Swasan – Hatred Love (49)

Assalam alikom all

I am sorry for my words last episode… i was shocked only but after reading your comments now i know i was mistaken….

Epi. 49: Following

Sanskar was down stairs and didn’t know how to deal with swara… but for now he wont open that topic and move on till she speak of it.. he got back to room and swara was sitting to bed…and notice the change in her cloth..

Sanskar: r u ok? do u … do u need doctor? ( swara didn’t look at him and shake head as no) here is ur medicines.. each have the time to take.. u wanna eat? ( swara didn’t replay him, so Sanskar left the whole place and drive away)

Swara stand and try walk, she cant walk properly, her pain effect her walk…. But she always remind herself this is husband and wife relationship now and no hold back. she started to clean room, changing bed sheets, cooking and everything and waited for Sanskar return… pain was hell in her body but it kept her mind away from her taruma…

Sanskar roamed all places and the flashes of what he did keep hitting him… he was going mad by his guilt he returned and found food on table, he was surprised.. he head to room and find it cleaner than before and swara sitting on chair..

Sanskar: swara, who did all this?

Swara: me..

Sanskar: r u mad? Ur injured… u should rest ( swara didn’t replay and again Sanskar shut up) u wanna eat?? ( swara node as no) swara u didn’t eat anything… pls

Swara: I did..

Sanskar left to food, but its was so sour in his mouth… it wasnt swara cooking, but the pain he had in his throut due to his chocked tears made it that way..

That day swara got phone call ragini… she knew she must contain full control or she ll cry in front of ragini, then ragini ll eat Sanskar alife

Swara as happy as she can: hai rago

Ragini: haiii shonna…. Hw are u?

Swara; I’m fine..

Ragini: sure? Ur voice look different…

Swara: no not at all… he r u?

Ragini: I’m full ok which u don’t know, since u no longer ask about me since u married..

Swara; rago, nothing like this, but u know hw my life is, pls forgive me ragini..( she was about to sop)

Ragini: aaari swara.. I was just kidding?? What happened??

Swara maintain herself quickly: no … nothing … just little tired of work and I was watching romantic movie.. huh u know hw sensitive I am…

Ragini was still suspecting but still: oh yea I know… any way I wanna visit u after tomorrow… may i?

Swara: yea lets meet anywhere…

Ragini: as I remember u have home which I never see, I wanna see ur house.. pls pls pls pls…

Swara didn’t want ragini to come there, she didn’t want to see her soon all she ll expose everything, but still if she refuses, ragini ll doubt more

Ragini: from earth to swara… helllooooooooo

Swara: ok rago, come…

Ragini: thank u…. I ll bring u big gift…

Swara: no need, just come…

Ragini: u ll understand when I come… byeee

Swara: bye..

Sanskar listen to whole call and enter room: r u sure about this swara?

Swara: do u have any problem, Mr. Maheshwary?

Sanskar felt more sad when she start to call him that again: nahi.. swara.. I didn’t mean to.. I …huuuh.. we wont go to office for several days utill ur injuries get better..

Swara: ok …

Swara didn’t look at him all time and he left again… it was a lot for two days to hold… and it was evening, swara laid to sleep while Sanskar was at his office hugging his mom things and crying… door bell rang so he opened… guard give him two gifts… and this time he didn’t need to open coz it really stink…

Sanskar: who gave u this??…

Guard: that boy sir

It was rag boy and told Sanskar someone in red veil and mask give him this and drop him here and gave him money to deliver this to Sanskar Maheshwary… boy didn’t know much, away from house Sanskar open gifts. This time was really cross lines, it was two dead human arms blue and full of warms, a female hand with swara name craved on it with knife cuts, and same in other hand but a male arm with Sanskar name… but something new… a phone was there.. and it rang..

Sanskar picked immediately; who is this… bolo u cheep coward… what u want form me?

A robotic voice came from the other side: from u both….

Sanskar: if ur fight is with me, keep it like that… and if u are a man come to me face to face…. Keep my wife out of it….

Voice: does she taste good?

Sanskar: f**k of u son of…..

Voice: with my wishes of destroy Sanskar Maheshwary,,,,

Call ended… Sanskar try to call again.. but nothing… he ordered guard to bury the arms and never speak of it.. he went back to his room and found swara sleeping, Sanskar thought ( I have no right to be with u… but I must do something first then i ll free u forever) he checked if she had her medicines.. only cream wasn’t applied so he start apply to her neck slowly, swara wasn’t sleep and she felt his act, but to her what he did was cruel and he must b punished…

Next day morning Uttra came to cabin and Sanskar was in cabin office and tired

Uttra: Good morning bhai..

Sanskar: Morning..

Uttra: Whr is bhabhi

Sanskar got tension: well actually she is little ill… what is it??

