Swasan – Hatred Love (51)

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Previously: swara pour her heart out and ragini came with gift

Epi.51: my protector



That was ragini words when she visited swara and Sanskar got shock by the gift ragini talk about, something unexpected, or better say someone….

Swara open her eyes slowly… and it was the water drop that collapse the dam….

Swara mumbled in shock face and wide eyes: LAKSH

Yes laksh, he was standing at entrance, with his jeans, white chemise, dark blue jacket… with his warm smile on face for his di swara


Laksh: smile wide sunshine.. u didn’t see ghost?

Sanskar was afraid, not from swara reaction but on swara herself, he gulped and look at her… and his fear was coming to real…. Since four days he see weak in swara eyes … for first time he see tears

Swara start slow steps mumbling: la… laaah.. laaaksh…

Laksh still guessing her react is normal as she miss him, so ragini who teared for them, but all changed when swara start increase her pace and her aliasing showed and her tears that fall for the first time since that day…

Swara even though she is in pain she still run and fall in laksh arms: laaaksh…. Laaaksh… ur here laaaksh….


Sanskar knew that this is his end and swara finally broke down…. Laksh was smiling for swara hard hug but soon his and ragini’s smile fade as he felt swara panicking and screaming

Swara: laaakshhhh aahhh ahhhh laksh u r here laaaksh… pls don’t leave me lakkshhhh pls ahhhh hhhhh laaaksh…

Laksh worriedly: swara I’m back… kya hwa swara??!

Ragini couldn’t understand, while Sanskar had flash of him and Uttra, and tat f Uttra ever hurted as swara she ll probably do the same….

Laksh try to broke hug and look at swara, but her hug was too tight, as well her screams and soppings getting stronger

Ragini: what have u done Sanskar? Y she is like this??

Laksh jerked swara and finaaly broke her hug and pick her forehead in tight kiss: swara what is ? what haapen… swarraaaa swaaaaraaaaaaa ( he screamed as swara fainted in his arms)

Both raglak kneel to support swara as her body fall, laksh were patting her cheeks : swara swaraaaa… what is this??

Sanskar come closer to carry swara but laksh did it in bridal style and land her to the couch…

Ragini: don’t stand like idiot sanskar…. Go bring water….. shonna… shonna

Sanskar pick his feet to bring water, what he ll do now,,, when they see marks on her neck??… world was becoming blacker….. he came back with water and ragini took it splashing some one swara’s face to make her awake but no response…. Ragini moved her duptta but Sanskar was shocked coz nothing there…. Ragini splash water again and swara start to regain conscious….

Swara open her eyes slowly and first thing she saw was laksh… she got up and hugged him tight again not uttering a word but crying silently

Laksh: swara… shshs… what is it swara… laksh is back now .. what is it??

Swara still giving no response thinking ( my protector… u came… my laksh … my bhai…. I wish to go with u… to run with u to our home and stay with papa aur mama.. our life was easier and better.. take me bhai.. pls)

Ragini hold Sanskar collar and jerk him: speak right now hell… what u did to u her… y she is like this??

Sanskar didn’t know what to answer, swara condition also hurt him so much… she was hurted a lot…. Sanskar looked to swara….

Swara was still in laksh arms: nothing happened ragini…

Ragini turn to them: what u mean nothing… was tat normal act ah??

Swara finally broke her hug: did I hurt u bhai??

Laksh one tear fall: no swara… but y all this cry and faint… if .. if he ever think to hurt u I ll weep him from earth… just tell me swara….

Swara kept look at him, she smile wide with her cries…..

Swara: nothing u pagal huh.. (weeping her tears) I missed u a lot lucky… that’s it…

Ragini: swara if something…

Swara stand up and separate ragsan.. hugged Sanskar arm: nothing happened believe me… y would I hide anyway??…. Darling, pls take me to room, my twist isn’t fully healed..

