Swasan – Hatred Love (58)

Hatred love: Epi. 58: kiddnap

Swara left hospital angrily, leaving broken sanskar…. she reached home and looked herself in room mirrior crying her brother’s state… Sanskar also walked to his cabin and stayed there most of time, all waiting laksh to b better…

Swara gone to laksh daily and her papa.. laksh was improving slowly… but her papa condition was really slow… Sanskar show up some times try to ask her sorry.. but usually end with her slap… week pass like that… swara was going back from hospital when she got a call

Swara: swara Gadodia speaking

Robotic voice: aaare aren’t u swara Maheshwary hahahah

Swara: Its u…. u son of bi…

RV: Watch ur language swaraaaaa, unless u wanna lay in the next room to ur bro, or perhaps I ll make ragini lay there

Swara: Dare not lay an eye on her u bustered… just if I see u once I ll smash u pieces…

RV: R u sure about tat sweet b*t*h

Swara: b*t*h is ur mother… just come to me and u ll see..

RV; 30 mints be in central mall, we ll meet there… but dare not tell anyone about this or else swara….

Swara immediately start to move there, she ride an auto and head there… she reached mall and were roaming around didn’t know hw she ll meet tat bustred.. she got an sms.. go to third floor saree shop”

Swara did as said and there a woman came and stand next to her checking saress then out small spray and apply close to swara… swara felt dizzy and fall only to be handled by the woman ” help me, my sister, swara open ur eyes” everyone gather and supported two girls to leave the place…

Woman was none other than Natasha but undercover and she throw all swara belongs in trash before putting swara in a van and take off

Sanskar was in cabin when he got phone call from fetal

Sanskar: haan fetal…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What u mean by that? I ll kill u??? follow the phone gps… we cant lose her u get it….

Sanskar throw his phone: no no, it mustn’t b like this… this should be our game, not his…

Flash back

When swara first searched Sanskar, she found him in his sherwani and full of blood

Swara: Sanskar…

Sanskar left his head and his cheeks had small tear trace, swara went there and about to hug him

Sanskar: no swara, u ll get dirty…

Swara give him look then pull him to hug her: pls shut up… even if ur drown in shit I ll still hug u…

Sanskar couldn’t stop his smile: shonny…. (then smile turned into sopping) I’m sorry shonny, I’m sorry, coz of me … laksh… I should have protected him…I’m I’m..

Swara: shshshs it has nothing to deal with u… shshshs… its no time to b weak

Sanskar: forgive me pls.. don’t know hw much long I ll say it.. I’m just…

Swara; Sanskar there is nothing to forgive u for ok… so shut up and come with me…

Sanskar: where????!

Swara: we have some buster to haunt down… he called me… he touch my family and now we ll make him pay…

Both after changi the cloth

Swara: Sanskar??

Sanskar: hmm

“Did that buster made anything to find him out”

“Here is Sherlock Holmes ki bête…”

Swara shouted: Sansksaaaaar

Sanskar: All right… yes he did… the canaries he sent… its very special and sale only by order.. I hire a good detective and soon we ll know him

Swara: Not soon Sanskar, I want that today… I wont spare what he did to my family…

Sanskar; Ok

Swara: Sanskar that buster want both of us and we must hold something against him.

Sanskar: then what to do?

Swara: We separate

Sanskar: What? Swara what u say?

Swara: Haan we ll fight and I ll insult u, and live a part

Sanskar: He ll think I gave up ur protection and let his guard down.

Swara: He ll come after me, and when he do we catch him in public then force him to speak…

Sanskar: What if he didn’t show to public??

Swara: im sure he ll do anything to contact me, I ll trun gps on phone all time and u can follow me whenever happen…

Sanskar: Too much risk swara, I cant risk u…

Swara: sanskar… u have faith n me na… Dnt worry, I ll b ok…

Sanskar: but swara…

Swara: shshshs all ll b just fine…

Swasan hugged tight and walk outside hospital showing their irate and angry soon, to start fight


Sanskar: they throw her phone, hw I ll get her now…. Where r u swara… were r u??

