Swasan – Hatred Love (54)

After sanskar anger boom…. Both swalak stop laughing coz Sanskar looked pretty angry also shome who was smiling stopped

Shome: swara, laksh… say sorry

Swara: but ma…..

Shome: i say tell sorrrry ….

Swalak: sorry…

Shome: and I’m sorry too Sanskar, it seem teasing u is their plan and I thought u got that but.. but… I’m sorry beta …

Sanskar felt really bad, his anger wasn’t for what laksh said, he just hate to much close from swara

Sanskar: nahi ma pls …hahahhaa.. I understand and I do same… just used some Maheshwary horrior moves hahah.. pls ma don’t ever sorry to me .. pls,,,

Shome was happy, she touched Sanskar head: bless u beta…

Swara:   Sagen Sie nicht Dinge, die Sie nicht bedeuten, denken Sie daran, sie ist von der Art, die Sie hassen ….

( don’t say things u don’t mean, remember she is from the type u hate…. )

Sanskar look at swara, not knowing what to replay, the woman he is calling her ma and happy with it is a bangali just as woman who destroyed him…. But then he thought something…

Sanskar:  Dann warum nicht u hassen laksh, während er marawdi wie mich ist

   ( then y don’t u hate laksh while he marawdi like me)

Laksh: what u both talk about…

Swara looked at Sanskar and give a side smile

Swara: mom I m going out with laksh…

Sharmeshta and Sanskar: whr??

Swara look at Sanskar: shopping for wedding…

Sanskar: I ll take u…

Laksh: no need, we ll go..

Sanskar irrated: u should b preparing in home….

Laksh: its my wedding and i…..

Swara: uffff of u two…….. Sanskar u go to office, laksh ll take me.. final

Laksh: u should hear ur wife…

Sanlak look challenged, but Sanskar agreed.

Same night Sanskar came back with many bags…

Sanskar: good evening….

Shokhar: evening beta

Swara: Sanskar did u buy new mall….

Sanskar: sure nahi,,,, papa this is for u… ( Sanskar handed four boxes as gifits) … ma tats urs ( he did same)…. And tats urs Mr. long toung ( he meant laksh and he gave him only one small box) … and swara these bags r urs and they r a lot so just open them at room ok…

Everyone start find out … he gifted cloth and accessories since next day ll b ragini mehndi… all were so beatifull classy

Shome: beta… y u did so, no need at all…

Sanskar: its gifts from son to his parents… so ( he bend taking bless and both wish him happy)

Laksh: y me one box only ahhhh?

Sanskar: coz ur the groom. Swara ll kill me if I messed her plans

Swara: that’s true…

Laksh open his gift and it was a pocket Clock with eagle print on it… it looked unique and faboules…

Laksh: well u have a taste…

Sanskar looked at swara hoping he ll find something in her eyes.. but her found tears… and smile on her lips… from long time he felt satisfied that finally swara smile .. coz of him…

Laksh: arri y u cry dumb…

Swara weep her tears: I’m girl yaaar I get emotional when my family are happy…

Laksh to Sanskar: since u put smile to swara face, I ll let u say ma.. put only in occations .. don’t get used to that… jijuuuu

Sanskar frowned: jiju… (then he couldnt help smile cracked his lips)

Everybody laugh and Sanskar got a phone so he step far to respond…. GM door knock and shome was the closest so she went to open.. there was delivary man

DM: excuse me… Mr. Maheshwary forget this in the car.. may u pls hand to him…. ( boy hand shome a box)

Shome: yea sure… u can go… ( she went inside) swara ur husband spend quit money today… another gift… to whom… ur name on it swara…

Swara: leave it mom I ll open later….

Shome: its bit heavy but perfume smile is awesome… let me open…

Shome started to open the box but suddenly

Sanskar shouted: maa naaahiiiiii (he snatch it from her and keep it with him)

Everyone frowned for Sanskar action specially swara….

Sanskar: ma… maaa. Vo… vo… special gift for swara…. ( Sanskar give eye contact to swara which she understand after seconds)

Swara smiled: since its special I ll take it now…

Swara took box and head to room also Sanskar excused himself to go with her… and n room swara entered first and hurridly open box… Sanskar closed door..

