Swasan – Hatred Love (48)







Sanskar POV

Aahhhh I feel so hammered…. My head is very heavy, so my eyes…. I cant even open them, hmmmm what happen….

I start feeling things around me… ahh I think I’m on bed, but … com on Sanskar open ur eyes…. I feel pain all over my body..hmmm I slowly open my eyes…. finally … ahh light hurts me… what is the time now, y swara didn’t wake me…. I shoot my eyes open SWARA… it my room ceil… hw I came here, whr I was…. I rise my hand to stop sunray from hurting my eyes ahhh

What is this scratches on my arm… ahh it hurt… I gain some strength to rise my upper body… I saw her at corner… what the hell happened to her

Sanskar: swara??!

She was just looking to space… room was too messy, broken glass everywhere… I look at myself… my god

I had nothing on me but shorts…. there was also blood on me, … NO WAY

Sanskar: swara what happened here?? ( swara look at me and she was hollow) swara!!

I stand up and get close and now I see more clear… her messy hair, bed sheet covering and……. Blood.. NO NO I wont do tat… not to her…

Sanskar: swara bolo na… what happen? did we fight ah? We only fight na… bolo swara

I start sopping, pls god tell me that I’m wrong, tell I didn’t do such filth to her, even f she kill me I wont do this to her… pls

Sanskar: Swara, speak up pls, I … I …. Hw I came here?? I didn’t hurt u na… bolo swara… y u don’t speak swara…

Swara looked at me and I wish she didn’t coz what I saw in her eyes was beyond my mind to understand…

Sanskar whisper: swaraaa!!!

Swara whisper broken slowly: leave ….. me …… alone…. pls

Those words stap me, I did it, I raped my wife…

Sanskar: hw this happen swara, hw…. (she turn her face to one side so I go to side) swara, ur ok na…. (she move her head again to the other side and I stand to sit facing her again) swara talk to me… swara.. (but she shut her eyes and a tear make a new black bath to her cheek)

I fall to wall and tears easily find its way to my eyes and I couldn’t hold them… Hw I let this happen, my swara… my god… I looked at my room, what have I done….

I saw the shatter glass of dishes and it came to me as very old dream… flashes of last night… masi took me.. I saw my dad.. I got drunk in bar… Natasha…. That b*t*h… she gave injection… I came here… swara.. the room was decorated for me…. I told her everything…. I asked her to leave me alone but she stood with me… my filth words to her…. Swara said she loves me…. Her begging…….


Swara legs begin to trimple as sanskar kissing her… her breaths was heaving and her body hurt due to many struggle same time responding to Sanskar acts, she felt Sanskar roam her belly sensually, she cursed herself for wearing a s*xy dress for him, Sanskar pulled the saree pallu at her top and turn her around harshly.. gazing her upper part boldly … blouse was almost falling since all ties r free now… swara try holding the veil to cover herself, but Sanskar didn’t let it happen pushing swara at the dinner table… bending her and pulling blouse at her shoulder….

Swara: Sanskar… pls stop now… plsss ..

Sanskar panting heavier with each passing second: consider it favor swara…. Remember ur dad sudden improve, I paid money for that.. lots to b accurate… and I m doing my righteous as husband.. so stop ur drama…. and let me f**k u as it should happen from day 1

Sanskar drag swara to bed and all dinner fall on floor as the table sheet was clutched to swara bracelet… Sanskar cut the bracelet causing swara a cut that make her gasp of pain….

swara saw pure lust and knew no way back in Sanskar eyes while he uttered: I’m sorry

Sanskar pushed swara to bed and she no longer resist, he riped his chemise and throw to floor and bend over swara, she couldn’t help her arms that stand to stop Sanskar from bending to her, he pushed her hands above her head and lend to her ear

Sanskar: aahhh My core hurts swara….. and I must fillfull my thirst or it ll keep hurting me… I must do this swara…..mmmm i must…

Sanskar bite swara ear then caught her hands in one hand while his other hand moved her blouse, more like toring it….. then he bend claiming swara lips in harsh way and swara just gave up…. sanskar kissed ib all possible way till he taste swara blood in his mouth due to biting her lips, she made no sounds and just tears kept falling of her eyes….. he rubbed his body against hers… roamed each curve…. Each inch…. till swara screamed out when sanskar marked her his forever….

When she woke up, she feel pain eco in each part of her body and blood on her…


Sanskar POV

What have i done??! I raped the only woman ever loved me and I ever loved…. i looked at her pic with jai… she said he was telling her about another girl love and as his friend he asked her. What have i done?? Swara saw me naked with Natasha, she saw pics and video but still she had faith n me, she never lied to me… and what i did? For some silly pics i did this to her….

Regret squeeze my heart to last drop, pls god take my soul right away, im evil and bad and should b killed… injection or no … i should have never treated her harshly… i could left away again… lock myself n office… but i didn’t… i didn’t…..i looked at swara… she was lifeless, looking in space only….

Sanskar whisper while crying: swara!!

Sanskar POV over

Swara eyes shut, she don’t wanna hear his voice right now, she want to get up… but she cant, pain is unbearable …. But she is swara Gadodia… no, not anymore… she is Swara Sanskar Maheshwary… she is broken, her honor was stole from her, but she still manage to stand…

She hold the curtains tight and pull herself up, Sanskar eyes followed her with regret… on floor he saw her cloth… inner skirt and saree and blouse…., Sanskar shut his eyes, swara pull the sheet properly to cover herself but remained standing for a while she was like that.