In far place swara was tied to a chair with very hurting tight ropes… she began to gain conscious finding harsh ropes around her writs that hurts her a lot, same with her feet… she played to b still knocked out but bowl of cold water was thrown on her

…….: dnt play those with us swara

Swara: Natasha……

Natasha: bingo…

Swara: ur such cheap… (taaaaaaaak)

Natasha: dnt u dare b*t*h….

…: no no nat baby, u shouldn’t hurt such pretty face…

Swara saw a masked man come and stand near to her… then swara start release her place… big spacious place like some storage fully dark, one dim light or two there.. goons in place, perhaps 10

Swara: u dnt know who am i?

Man: sure I do my liitle girl..

Swara: if my husband know this, he ll skin u both alife..

Man: and how he ll know … if u think of ur phone gps, then think again..

Natasha: exactly honey, ur husband asked for trusted bodyguards, but sanskar is also too smart… i know him better…. even when we finally separate u… his bodyguards still there… and if we took u then for sure he ll use ir gps… soooo we throw it… and  like this we ll have time to make u cry blood swara b*t*h… and from here on the game ll b ruled by us

Natasha started to give swara slaps again and again, till swara gasp in pain and her cheeks was so red and start to bleed from her mouth corners. Natasha was slaping and cursing swara till the man stopped her…

Man: we need her nat, enough…

Natasha: no I ll show that whore her place .. let me go…

Man stopped natasha: nat I say bas…

All while swara head was bowed and don’t know what to do, she depended on her phone, now hw Sanskar ll find her,,, but no, she have faith in Sanskar, she know he is smart he ll find her.. way or another…..


Precap: revenge

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  1. Awesome..tc..

  2. Mica

    my Swasan :'( :'( love it nour!!!

  3. Awesome

  4. Independent

    Awesome but plz don’t seperate from for long

  5. the update was really cool!!!
    “”Sanskar: no swara, u ll get dirty…
    Swara give him look then pull him to hug her: pls shut up… even if ur drown in shit I ll still hug u…”” –> this is my favorite scene today.. its really heart touching.. loved it!

    now, give few hints about that man, i mean is he a completely new character whose entry still didnt occur in ur ff or did we come across this character anywhere, his men must be close enough to swasan to know their every action right, dp, i just gave a thought but somewhere i knew it might not be him..
    Sanskar is smart enough to find swara but not much than you 😉 coz its you who writes the plot.. well, here might be some of the most craziest ideas by which he can find out swara..

    1) canary birds.. using his power, he might find out who odered it but i guess there might be a check there as natasha is also too smart enough for sanskar
    2)Natasha..when we rewind our thoughts to previous epis.. we get to know that there is someone along with natasha who is trapping swasan (san-nat video), so for sure nat is involved, he might try to locate nat as she for sure is at a place of swara’s captive..
    3) cctv.. for sure there might be cctvs near the malls, they might know the van no and try to locate it..

    i know you are much more cleverer, so you dont use these crazy ideas on sanskar.. I’ll be happy to know if any of my guesses are true, but i’ll be much more happier to get to know that i can think beyond it.. i guess i might get something new to read in your next update..

    good day to you.. keep smiling 🙂 and please update soon..

    1. i dont know what got into me, i was just re -reading the previous episodes of this ff.. it always amazes me that how splendidly the story moves on.. hatred- tashan- care- friendship- love its awesome.. and the reply to this part-58, oho.. i think its too long, sorry for the boring comment if it has bored you, but couldnt stop telling you what i felt..
      i’ll recheck my comment before posting so that its not too long which by which usually anyone gets bored.. please do tell what kind of comments do you like.. i mean, its too long right, you’ll be forced to reply even if you dont wish.. else, i’ll put it short..
      here, i went on blabbering, oops.. sorry..

      1. Rajkumari

        Just waaaaaaaa2 I’m n so in love with ur comments… Please keep them long I don’t mind it OK… I love every words u say and how u notice each thing… So keep it up and remember to smile always

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    Awesome dear… Swasan ?

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