Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-10)

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Precap: swara tell her family about sanskar proposal and sanskar spend night with natasha

Epi. 10: Step One To Hell

Natasha: r u serious Sanskar? Hw can u forget me that easily? Hw can u throw we share that way? Hw dare u sanskar?

Sanskar: wo…. wo… wo…. Natasha!!!!! B easy ok!!! Don’t take it hard. I promise u nothing remmber.
Remember what we are ah!! Basically we are work partners and u suggested to be sleep partners just to empty our desires and flames better than roaming around haa, but nothing more ok. And now I’m getting marry, and u know better than anyone hw much i hate cheating, so i ll be loyal to my wife, so keep it on work darling.

Natasha couldn’t belive that: really Sanskar? Does all what we have was desire only? Was it only pure body s*x??

Sanskar: I hate to say it Nat, but lets face it, in way or another yes it is. Not only physically but mentally also what we have is need not love, u stood by me and i preciate tat.
But also its not like u love me Natasha, u love urself even more, and ur not ready to b commited in a relationship, on other hand u know how I’m and that is something u won’t hold it.

Natasha: I hold u in ur f**king worst times and this hw u pay me sanskar????? by marrying another girl???

Sanskar: fine Nat, would u marry me then?? Now, at this moment?.

Natasha shouted: hell no.

Sanskar smirked: see. I know u very well, and u know me and how possissve i am and u r not ready to give up ur life to b with me,
So pls Nat lets end this in good way, in the sake for the memories we have, also for our work not to b spoiled .

Natasha: And who is miss little new b*t*h?

Sanskar shout: NATASHAAAAAA!!!
(lowerd his voice and spoke venomly) Ur speaking about my going to be wife, speak with respect please, for ur sake. (Sanskar picked his stuff leaving her blanking and head to his house)

As soon as he enter maheshwary mansion, he head to badi ma, they were setting all

Sanskar: badi ma!

Anborna: Sanskar beta! Kya hwa?

Sanskar: actully im sorry, I had meeting yesterday night and my phone was corrupt, I’m sorry, but today we ll propose swara, please get all ready fast.

Durga stood up: what do think of that ah? A joke? Just in mints we …….

Sanskar: Durga ji pls I’m no mode for any of ur lectures. Actually no time at all, I ll pick u at 4:30 so start ur preparation and all. (then he didnt wait any replays head to his room directly and start prepare himself)


House was simply decorated but yet dashing both Sharmeshta and Shekhar were happy with tat day, its the day they have always waited for their shonna, but not swara, ragini or laksh.

Laksh didn’t dare to face swara yesterday after her new, he was fighting his crazy thoughts to ruin everything, and do anything to ruin this engagment. All day keep thinking (look wht u did u fool? What u gain frim ur fights with her ah ah? Now u lost her forever!!! U fool. But she still didnt answer me, if she love that Sanskar y she out with Aman?)

Swara wasn’t never happy, she was marrying mr. hell Sanskar, god must have hated her so much to marry her to that man (that’s what she thinks). But if there is something she hates more than sankar that ll be watching her family suffer coz of her.

Swara POV

After i close phone with hell sanakar, i was worry of laksh, whats with him? He really care for his sweet sis na?

Yesterday when he back home later, i could feel him, he is not good at all. Do he really care tat much for me.

I head to his room after he came


Swara: laksh…. what happen? Y u leave tat way???
Laksh: nothing swara it was just little shocky for me….
Swara: i know u worry about me laksh… dnt …. as i said we already and…
Laksh angry abit: r u swara??? Then y u never speak of him ah??? Why?

Swara: well we gone out couple of times 2 years ago, we liked each other, but im bengalin and he is marthin, his family would object me, so we let go. ( ufffffff i cant belive i said all tat n one go, thank god i had already prepared the lies list)

Laksh broken: then y again?? Y now?

Swara: he saw me with aman, and he couldnt hold it, and i agree him that love didnt fade in 2 years and decided to face all and marry.

Laksh kept seilent looking at me like im an alien
Swara: laaaksh …. dnt b tat way… hahaha dnt worry i ll still have fights with u??

Laksh: if u really loved him y u agree to go out with aman? Thats not an act of swara!!!!

(damn it … sure who ll know me better than laksh) i run from his gaze and didnt utter a word

Laksh turn his back to me: swara please im tired and wish to b alone

Swara: but…..

Laksh: please swara

Swara with sight: good night

Flash back over

Swara POV over

Ragini was between happy and sad. Happy because the way to laksh heart is easier now, she has been trying to get his attention from long time, but all vain boz he see only swara as love, other girls are waste, and she was his besti. But swara ll marry to Sanskar, she is like her sister and she knows that this marriage is force. What a dilemma she is in.

Sanskar family arrived, both families introduce each other, then Sanskar enter the house in light blue jacket, white shirt and blue jeans, he greated swara family and took their bless

Sanskar: hello ragini (with yellow smile)

Ragini reply in sane attitude: hello Sanskar, how r u?

Sanskar: I’m fine.

Laksh managed his anger and give shake hand to Sanskar: welcome.
Laksh was exmining sanskar like doctor and find only defaults in him ( lim body … cuty face… soft skin…. in general what a girly boy)

After while Sharmeshta and ragini brought swara wearing red kurti and stunning light makeup and the vail cover her lose hair in perfect way. Sanskar jaw drooped, he never imagined she can be that innocent beautiful, his eyes where just glued on her, he start to wonder if what he is doing is right??!.

Laksh look her sadly, it was also his first time see her in such outfit and beauty, his heart numb for her, and his eyes almost shade tears.

Swara didn’t look at any, expertly put her fake smile , when finally reach Sanskar family she up her face to see them, she knew their pics from network, she took durga bless and he say no word, Anborna give her warm hug, Parinita smiled as evil woman to her and Adharsh grated her with playful smile in his eyes, then she look to Sanskar, he was still stunned by her attire.

Swara sit on coach bordered by her mother and ragini and laksh took position to keep look at her. Durga and Shekhar where talking about the details, and Shekhar asked Sanskar

Shekhar; beta where r ur parents?


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Precap: swasan wedding

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