Swasan – Hatred Love (55)

Epi.55: confession under the moon

Swasan were in semi hug and close to each other… the anger turned into urge in their eyes, but swara act before her eyes revel everything and turned around… Sanskar hugged her back to which swara flink…

Sanskar: swara… forgive me swara… forgive me… i.. i..lo… ( knock knock and some one dash in)

…: swar oooooo

Swasan jerked… and Sanskar fumed: had u broke ur brain??, don’t u know hw to wait before u dash to couples room???

Swara: relax Sanskar, kya hwa laksh??!

Laksh: I’m really.. really sorry… it was a habit… I know its wrong… full wrong… sorry jiju….. I’m really..

Swara: laksh u ll keep saying sorry for 2 years if i not stop u…. I know… now what u wanted??…

Laksh: actully ma send me to tell u, ragini and her dadi ma ll start sleep here from tomorrow so care guest room for them pls…

Swara: ok I ll

Laksh: im really soorryyy again… u guys keep it up…..(laksh fly from there)

Swara twist and Sanskar had unreadable expression, she waited for seconds… she wanted him to keep telling.. but when he didn’t she start to move but Sanskar hold her elbow and close his eyes

Sanskar: I love u swara… I love u… more than my life… I love u to crazy point that I jealouse from air passing ur hairs… I love u madly more than I can bear… u changed me… I was careless and stupid.. I was unwanted that I started to hate everyone, but u loved me swara, and ur love changed me… what I did was evil and awful, I know… but I still ask forgivness even when I know that u wont give

Sanskar was catching his breath with closed eyes, he didn’t dare to look in swara eyes while saying this, he felt swara’s hand on his which catch her elbow he slowly opened his eyes and swara also had a weird look on her face… she start to move

Sanskar: sw ( swara place finger to his lips)

Swara: dnt say a word….

Swara moved to wash room and Sanskar left the house for a while… he came back at night and swara was sleeping, he went to lay on coach for sleep. By 2 am ….

Sanskar POV

I feel a hand on me.. hmmm

(Sanskar …. Sanskar get up) I slowly open my eyes

“swara … kya hwa.. r u ok.. what is the time??”

” dnt speak a lot.. its 2 am come with me”

” where??.. swara let me sleep”

” Sanskar pls come…”

I stand up and walk with her, she lead me to the window, she start talking to her moon

“see…. here I brought him”

” brought!!… swara whats going on??”

” Sanskar what u said earlier when laksh dashed in.. say it again”

What?? She ask me… no no no I wont

” I dnt know what u talk about… let me sleep”

I walk away but I felt her grip to my wrist

” Sanskar” damn her whisper is so sweet.. I turn to her and she was holding a book…

” remember when u asked me about him” she said, it’s the diary I found tat morning…

“swara I dnt wanna know any more, its ur past I dnt…”

” but I wanna show u”

We sat on floor, she had small key and she unlock it, open 1st page and hand it to me…” read it out loud”

I look at it and ok tat was shocky ” to my dear husband ”

I gave her look as what

” dnt b so confused, when I was teen i had great romantic energy and I couldn’t put tat for any guy come across me… so I put all my romantic words … feelings and dreams in this diary and gifted it to my future husband, and promised myself that when I marry I would give to him, to make him know hw much I loved him even before I see him and that moon was witnessing each word I ever write”

I looked at her as alien… hw can she be so cute and pure… I just hated myself more for doubting her even for 1 secnd..

” I didn’t give to u, coz I didn’t love u but now…”

” but now….”

She blushed and lowered her gaze, I flipped the diary, it had poems.. drawings… hearts and many things…

“swara y today….”

” coz finally u said it Sanskar, I was never sure do u love me or have lust for me or its just guilt, but today u clear everything and as moon witnessed each word, I wanted it to witness me giving it to u.. that’s y I stopped u saying anything…”

Am I dreaming? Some one punsh me pls? after what i…

” swara do u forgive me?? Do u still love me even.. even after what i…”

” Sanskar that night I was ready to tell u I love u, and that whatever ur decision I ll follow… that… that night i….’

I cant see her cries I cupped her face” im sorry swara I’m….”

‘ shshs let me finish.. I knew something was wrong with u but I didn’t leave, not coz im ur wife or friend but coz I love u and I cant see u in pain Sanskar…but.. but … it was beyond my hold”

‘ swara I hate myself everyday more and more even now i….’

” Sanskar… even after that I though I ll hate u, but I find myself love u even more…”

“swaraaa…” I pull her to hug ” I love u too swara… I love u tooo”

” I love u Sanskar… I love 2 3 4 and forever’

I giggle in laugh… my feeling is just unexplainable…

She broke the hug ” still u must know something… I had a crush before”

” I dnt care”

“even if it was laksh”

‘ Yea its ok…. wait …what???” she had a crush on her bro

” yea… I spend a while thinking that im in love with him.. he is from far cousin nd didnt really looked at him as brother…. he filled my hidden romantic gab…..  I married u and still thinking that… but u showed me the right way, that he was just my idol… and ur love teached me that what I had was something shallow and stupid coz ur love is so big tat nothing to be compared with’

” i.. im…”

I just dnt know what to say, what to do, but most more important who am I to judge her… I had affairs more than I can count, complete physical affairs to be more accurate, and I cant judge her for merly wrong understood crush

” so…”

” so… nothing, I love u to my last breath swara”

We wear sitting and I pull her close to me in a hug ” did laksh knew about u?”

