Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-12)

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Previously: laksh confess love to swara


Laksh look at her and see her as bride: dnt go to him swara. U…u r mine only swara………. I love u my swara. Pls pls swara…. Im… im sorry for all our fights swara please dnt go

Swara was shocked by his words: la….laksh what u say?

Laksh: I am sooooorry swara, I fight with u…. coz I cant say ………I love u, I dnt know y, call me fool or anything. please swara. I love u more and I ll make u happy. Pleaaseeee dnt marry him…. pls.

Swara only cries, all her life she waited for this moment with laksh. For god sake mints ago she was dreaming him… But now too late, its about her family bride and safty.

She managed to carry laksh to bed and throw him and ran immediately to room. She cried so many, she pray to god;

Swara: y today? All this time it was hidden! Then y show me today? Why u made him tell me. Y make my life harder? Y?????

And she kept cry till she fall sleep and sun came with swara wedding day.

Swara woke up, got shower immediately then came out and look at mirror: nothing happened, I am marrying Sanskar, end of story. My decision my responsibility.

She get down staries to see her family but meet laksh on way, she got tension

Laksh: morning swara today ur big day.

Swara looked confused to him

Laksh: r u ok swara?

Swara: laksh last night …. U ….. what u remember?

Laksh: Yea who brought me here I was at …. Friend place.

Swara: lair. U came drunk and coz noise

Laksh got pale: did I do any bad???

Swara knew by now that he remember nothing: no u was hitting ur hit bag and I helped u sleep only

Laksh breath with relief; thank god. Thanks swara.

Swara smile and continuo her way controlling her emotions.

The wedding ll be made in great hotel hall and covered by media, swara and her family reached early and gone to their booked room. They found team of stylists and makeup waiting for them sent by Sanskar, and preparation started.

Rituals started, Sanskar wore golden sherwani, and looked like prince of old times. He was greeting the audience, laksh also was there in blue stunning sherwani. All was set. Swara came in her wedding outfit with her mom and ragini. Sanskar was at Mandeep standing and gone breathless,

Sanskar thinking; why the hell does my heart beat like that now? She is just normal girl!!! Stunning beautiful girl!! Hell she is not beautiful, Natasha is better. What did I just say? Did I just compare this innocent to Natasha? Hell me.

On the other hand laksh had teary eyes and though: bye swara. Last time u ll b my shonna, my swara, u ll belong to another man, and as long as u happy I don’t mind. I ll burn myself for u swara. I ll b ur brother, ur protector, ur guard, this is my love to u swara, I ll keep smile on ur face and support u no matter. It doesn’t matter what I’m in ur life or what u r in my life, all what matter that I ll support u all the time.

Laksh felt hand press his palm, he looked, it was ragini, she looked him and give him silent support. He looked at her and smile hardly and press her palm. The marry ritual started and swara all time look to laksh and remember his words, then look to Sanskar and regret the day she meet him. One tear fall while he put sendoor on her head, and all think its cries of happy. They stand and took bless from from elders, swara reached ragini and hugged her tight and whisper

Ragini: r u ok?

Swara: I try. Wish me luck.

Then broke the hug and look at each other, then swara moved to laksh, hw much eyes spoke with many words, laksh hugged her and she let tears flow he whisper two words. ( be happy)

Swara tears fall burning her cheeks after laksh breif words….. she looked him with regret eyes but give weak smile as same as he did.

Swasan were about to leave but ragini stop Sanskar

Ragini: not yet Sanskar.

Sanskar and swara looked confused, laksh took Sanskar from his shoulder…. and swara with ragini and gone inside hotel other hall where all swara clg friends gather to party her wedding. They sat them in special chairs with background designed as sweet SS, music plays, boys and girls danced for their lovely swara.

Avy and somy came with their song (desi girl), swara laugh a lot for that while her heart bleed. Music was her healing medicine, she forget all and enjoy this moment only.

Sanskar got angry when they pull her at end part of song but it was all fun to swara.