Laksh run to swara: what twist swara…

Swara missed the worry look in his eyes: I was descending stairs last night when I twist my legs… nothing danger.. just let me fresh and come back to show u my house…

Laksh: no I ll put u there… come…

Sankar was angry now: she is my wife laksh, I ll care her…

Laksh in more angry tune: and she is my sister… and she is all world to me… move a side Sanskar…

Sanskar got irate by laksh: no u move…

Swara: u both stop…. Laksh ( she looked him so deeply) pls wait me here…

Laksh nodded and back to sit by ragini side…. Sanskar carry swara as bride and went upstairs while ragini put her arm around laksh back. As soon swasan reached room he put her down and she went inside wash room fixing her cloth and her make up make sure everything is covered.

Laksh POV

More than 6 month…. She didn’t change, but she is broken… the twinkle in her eye is gone… y?? I know swara, the husband relationship is so sanctuary for her… even if she fight with Sanskar she wont speak up…

L: ragini what u think happened??

Ragini: I don’t know lucky… I spoke to her days ago she was fine, but now….

I sighted: only swara and Sanskar knows.. thank god I’m taking her with me…

Ragini: u think she ll feel bad??

Laksh: hahah she ll feel bad because she cant dance probably..??

Ragini: r u sure about this laksh??

Hw can she even ask me??!

I cupped ragini face: this is the most thing I was ever sure about ragini..

She land her head to my shoulder while I caressed her hairs..

I love u ragini


I ran from swara’s marriage… the idea of being to another man irrated me a lot and hunted me all time…. I bury myself in work so I forget that she now velonged to another but I couldn’t so I traveled to usa… it was scholarship.. it was verybad to leave my dad in that state but I was only increase his burdn that’s y I left.. I study day and night.. didn’t even have many friends there but one… my best friend ragini

I chat her daily.. talking day and night… she had me all the time, the lost I felt for swara abcent ragini fill it… that day when she confssed, it wasn’t planed or something .. I can never forget

Laksh: so ragini ur in love??

Ragini: haan

“Y didn’t engaged yet??”

“He doesn’t love me”

“What?? He must b a fool”

“Don’t insult him”

“I ll yaar… ur amazing girl many boys wish u.. if he don’t see that he must b blind or need a hit..”

“Its not like that laksh..”


“I didn’t choose to love him, and he didn’t choose to love her”

“Her?? Whose her??”

“He love a friend of me, so….”

“Aha I get u… so u ll give up on him?”

“She give up on him and now I’m his best friend…”

I started to feel uncomfortable that time..

“Y u silent? Or u fear to face the truth?!”

“Wh…what truth??”

“That I love u laksh…”

Silent was the master of our call till I hear peep peep peep from the other side…

After days I call ragini and told her that I like her, I didn’t fake or something, its true… and she accepted it and with ragini I found my lost love, she is perfect for me… and for swara I came to see that she wasn’t my first love but lets say my first admire which shattered when I loved ragini… my rago…

Laksh POV over

Swara came back again with Sanskar with wide smile…laksh embrace her one more time..

Laksh: u ok??!

Swara: haan… come I ll show u the house…

Ragini: swara where ur shoes??

Laksh: r u pagal… all that marble and u want swara in shoes..

Both swalak: NEVER hahaha (hugging each other which was increasing Sanskar irate)

Swara lead them everywhere except Sanskar office, walking slowly … later on all sit again

Laksh: so swara pick up, u r coming back home with me..

Sanskar: hai she told u she is fine… so keep it like that ok… nothing wrong here so swara isn’t leaving…

Ragini: listen u jerk … ( laksh hold her hand so she silent)

Laksh unpatiently: listen Mr. jerk… I don’t know what u think of me but I’m sure being fool is not one of them, also I know swara very well, more than u ll ever know her even if u lived ur whole life with her… and she still coming with me… I need her

Sanskar get furious by laksh words, remembering the fact that he is not really her bro: and she is my wife, I say whr to go and where to stay…

Swara shouts: and I’m still alife not slave between u two ( calmly speak to laksh) y u need me to go home laksh??

Laksh dramatically: arrrrriiiii wont u help ur bhai in his engagement??!


Precap: that laksh

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