Swasan – Hatred Love (53)

Sanskar POV

My dear lord….. y u pick the hardest things for me, y u make me see her like this?? I just cant keep my eyes away…. Move Sanskar … move… at least breath god damn it … god if I warship her with u would u b angry at me… she is just like gods… those curly black hairs… those bubbly round eyes…. her white skin… the water drops flawing to her arms… I wont regret drinking those drops from her hairs… she came closer to me …. the gaze in her eyes is something i cant define….. she push the door slowly to shut it in my face and I stood like idiot for more time…. Then finally changed the shirt and move out of room

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

I shut door and fall on floor…. I felt my heart ll bumb out my body…. Y he has to b so handsome…. Y he must have all this concern in his eyes… y he make me love him so much then hurt me much more….. and y did he came now… did he meant it?? Prehapes… more confusing y i am happy with tat… u stupid heart….???

I hear room door shut … I open door again and find none in the room…. What u ll do now swara.. till when u ll punish him… actully u cant punish him… u love him, u knw he is not fully guilt… and u don’t know hw exactly u ll punish him but making him regret so till when??…

Swara POV over

Both swasan their ideas storm them… not knowing hw life ll go on… swara changed her cloth and sit on her laptop… all engagement preparations ll b n their home and its not any wedding.. its laksh and ragini wedding and she ll prepare everything and it must b perfect… she start writing down cloth list… then flowers and food… songs and hw it ll b… after 1 hour Sanskar back and find her in deep thought on lap..

Sanskar: what u doing…

Swara; planning lucky wedding…

Sanskar irrated: we can bring wedding planner, u don’t have to do it urself…..

Swara: if we hired someone to do everything, there is wont b any fun… I do it coz I enjoy it… beside its lucky….

Sanskar???: lucky…. lucky… lucky… lucky… lucky… I’m tired of u repeating his name…

Swara thought (I think I just found my new punishment): y?? laksh had always been with me… even before u come to my life… vo mera bhai hai… and I ll do anything to make him happy…

Sanskar: what about urself… what about me?

Swara: what about u?

Sanskar: don’t I deserve to make me happy?

Swara: and what do u want now? And y should i concern ur happy???

Sanskar kept silent….

Swara: if u don’t know what u want to b happy, hw should I do??…

Sanskar: come here

Swara didn’t move inch so Sanskar head to her and close laptop

Swara: hai….( Sanskar left her as bride) Sanskar what the hell, put me… get ur hand off me…

Sanskar place her slowly on bed: ur wrist bleeding… ( swara looked at her wrist and bandage had blood on. Sanskar brought aid box) show me

Swara: I ll do alone…

Sanskar: Swara don’t b stubborn

Swara: I’m not

Sanskar got angry of her attitude: bas swara( pull her hand)

Swara: ahhh

Sanskar: sorry soryy…

he open bandage and apply cream, she hissed in pain.. so he blow air, but she still tease him and hissing and act refuse

Sanskar: swara stop ur child act….

Swara sit still looking away from him, avoiding his gaze… after he finish he catch her blouse to check her neck but swara got afraid this time… slapping his hand and clutching her top

Swara: what the hell u doing…

Sanskar; noting I was checking ur wounds…

Swara: checking or… orrr…

Sanskar shouted: swara don’t hit my nerve ok… I wouldn’t do that if u told me about ur… ur…. Bleed… who knows what else u hide? Its ur health for god sake

Swara stand up and walk away: its my business my health and nothing relate to u…

Sanskar catch swara elbow and force her to look at him: it does swara…. Ur my wife like it or not… we no longer friends … we r husband and wife… get that…..

Swara calmly look at him: let me go ….

Sanskar: or??!

Swara: or u know what swara Gadodia is…..

The challenge in swara eyes force Sanskar to let her go… swara were to walk away passing him but she stumble in sanskar foot and where to fall… he grap her .. turn her around and both fall to bed with swara on top…

Both kept gazing… emotions flaw from their eyes… love.. concern… hate.. passion…

Swara shiver.. sanskar shaking.. the intense was high.. and both urge toward each other was high level… swara got under spell .. she closed her eyes while sanskat lend toward… their lips were calling to smooch… but swara got herself awake.. and stand looking at him angirly…

Swara: bustred…

She trurn around giving her back while sanskar stand up and picked a towel and get inside washroom… the moment Sanskar enter washroom swara catch her heart and smile….

Swara to herself: u love me.. just wait and see the punishment not end yet,,,,

Next day swara didn’t shut for second… she started prepare as both raglak were in a hurry to be ek…

On bf, swara got a call

Swara: haan .. I’m fine… hmm… kyaaaaaa ( looking angry to Sanskar) accha!! Ok.. don’t worry… he ll today… in 30 mints.. bye

Shekhar: what is it beta??

Swara to Sanskar: that was sasha…

Sanskar: toh?

Swara: finish bf fast… ur going to office..

Sanskar: I wont go without u

Swara: japaness wanna fool us around… and meetings cant b done from home… b mature… I’m busy here… u ll go in 30 mints…

Sanskar: I wont

Swara: u ll and tats final….

