Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-11)


Here we goooooooo

Previously: maheshwary went to GM



Shekhar; beta where r ur parents?

Sanskar eyes go wide and heavy silent full on Maheshwary family: uncle actually, vo..,…

Swara saw sorrow and sad in Sanskar eyes and thought( maybe he is human after all): they passed away papa

Sanskar look her with wide eye as everyone

Swara: actually Sanskar dad died due to accident when he was 3, then his mom…….

Shekhar; I’m sorry beta

Sanskar just node and felt so angry. Parinita looked to Adharsh smiling evilly. The ritual started and both family exchanged gifts, and engament was settle after 2 days. When Sanskar family were ready to go Sanskar asked shekhar to talk to swara alone for 2 mints only. Swara wondered y he do that but who give the heck. They entered office room. Sanskar hold swara arms tightly

Sanskar: y don’t u pick my calls, whr is ur damn phone?

Swara tells angrily and venomly: Mr. Maheshwary get ur hands of me now……

Sanskar: No, answer me

Swara: Coz I knew u may call back mr. drunk cheater

Sanskar: I’m not cheater

Swara: Really, then what u call being with another woman yesterday?

Sanskar: Voo, vooo…….

Swara: I dnt care. U know y? coz u still not even my fiancé Mr. Maheshwary. but I warn u now I may accept anything but cheating or hurting my dignity, try do that one more time and I ll burn u alife. Now for last time let my arm go

Sanskar got taken by her action hw can she b so angry and calm about tat topic…. but in the end she is the girl who match his ego…sooo… next thing he felt is a hard kick on his leg…

Sanskar: aaaaawwww what the….

Swara: i warned u

Swara passed him to leave… but stoped by his voice

Sanskar: How u knew about my parents?

Swara: Network!!!! It ll b awkward f my dad asked me about ur parebts and I didnt reply. Now lets go out.

They stepped out and swara smiled taking elders bless. Sanskar reached his home but Anborna told him she want him, he follow her to her room

Sanskar: haan badi ma!

Anborna: Sanskar life that is build on jord Is jord

Sanskar: What u mean padi ma???

Anborna: I mean swara reply today. U should have told her the truth beta

Sanskar: Pls ma dnt open this subject

Anborna: But peta….

Sanskar: Please (look at her bleeding) so she wave him to go and Parinita hear all what happen. Sanskar left for his cabin, (first dad died in car accident) that keep echoing in his mind only.

Days pass and rituals where going on (Sorry guys i dnt know alot about hindi ritules so i skipped it).

every time Sanskar see swara she gets more beautifull and stunning leaving him breathless. First engagement, then haldi, to mehndi, she is stunning in every time.

Those days where the worst on laksh, he was there in every ritual then at night go and get knocked by drunk and stay in a friend house for the night. And every time ragini stood by him, stop him drinking so much and drive him to his friend place, laksh told her everything about his love to swara and she was happy that he finally start to take her in as real friend.

Till the night before wedding day, swara was in her room, she was sleeping in her sweety dreams……..

Swara POV

Such nice night place… beautiful night sky….. stars play soft lights rolls like diamond jewlary…. full moon cast its silver light in tat unknown place….

What make me the most happiest person is being n laksh arms, laying my head to his shoulder and slowly moving n a dance ryhim. He face me and cupped my face…. i slip away but he tighen his grip around me….

he stretch her then roll her to hug him again…..

I wake up breathing heavily at this part…. i was smiling fooly, i hugged my kness….. laksh…. y u come to my dreams, god give me strength please.

I got up removing my bed certians… its 3 am…. ufffff long night…

I walk to mirrior, what type of life awaits me, hw my life ll b, my mind is broke of thoughts.

What is this??? Whr this noise come from???

Swara POV over

Swara got some noise from laksh room, she head there immediately. (Laksh said he ll b his friend these this days then who is there???!!!)

Swara opened laksh room door slowly… but laksh was there indeed trying to hit the hitting bag, but obviously he is so drunk, bubbling some words, and making noise

Swara: laaaksh!!! What u doing???


Swara ran to him and hold him: what u doing laksh? Bas. What noncess?

Laksh: aari swara. U here. U not go to that buster house naa

Swara was so disgusted about his smell but try make him stand: aari laksh what happen to u? uffff!! Com to bed come on

Laksh: nahi nahi!!! I ll go to hell nooo

Swara: bas com on.

Laksh stop and hold swara: nahi swara. Pls… swara wait… pls pls wait (he shade teares)

Swara: what happen laksh? Y u like this??

Laksh look at her and see her as bride: dnt go to him swara. Pls dnt go to him…. U…u … u r mine swara………. Swara…. I … i love u my swara.


So sizzling i hope

Laksh reveled his feelings

What ll swara dooooooooo now

Precap: be happy

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