Swasan – Hatred Love (56)

56: Laksh and sanskar

Swara: stare is rude u know…

Sanskar: i am helpless aganist my goddess wife

Swara blushed under the words of sanskar and head to mirrior, she sit her hairs and where to put her bagales, but Sanskar came behind and catch them making her wear slowly and softly… he reached the sendor, but today the feeling was even more special, he apply the sendor along her maang.. and swara close her eyes feeling his sweet touch… then open slowly.. Sanskar reached her manglsutra and move her hairs to one side and tie for her…. Then softly print his lips on her cheek

Swara shiver for the ticklish sensation Sanskar gave to her by printing his rough lips she turned around slowly..

Swara whisper: r u planning killing me for heart attack??

Sanskar: u already did that to me so I was repaying back.. (Sanskar hold her hairs) may I do it for u today.. pls…

Swara nodded as yes, Sanskar was making her hairs to one side and made a long unique tress and swara was happy with it… then she picked his cloth and moved coz ragini and her dadi arrived.. its mehndi day…

So house decorated, there was music and dance and she apply mehndi to ragini… also a girl apply mehndi to swara and swara requested her to put Sanskar name in a way that he wont b able to find ever… she was happy coz everything seemed perfect…. After she finished her mehndi she was going to ktchin to cheek the food while two strong arms pull her waist in sudden and pinn her to wall

“ahhh Sanskar.. what u doing”

“surprising my wife”

“This is no surpeise.. let go ”

“And if I not”

“Sanskar u ll mess my henna… let go naaaa”

“Good.. I dnt lik henna”

“Accha… even if I told u I had written ur name…”


Swara get close to his ear: find out at night (she gave him an ear lick that shivered him)

Swara would move but Sanskar were crossing her way: not so fast

Sanskar picked her neck and swara melt for the touch closing her eyes… he was picking softly….

Shome called: shonnnaaaa

“Sanskaaaar mom call let me go…”

“No, dnt want to…”

“Sanksr dnt b boy now… let go naaaa”

“Boy??? U called me boy!!!”

“Uff Sanskar step away”…(swara stomp on his leg and march away)

By night swara reached her room…

“its all coz of u”

Sanskar was surprised: what had I done…

“girls were tauting all night just coz of uuuuu, I hate u”

Swara was hardly hiding her laugh and drawing anger, Sanskar came close in concern

“what I did swara? I swear I dnt understand”

“looooooook” she show her hands….

“what” Sanskar confused

“my mehndi sanskaaaar, its so dark… metlap u love me a lot hahahahah all girls tease me about it”

“swara u really scared me”

Swara were to run but Sanskar caught her back… sranding behind her and resting his chin to her shoulder…

“so show me my name”

Swara show her hands “seek it urself”

Sanskar ran his fingers on swara palm… then to arms… her shivers.. her sweet… her smell…. he nuzzles his nose to her neck crock… his flames woke up… but then her intertwined there fingers….

“Lets sleep”

“but Sanskar … kya…”

“swara… im bit tired lets sleep.. ok”

Swara hummed, not understanding what happened…. once he was.. but then cold again.. just like old times….. swara changed to her usual nighty and went to sleep on her new bed?

After two days it was great morning… its wedding daaaaayyyy… all house decorated perfectly… girls preparing ragini in room… swara was n sweet pink saree… Sanskar has took laksh to the spa he usually go too…

Party was going fine soon laksh and Sanskar well come and swara was talking to some women when her phone rang…

Swara: hello,

Ropotic Voice: how r u swara??

Swara: who is this??

RV: did u liked my sent gift two days ago???

Swara was now shocked, it was first time that person contact her: u sick low person what the hell u want..

RV; ur suffer and sarrow, I ll make u and ur husband to beg me for merci…

Swara: merci my foot… we r coming for u, we ll find u bustred and then…

RV: dnt speak words u cant do… I have special gift for u today that ll reach u right now… wish u death swara..

Phone call cut and swara got worry what he might send, but it was something over all limits..

Swara and all house heard sharmeshta shouting…


The news were hitting to everyone, the smile happy face of ragini turned pale… swara smile broke in shatters…

Swara; maa what happen maaaa…

Shome was on floor and tears roll from her eyes

Swara shock her mother: mom bolo kya hwaaaaaaaaaaaa plssssss

Shome voice came like lifeless: la..la..laksh got hitten by goons badly.. he is in hospital… in.. in…danger….

By hearing these ragini went unconscious….swara and Shekhar and shome moved to hospital leaving ragini with her dadi ma and others…. When they reached there, first face they got to see was Sanskar face… Sanskar crying face… and full of blood…


Precap: ur fault

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  2. Awesome. Waiting for the next one.

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    Oh nooooo

  4. waaaaa my Swasaaaaannn…..

  5. I really don’t know what to tell.. the way the story moves without any knowledge, in such a smooth and loving way is just indescribable..
    I was smiling at the start and as the story progressed towards the end, I had numerous frowns on my forehead :,)
    I can just hope Laksh gets well soon.. precap is threatening yaar!! I just wish that they must not blame Sanskar, which I guess might not happen, but laksh!! why that jerk had to harm him.. can wait for the next part..

    Good day to you.. keep smiling 🙂 and of course writing 😉

    1. Rajkumari

      Tell that u love it hahaha… jist wait more is comming….. smile always di

  6. Omg again a big twist i was having 400 watt smile on my face but at d end hope blame game doesnt start again but awesome dr i wnt 2 say i couldnt cmnt on ur another ffs it is really mindblowing

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      Sorry that u lost ur smile… promose to have it again soon

  7. Amazing..poor swasan??

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    Amazing update dear…
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