Sanskr: nahi swara don’t ( but it was too late and swara open it she turn around gasping and Sanskar hugged her tight)


When Sanskar went on phone same ropotic voice called

RV: hai Sanskar

Sanskar: U f**ker… just get lost…

RV hucksily: She looks hot in the pink anarkali ( Sanskar shocked coz that is what is swara wearing right now)

Sanskar: I warn u… if u ever come near her… I ll make u wish death…

RV: ……….. u bought a lot of gifts but forgot one …. MINE…. Ur saso having it now…

Sanskar looked outside and run while hearing ( wish u sad and destroy Sanskar)


Box had two colored feathers canaries, probably used to be lovely beatifull birds… but no more… there were slathered and head off the body… blood all over the inside and even leaked. that’s hw swara got Sanskar eye contact when she saw blood at box corner…

Swara: Sanskar who is doing all this? This is monstric… pls find him

Sanskar: I ll find him swara… don’t worry … I ll protect u…

Swara sopping: i am afraid sanskar… he is sick sanskar… he ll b able to do anything… i hate fear sanskar.. it make me weak …..Dnt let me fear saaaanskaar

Sanskar:  shshshhs swara shshsh nothing ll happen… i swear to u i ll catch him.. then make him wish if he ever cross us…. shshshsh

(he moved the bix away in bathroom and locked door.. when he came back…)

Swara hugged sanskar as her life depend only on him…. sanskar replay back srrounding her in his arms tightly as if his world center is swara … and swara only

Swara realizes her place and push Sanskar: I don’t need u…. u think by these gifts I ll forgive what u did…. U call a bengali ur ma ah… isn’t coz of Bengali ur destroyed? Isn’t coz of Bengali u …. u …. ( swara eyes moist) and u call her ma… don’t lie that way… she is kind hearted and don’t know what moste….

Sanskar: bas swara bas ( he put his hand over her mouth and hugged her to him) I know what I did was wrong…. ( tears start roll from his eyes) haan bengali cozed my life to be hell, but whay I call her Bengali… Bengali … marawdi… christen… she is a woman, and her beliefs shouldn’t com in middle… and if one woman mistake doesn’t mean to hate them all… i realized tat now swaraaa

Swara bited Sanskar hand cozing him pain: u realiezed too late Sanskar too late….

Swasan were in semi hug and close to each other… the anger turned into urge in their eyes, but swara act before her eyes revel everything and turned around….

Sanskar hestite abit but he hug her softly from behind… whisper her

Sanskar: pls swara…. forgive me…. im sorry… i know its not even enough.. forgive me swara.. coz i…. i… i lo……



You thinks sanskar will be able to say it

Stay high high tuned

Precap: under the moon

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  1. Independent

    Let him say it yaar awesome

  2. offoo!!! those creepy boxes!! who the hell is it!! .-. Its ok though, both of them came a bit closer because of that creepy box after nearly a week. Poor birds, soo sorry for them, but how did it smell good?!
    hey! which language were they both communicating? You really know those many foreign languages!! thats AWESOME!!!

    I have also read SAZA.. even its awesome. the two stories are poles apart.. the bossy Swara was too good over there.. its very realistic and natural. even loved it too!!!

    I dont think that sanskar can confess his love that easy 😉 Either their moment is disturbed or Swara wont let him say those beautiful words after what he id withh her, though it is not completely his mistake.. but the precap? under the moon?? hmm.. may be he confessed later, but not there in her moon. Argh!!! its too difficult to guess.. ;( (fake angry and cry 😉 )
    However, The episode was good..

    Please update soon…

    1. Rajkumari

      Waaw anjali … that was pretty long

      For boxes try to guess who sent

      It smell good coz box and papers were higly dripped in very strong perfyme so it covered blood scent

      And in early chaps i show tat swara know several languages which is my dream i ll do one day and sanskar know germany language so if they dont want to speak hindi they speak germany

      And i dont speak other than english and arabic i use google transilation in these ffs

      As for saza i am glad u read and promise u it ll get only furthur better said by other fans not me.. they go crazy for it

      Thanks for ur sweet cimment over.. enjoy they next updates??

  3. Awesome..tc..

  4. Awesome episode dear. Post next one soon

  5. awesome
    update soon

  6. Mica

    loveeee it Noouuuuerrr

  7. Simi

    Awesome dear

  8. awesome

  9. Really awesome

  10. Awesome dear.
    …but no more these disgusting gifts pls………..

  11. Shifa96

    Awesome update di

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