( swara was walking and avy and somy following her feet steps)

Jahan jahan bhi jau main
Saari nazrein toh peche peche aaye
Ruku zara mein jo yahan
Thandi thandi saari saanse tham jaye
Sabki nigahon ne hai kaha
Ke khwaabon mein hai dekhi meri jaisi girl
Meri jaisi girl

Dekhi lakh lakh pardesi girl
Ain’t nobody like my desi girl
Dekhi lakh lakh pardesi girl
Sab ko soni lagthi desi girl

Who’s the hottest girl in the world?
My desi girl
My desi girl
Thumka lagaike ‘ll rock your world
My desi girl
My desi girl

Swara smile lighten her face and Then she sit again next to sanskar again.

Laksh planned to goodbye swara by his own way. He walked to DJ and hand man a CD with money so he dont stop that music. First part was from song aaya tere dar per deewana song, directly swara’s eye searched laksh but didn’t find him, she knew its laksh… who would know her fav songs better than him.

The song played and moved swara a lot and one tear skip her eye, laksh thought she was moved coz its one of her fav songs, he thought that its all normal to her, but she knew everything. Some got irrated by the song since its sady one but dj didn’t stop… new fav song start start and laksh got seen by swara this time, (mula mera song, pls hear it)

Then he came out and gone to her,

Laksh: u wont mind dance with my sis na Sanskar?

Sanskar was normal with that so he node no

Laksh took swara hands softly and dance briefly on song last part, swara tears never stop once from crying … whn song over he weep her tears coz he hated her tears alot…. so he took away the pain with
(nagada nagada song)

The beat make her dance and smile wild but words still stap her. when all over he give her forehead kiss and lead her to Sanskar who was standing by now then laksh stand by ragini.

Swasan moved out and everyone follow them ….. Sanskar put his bride in the car and drive home followed by his family.

They reached Maheshwary mansion at 8 pm, stand at main house gate, swara looked shy all time till Anborna spoke

Parinita go prepare reception rituals bête

Parinita smiled evilly: y badi ma isn’t suppose to b in Sanskar cabin?

Sanskar look angry to her and swara looked confused

Anborna: it ll b n both places Parinita, now go (Parinita walked away with victorious smile. Swara knew since Sanskar hate his surename then perhaps he has issues with them. But from what she just heard that mean he live alone? Y ?when and how? Her mind didnt get answers of these yet)

Ritual started then swara came inside house took bless of elders, and watched house with amazed eyes. It was wide and ancient but high classed, she loved it.

Sanskar; we should go to cabin.

Uttra: aari bhai, so hurry to b alone naaa (she shoulder hit Sanskar who smile to her childish, and swara thought, vaaah he knows hw to smile)

Durga: Uttraaaa.

Uttra moved to swara: u ll b happy bhabi, I’m sure. And hugged her

Swara hug her back: thanks uttra.

Anborna and uttra gone with Sanskar and swara to cabin and made rituals again. Then leave them alone. Cabin was mostly spacious but luxurious in every piece.

Sanskar: I don’t like crowd stuff, I prefer wide space, get used to it.

Swara removed her shoes

Sanskar: what u doing?

Swara: I hate carpets. I like the feel of marble on my bare feet. Best feel ever. Likely ur cabin don’t have it and the marble calls me to touch it.

Sanskar stood unbelievingly, he love that also, every word she said.

Swara: kya hwa??? Y u look tat way?

Sanskar: its just same as me, I, I like marble floor.

Swara kept quite then say: so will u show me place or I should discover alone?

Swara words of challenge brough him to his plan

Sanskar: room is upstairs u go I ll follow u n mints.

Swara: fine. (she gone upstairs while Sanskar smiled evilly, he out of cabin and took his car and leave. Swara watched him from upstairs window and tears flow from her eyes).


Sooo wedding is over…. what u think will happen now….

As for me i say… (let the wedding game begin)

From now on…. i say to stay highly tune and dollow each step…..

Precap: wedding night…

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