Swasan – Hatred Love (50)

Sanskar mumble in unbelieved loud voice: ur following my orders…

Swara kept her gaze on floor

Sanskar: y u do this… y u follow my orders like this??

Swara like robot: u paid money for my father work improvement… and I ll pay back by following ur order.. whatever it is…

Sanskar move to swara and hold her shoulders tight and immediately swara gasped in pain (ahhhhhh)… his old prints still didnt go… Sanskar drop his hands and looked pained to her

Sanskar: don’t do this swara… pls don’t… pls come back the old swara i…i.. I knew… I didn’t mean it that day… I improved ur dad work coz I felt guilt for what I did, and to make u not worry for him, but I didn’t mean any word I told that day…. I have always feared on u from that part of me…. I knew I would hurt u …. I …..

Swara with same tune: I don’t know what u talk about…

Sanskar: Swara!!!… swara I know that what happened is hard.. I mean not even as simple as this word… but I .. I want u… I want u to … ( Sanskar wanted to say to move on, but word was really very hard to say. Hw cant anyone move on rape.. it’s the worst thing in life)

Swara: oh I see, I understand…. ( Sanskar look at her with bit hope but what she did next crushed him)

Swara moved her duppta to fall to floor which shows all her neck and the marks he did before still there…. She frees her hair, unbutton the back of her key hole back kurtha to give her kutha more access and then she shove it little so that all this area is visible to Sanskar till her cleavage

Swara in calm cold voice: I’m ready Sanskar..

Sanskar shouted shoving all stuff on bed table side on floor: SWARAAAAAAA

Swara shut her eyes but didn’t move an inch then softly open: ji Sanskar…

Sanskar look her in disbelieve hw can she change so much, cant she see he pain for doing this to her…

Sanskar: swara.. pls don’t do that.. we need to move on… be the old swara pls…..

Swara: old swara??! … u hide ur pain even though I asked u not to hide anything from me…. U hide ur father’s truth… u doubted me….. I saw u with tat b*t*h but I still had faith in, but u for mare photos broke everything….. for another woman mistake u made me pay the price …… Look to the glasses u shutter… can u bring any of them new again … com on… u cant na

Sanskar: I know I cant, but.. but…

Swara in one go with cold tune: but what… didn’t u feel pity on me.. didn’t u feel pity on my cries… didn’t u feel sorry for this girl asking u to stop ur harsh… my screams at ur bites… to b merciful on me …. didn’t u think one time before taking…….. me…… in painful way that waked me with hell scream didn’t u think in any of these …. Sanskaar…. I know u wasn’t in ur sense… but y god had made men strong if its not to control…. Even with that injection u talk about u have no right to do what u did to me….

Each word stap Sanskar further than the other, he let her speak all her heart perhaps it rest her… but each word was venom running into his blood….

Swara: soon all ll be over when we divorce… our appointment with lawyer in two days.. ……

Sanskar with deep voice: I wont divorce u!!!

Swara; what??

Sanskar clutch his fist very tight that he felt his nails digs his palm: I wont divorce u till I want to…. ( Sanskar moved to leave the room) since u obey all my orders… apply cream and sleep on bed ……

Swara POV

Me and my stupid heart…, I love him…. I wanna hug him and weep all that pain he have… only u god know hw much I hold myself from hugging him or run now and stop him, I know that my words hurt him, I asked divorce but I new he would refuse…. He loves me… but what he did cant b forgiven…. I must punish him….

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

Let me just move from her sight now…. I reach my office… I wont divorce u swara.. not till I make u back.. not before u back the old swara… once u back I promise to leave u forever… away from devil like me….. but hw should I get u back ….. I still remember all details of this night… what was I thinking in….god was I really…. My phone range…. Unknown…

S; hello…

Robotic voice: helloooo sanskarrr

S: who is this….

Rv: I wish u death and Sanskar… open door .. gifts for u…

S: I don’t want ur sick gifts… f**k off

I shut the phone, such person….. as long as we r in home all b ok…

Sanskar POV over

In that dark place a devil laughs echoed the place

Natasha: what u think??!

M: he surly did something… my spies say he didn’t went to office since that night and ur spy in company say work is going good… mean he work from home… I would like to see swara face now…

Natasha: and what is our next move… sujata wont come soon even after I told her they still together…

M: I cant understand… didn’t she care that Uttra at all!!

Natasha: its old vendetta between Sanskar and his family so she don’t care, neither Sanskar do to his family… the only one he used to care was himself, but newly he join swara…

M: good… before he was destructible… but he made a weak point to himself….

Natasha: u still didn’t tell me what we ll do??

M: I ll keep sending them my love gifts… till the day swara get out Sanskar hand… and then.. ahahahhahahahahaahaha

Next day ragini was coming to swasan house… swara wasn’t expert remember… she called a make up expert and talk to her so friendly telling that her parents r coming and wanna hide her rough pleasure love making with her husband…

Expert did as asked and swara neck marks was perfectly gone

Swasan at hall as ragini enter…

Ragini hugs swara: shonnnnaaaaaa

Swara felt pain and wanted to cry with her friend but hold all: oh ragini… welcome to SMM

Ragini: well I cant tell its just like u like, It seem u have taste after all sanskaar…hahah

Swara didn’t comment and Sanskar give smile only

Swara: come let me show u house…

Ragini: aaari aari… not yet, what about my gift??!

Swara: I don’t want any gift com on…

Ragini: I cant I must give u swara… come on close eyes…

Swara: uffff ragini not now….

Ragini: y I even talk to u ( she moved to swara behind and cover her eyes with hands) here we goo

Swara: aaari ragini…. Noo stop … u child…. Ufff now what..


Sanskar got shock by the gift ragini talk about, something unexpected,

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    Nice. What is the gift of her? I can’t guess it. Waiting for next epi.

  5. Awesome… Amazing just loved it. And I think the gift may be laksh

  6. Wowwww… the episode was awesome. Now I’m happy, everything is out between Swasan. Very glad that she poured her heart out. Amazing..

    Sanskar got shock regarding gift? Hmmmm… Don’t know what might it be.. Please update soon..Don’t delay..

    I was getting mad over a week for not seeing your update;( . You could have informed you might be late. Please reply to the comments as we reply to your updates. I guess this increases the bond.

    Anyway, great storyline. Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Rajkumari

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  7. nice dear missed you so much dear .i think the gift is laksh may be my guess is right

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    Finally Swara poured her heart out..
    Maybe gift is laksh

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