” no. and since he is marrying ragini that mean he love her truly.. I know him”

” yea I can see that”

” hahahaha u jealous of him aren’t u?”

I got lost in her smile for sometime ” no not at all”

” bad liar, I know coz I do it on propose… more like punishment”

What.. did she…” so was teasing me????”

” yes and no”

” yes and no!!! come over here I ll show u”

She ran from my grip and I ran too I wont let her escape ” do u know hw much I suffered coz of that ah??”

” hahaha no I dnt.. I know nothing but ur red angry face like that red angry birds haha”

” I ll show u angry bird swara….”

We kept for mint or two suddenly she stopped and I caught her

” now I ll show u” but her face was dull ” swara kya hwa??”

” nothing let me go pls, I gotta go”

” swara kya hwa”

” Sanskar chorooo now…”

She ran from me and run to washroom…

Sanskar POV over

After while swara called Sanskar: Sanskar pls hand a pajama..

Sanskar did and waited for her out… and when she did he was confused

Sanskar: swara kya hwa?? What happemed?

Swara: nothing .. come

Sanskar held her hand: swara…

Swara: i.. felt… I felt bleed

Sanskar face went pale: r u ok?? Shall we got to do…

Swara: sanskr im fine… really… it just coz of the running..

Sanskar: every bad thing happen to u is coz of me.. im sorry.. for many things

Swara cupped Sanskar face forcing him n sweet eye lock and she kept her gaze in is eyes while she go slowly and print soft print kiss to his lips and he was just numb

Swara: no more past… now lets sleep coz im tired

Sanskar felt…. Dnt know, u just try imagine his feel, he nuzzle his nose with hers playfully… carry her a bride and lay her to bed, then coming next to her

Swara: uff this bed is uncomfortable at all… I dnt like it at all

Sanskar: swara u was just sleeping here hour ago

Swara: haan but now … ( swara shift her body to latterly sleeping on Sanskar) now this new bed is better…

Sanskar felt happy: and this bed is all urs….

Both fall to sleep in peace and love…

Next day sun rays fall on the beloved swasan and swara was first to wake, she kept gazing Sanskar sweetly …

Swara thought (cute…) she run her finger from forehead to cheek to lips

Sanskar: woke up shonny

Swara jerked: aari u scared me

Sanskar: sorry didn’t mean to… good morning…

Swara: good morning… slept well…

Sanskar: like never before… and u

Swara: well my new bed was little disturbing u know… some regular beat was teasing me but I managed…

Sanskar: but each beat called ur name only ,beats only for u…

Swara flushed red and lowered her gaze…they felt to stay like this for ever but Sanskar got her up telling ( its lucky ki shadi) Sanskar pushed her to washroom and pick her a red anarkali and give to her… he kept waiting her

Sansakr: need any help, I ll b glad to give…

Swara smiled but shout: shut up prevert

After while she came setting her duptta, Sanskar was just mesmerized…. She look at him

Swara: stare is rude u know…

Sanskar in lost: but im helpless when I see god in front of me..


Precap: LAKSH

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  1. Rekha

    Awesome…….. Awesome……. Awesome……

  2. Woww!! thats amazing. I really loved it.. Awesome!! Now few things are yet to be done..
    1. laksh marriage
    2. swaras health
    3. those creepy idiots (i donno.. i cant guess, who on the earth can be so disgusting enough to do such ****** activities like sendind dead as gift!! SEROIUSLY!! i cant imagine anyone.. only you must reveal..)
    4. Pay back time for maheshwaries and natasha
    5. Swasan love
    6. sujatha’s changed attitude
    7. Family moments- uttara, swasan and raglak
    8. Happily ever after.

    i dont know your idea of storyline is this or not. but if possible can you please include them, i know that i have no right to disturb your storyline. but the fact is it is running so smoothly and very great that i find it very difficult to hold my urge to read furthur.
    Great writing
    good day to you, keep smiling 🙂

    1. Rajkumari

      Waaw angali.. many points yaar

      1.yes laksh maarry is going
      2.it ll be fine
      3. Soon ll be revealed
      4.pay back in time
      5. Swasan love forever for now
      6. Sujhata ll never come again .. if u want too
      7.famuly moments coming
      8. Sure it ll be tat way as i hate sad ends

      U also smile di pls

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    Awesome cute sweet lovely…… Really don’t know what exactly to say loved the episode to the core and a big thank u to letting both of them express their feelings

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