Laksh: hahahhahahahaha

Sanskar looked at him fuming, while swara confused.. laksh hold his ears

Laksh: back in game…. man of the house…

Swara remember hw laksh used to call her when she act boysh and bossy but it no longer angry her, she join him

Swalak: hahahahahaha

Sanskar fume increase, but all family was laughing sharmishta: it has been long time since I hear swara shouts… and u calling her tat

Laksh: no doubts… she ll eat u alive ( looking smirking to Sanskar)

Sanskar kept eating only

Shekhar: Sanskar beta we don’t want to delay ur works… don’t worry about us…ok… also swara ll accompany…

Sanskar hurrly: no.. no need… perhaps she need to b here… excuse me.. I must get ready…

Swara: wait me…

Ragini: aari swara finish bf…

Swara: later… I must run my fashion rights on hubby

Sanskar POV

We both reached room and she started piking my cloth…. I saw it today… her pure laugh.. he bubbly was back once again… but what f**king angry me its not because of me… its that laksh… ahhhhh

Swara: helllllllooooooooooooooo

Sanskar: swara what the hell…..

Swara: u the hell.. I’m speaking since whole mint… take ur cloth and get ready….

Sanskar: what is tat ah?? Man of house??! He dare he call u like tat??

Swara: hahahha its long story… this lucky… hahahha

Sanskar: i have time to hear…..

Swara: no u dnt …. ( she left angrly)

Laksh did what I couldt do… y I cant make her laugh like that anymore…. ” run my fashion rights on hubby ” … I wish these moments come once again…. Let me just shower…

Sanskar POV over

Couple days pass like that…. Swara bleed decresed and her wounds disappear.. she was doing all preparations and designs… and still only mints connect her with Sanskar at night when he sleep on couch and she on bed…

It was one fine morning… when house ll b decorated… Sharmeshta knocked swara door..

Swara got disturb by knock: ufffuuuu… who is it??

Sharmeshta: shonna.. open door pls..

Swara: ji ma… (she would open but Sanskar is not on bed, what her mom will say.. she panic…)

Swara knee beside couch: sanskarr… Sanskar get up now… sanskarrr

Sanskar sleepy voice: what u want yaar… let me

Swara: aaari wake up mom on door go sleep on bed…

Sanskar: I don’t…hmmmm

Swara grab Sanskar hairs: get the hell up now…..

Sanskar pained: swara what the….ahh

Swara: shshshs ( she pushed him on bed and put blanket on… sit the couch… she was running like drunk bee

Shome: shonna is everything ok??……

Swara slam herself then miss her hair, draw sleepy face… and open door

Swara: sorry ma… I was put cloth on… any problem…

Shome: who shouted???

Swara: vo… voo… don’t mind it… what is it??

Shome: shonna the flowers u asked for didn’t come and several isnt good too and only u….

Swara: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shome: swara calm …. ur husband sleeping

swara: hell, that staff … I ll eat them alive… u go ma… I’m coming

Sharmeshta left and swara close door and head to wardrop…

swara: what they think ah… its mera lucky ki shadi… it must b amazing… old flowers huh

Sanskar: wont u pls calm… u ll coz me to b duff…. low ur voice

Swara: I don’t care laksh

Sanskar hurted: I’m Sanskar swara….

Swara look at him then sighted: sorry Sanskar… but I cant torellate any neglect in this wedding…. Vo….

Sanskar: haan haan I know … laksh ki wedding…

Swara???: excuse me… (she head to washroom while Sanskar was still angry)…

On bf it was shome swasan and laksh, shome served Sanskar a sandwish…

Sanskar: thanks ma…

Laksh: hai I told u call her sasoma…

Sanskar: I wont…

Laksh: if I wasn’t fear swara I would hit u for that, so just do it…

Swara: no need lucky, he is all urs….

Laksh: great ur support is gone… (swalak laugh making a hifi)

Sanskar anger boom: I don’t need her for support… just come for it and u ll see.. I ll smash that smile of ur face….

Precap: i got it now

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  1. awesome
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  2. Independent

    Stop it swara don’t hurt him this much when u urself love him

  3. Hahaha… the episode was awesome!!! Loved the way the characters are portrayed in this ff..
    Sanskar jealous of Swara’s BROTHER(lucky?!) lol
    The starting of the episode was too good.. Loved the love b/w them

    Swara’s punishment to Sanskar.. LUCKY BHAI at aid 😉 awesome.. But poor Sanskar was truly hurt..

    Swara is such a crazy girl.. She is a perfect girl, daughter, wife and a best friend.. Such an awesome story..

    I don’t know how to add emojis to express my exact feelings:(
    Is this the only ff which you are writing, if not please share the link of other ff too..

    1. Rajkumari

      Hai angali… thanks alot for ur words dear… each comment u put make me more happier thanks alot
      this is my other current ff saza

      Also i had completes two ffs here. .
      1.Absolute Darkness
      2.Swasan love forever

      If u want their link just tell me…

      I am also on wattpad if u want the link there just say…

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    Awesome epi. This epi make me smile a lot. Waiting for next epi .

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    Superb dear. It was so funny. And plss stop this punishment and all as swara herself want to b with sanskar. Plss post soon

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