kyaaaa? Laksh gone to work?

Mishit: Swara, bas ur plys.

Swara: Ok ok I ll, just prepare good dinner, I have seeeerious topic to talk about.

Mishit: Wht topic?

Swara: If I say now it wont b serious mom. I ll b n room waiting for ragini

Mishit: Ok

Swara headed to her room, sent sms to ragini to meet her at home for important then sit waiting and thinking. She ll agree for sure, that evil he have, he will do anything, he is monster. She look at her mirror reflection, one day she asked, not to think, but to set lies about both of them for each question her family ll ask.

Swara, who hates lies the most, ll lie, and to whom? Her family!, hell seem like trip to goa now, living with Sanskar ll b worst than hell, and much worse is her feeling for laksh, the love she didn’t have the time to show, the love she ll kill before it start. It was dream anyway since laksh never saw her that way. Ragini arrives,,,,,

Swara: hw much u trust me ragini?

Ragini: to death swara, ur my sis not my friend!

Swara: Then promise me u ll do whatever I tell u, with no question

Ragini: Swara what is it?

Swara: Promise me now ragini…pls

Ragini: Ok! I promise

Swara: I’m marrying Sanskar Maheshwary

Ragini took seconds to evaluate swara condition thn shouted: r u joking swara?

Swara put her hand on ragini mouth” shshs, ragini u promise me

Ragini: But swara…. Sanskar, after….

Swara: I know all u wanna say, but trust me I do for a reason

Ragini: What reason make u marry such an a*sh*le????

Swara: Ragini u promise

Ragini sight: ok now what??

Swara: First take this paper

Ragini: What is it?

Swara: Lies about me and Sanskar romantic life, memorize it ragini, I’m sure my family ll ask u about and I need our talk to b same.

Ragini: But….. huh ok else

Swara: Avy and somy tell them not say anything about Sanskar, convince them, they ll listen to u

Ragini: Else?

Swara looked at ragini with broken eyes and cries: b with me pls, I can’t b so lonely, pls

Ragini got understand that Sanskar used blackmailing, but she indeed trust swara and she know she ll handle it.

Ragini: Shshshsh swara I’m with u and I’m ur support no matter what

Swara look to her with teary eyes: pakka!!!

Ragini: pakka (then ragini left)

Swara decided to take the lead, send that lie list to Sanskar with sms (I agree. these r lies about our romantic life, memorize it and commit to it, my family ll squeeze questions from u and our lies must b same, I ll call u at 11 pm to tell u exact date)

At Sanskar cabin , he was swimming in his pool when he heard is phone sms tone, he out from pool, got dry and saw the sms, he almost broke phone but instead he broke a vase

Sanskar: that little blo*dy swara! Hw dare she speak tat way….that……….. I ll kill her I swear I ll, I ll (his phone rang) he reply without watching

Sanskar: u little brat, hw dare send me that, hw………..

Voice: Sanskar baby what I did?



What u thinknof sanskarrrr

Who replay on phone???

Keep guessing

till then allah hafiz dosto

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