Uttra: Kyaa? Is she ok?? I ll check her ( she trun to move but Sanskar stop her immediately)

Sanskar: no no…. well ah she is sleeping, resting.. pls let her na…

Uttra: Oh ok.. well ahh.. r u ok?

Sanskar was awkward from her behave like she have something to say: yes I am.. whats wrong??

Uttra turn: oh nothing…. nothing

Sanskar notice Uttra hand and catch it: that ring .. who gave it to u..( it was jai ring, it was in the pics)

Uttra: Bhai… vo… voo…

Sanskar Catch her hand tight: Voo kya?? bolooooo

Uttra: Ahh bhayia….

Sanskar let her go and soften: bolo Uttra pls… is he jai ah??..

Uttra: haan bhai, its jai kumar!! Actually we both love each other 2 months ago, and only bhabi knows, but I swear to u she told me a lot to tell u as u wont stop my happiness and also she made sure jai is not playing or deceiving me… but I was afraid from ur reaction…

Everything fall heavy on Sanskar, jai sms that end with bhabi, that was their relationship…

Sanskar; jai??!

Utrra: bhai pls don’t be mad… bhabi.. she never let us meet alone, else this I always talk him on phone.. the only time I meet him alone was two days ago after I took permission from bhabi.. and I was surprised that jai propose me, we were suppose to tell u everything today with bhabhi, but she is sick so I couldn’t ..

Sanskar head to drawer and out all the pics of swara and jai..

Sanskar: tell me about those…

Uttra were shocked to see the pics: what is this bhai??!!!

Sanskar: Uttra I said clarify me…..

Uttra: all these I was with them , but y I’m not in the pic… I was sitting just right there, someone played those bhai. And these jai told me about them… he said he meet bhabi in mall by chance and took her opinion about proposing me.. what is this pics bhai???… u don’t believe them right!! Bhabhi is…

Sanskar: ur bhabhi is fine as I said bas little illness, and sure I didn’t believe them… and for jai… we ll talk about it later ok

Uttra: hmm…. Bhai pls don’t hurt him.. pls

Sanskar: I wont.. u go now ok but pls don’t meet him till I allow it ok

Uttra: ji bhai…

After her left, Sanskar fall again on his mom box: each day new hit mom …. each day new shock, each day I see hw low I am…. Madad karo ma pls…

Sanskar head to swara room and she wasn’t there…. ( swaraaa) .. after mint she came from washroom, she kept looking to floor only…

Sanskar: y haven’t u told me about jai and uttra??…

Swara got tension and her body stiffen, and for the first time since that day she looked to Sanskar… Sanskar could see her hazzel eyes, and how red they r, but no tears there…

Sanskar: uttra told me… y u didn’t talk??!

Sanskar wasn’t angry, or anything so swara lowered her gaze” it wasn’t my secret to tell…

Sanskar: u could have spoken when I showed u the pics.. y ah

Swara kept silent for seconds then spoke: sorry ….

Sanskar: kya sorry? If u told me maybe…

Swara: im not sorry for my action… im sorry that it cozed u to doubt me Sanskar… me!… I should have known u dnt have trust in low Bengali girls

Only god knows hw Sanskar hold his temper coz swara words hurt him very badly… its true he hates bengaline but .. but… some how he used to try to forget that fact about her, and it wasn’t doubt as she meant it… or this is hw he think…

Sanskar kept gazing swara… fist his hand hard…. He punched the wardrobe door and make slight hole then leaving in very anger steps.

Days pass and swara never speak to Sanskar nor look at him and walk ailing all the time, many days he try stop her from doing house work but it was useless talking to her, and he was afraid to touch her by anyway so he kept talking but she never listen.

The bubbly swara he knew was gone, lost, dead… swara don’t even smile, her eyes were liflesss…. She don’t get her medicines unless he give her, well that make him bit happy, maybe she understand his condition… but no, she don’t look at him and he barly heard hear voice in these 3 days…

At fourth night at swasan room Sanskar and swara was sitting on floor

Sanskar: I spend my time in office so u can use bed.. pls do…

Swara moved like robot to bed

Sanskar didn’t expect such hurry, but good: take ur medicine… ( he handed to her)

Swara: ji …

Sanskar fist his hand and try b calm: also apply ur cream…

Swara: ji..

Sanskar: swara bas… …

Swara close eyes but slowly open: ji Sanskar…

Sanskar felt heavy when she said his name, it was no longer melodies as before…

Swara: anything else…

Sanskar: swara, don’t treat me like this, pls…. don’t… ( something hit Sanskar mind) swara u..r not.. (swara looked confused to him) bring me water… (swara did) put on table… open wardrobe … mess it… sit on bed… break vase (swara follow everything single with no hesitation) ur following my orders…..



How was that hmm

Precap: surprice

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