Swara cant move from pain, so she stand still…

Sanskar looking at floor: swara?! Kya hwa!! (but swara didn’t replay, so he look at her finding her eye shutting)swa…

Swara started to walk but she was helpless against her pain (ahhhhh)… Sanskar stand up to help her..

Sanskar: let me…

Swara cut him in slow voice: just leave me for now Sanskar… pls

Sanskar got back … swara had great tight on the sheet to bear the pain she feel… swara took her first step then another and Sanskar cried more, swara was aliasing, she couldn’t walk properly and after much difficult and pain hissing she enter washroom.

Swara POV

Aaaahhh, it hurt, it hurt a lot…. I know now I shouldn’t have stayed, I know he was hurt and out control, but as wife it was my duty and my stupid heart…. He pour all his pain to me… I cant agree his actions even if I love him……, I love u Sanskar, I begged u to stop… y u didn’t stop… y u blamed me for another mistake.. and made me pay it… tears don’t flow from my eyes anymore… I open the shower and drip inside watch water beneath me turning red…

Swara POV over

Sanskar outside didn’t know what to do, hw to act?? What ll happen now… he got disturb by swara phone sms. He histate to see it or no, but at last he did, it was from jai “u was right… she liked the ring a lot.. I’m the happiest person in the world … thanks a lot for helping me… c u later bhabhi”

Sanskar broke on the sms…. It was true… and if she don’t tell him so what… he don’t tell her things about him too, his masi used pics wrongly against him… his masi played his mind to hurt swara, Natasha also…. Now he can see that both worked together to mess his life with swara….. but what he did much further than mess…

Sanskar knock on washroom door: swara I’m sorry swara… I beg u to forgive me… pls swara come out… I’m sorry swara… I’m sorry…. Swara replay me pls … swaraaa … swaraaaaa

Swara didn’t answer any of Sanskar recalls Sanskar fall to floor again, he think he killed her love and his life…

It has been 30 mints since swara got in and Sanskar start to worry what if she done something to herself…

Sanskar knocking: swara r u ok… swara…. ( nothing but shower voice) swaraaaa… i.. i…ll come in… swara pls replay…

Sanskar open door found swara fainted under shower with the sheet still around her and he just freak out… he bend to her,

Sanskar: Swara…. Swara replay … swara… swaraaa … swaraaaa pls… oh god…

Sanskar carry swara to bed… and cover her… she hardly breathe… he call doctor to send him a good nurse, as he need female nurse to care his wife, doctor try to inquire more but Sanskar blocked him ( just send the blo*dy nurse??).

Sanskar put some shirt and pant on him, he picked pajamas for swara and curse himself for this…. He removed her sheet and Sanskar now have better see on his actions… her neck was full of bite marks as animal bite and countless kiss red spots… a cut at her wrist… everything indicates hw animal he was with her… he dress her and cover her then started cleaning room as possible.. and removing all glass, he had a look on things… his favorite dishes were cooked… the blouse was beautiful, the saree too…. He remember hw he tuck his hand harshly and pull the petals from swara belly painfully… her voice played in his mind ( aaaaahhhh Sanskar… pls b merciful… sanskaaar… plsss ???) he cursed himself and kept doing…. soon nurse arrive..

Sanskar: pls treat her well, and I’m here to help…

Nurse: ji sir… ( nurse unbutton swara pajama a bit and gasped when she saw swara state, looking suspect to Sanskar) who is she to u sir?

Sanskar shouted: SHE IS MY WIFE, mind ur blo*dy business com on..

Nurse got scare by Sanskar: I need bowl of warm water and sponge,

Sanskar brought what she want and stood watching nurse cleaning swara, but the marks on her neck hurt him than swara so he left …. After time nurse came out…

Nurse: she ll b ok sir… pls get these medicines and apply this cream on injury places every 6 hours… for.. for.. u too if needed… ( she point to Sanskar arms that full of scratches) and she mustn’t b exposed to any stress or .. or any.. any efforts ( clearly indicating to not bed swara) also b carful at her wrist cut..

Sanskar: ok I ll… aur haan ( Sanskar give her envelope) my name is Sanskar Maheshwary… I hope u understand that name very well

Nurse understand the threat to remain silent and took the envelope to leave

Sanskar get inside and watch sleeping swara… he caressed her hairs..

Sanskar POV

Hw I ll make u forgive me, hw I ll weep that blame look for me… hw I ll even ask ur forgive… I stained u…. y u didnt leave…. Coz u r a good wife… coz u loved me…. The thing I was logging for.. and what I done….. I left her sleeping and gone for bath…

The moment I slide under shower my whole body sting.. swara scratches hurt.. ,it was on arms, chest… it was my guilt… I remember yesterday in this shower…. She was concern of my health and I was concern in lust….. she was full innocent and I’m a lusty f**ker… she wanted to give me medicine and I gave her pain….. our first kiss.. I took it here and I make her pain….. y I made her pay for what my dad did…. I finished and look at myself in mirror…. Stained devil I am, and the marks on my body tells my guilt… animal.. that is what I am… Hw u ll react at wake swara….

I was dressing myself when I hear swara scream…

Sanskar POV over

Swara was having dream of her sweet moments with Sanskar, her dream about him, when she fall on him, when he was sick, their laugh, their dances, their love, there romance in the office… his wide smiling ……. but in each memory blood drops on it and turn black till Sanskar forcing scene came to her mind, and she wake up screaming…..

She set on bed while her hands on her ears … Sanskar came out of washroom immediately…

Sanskar: calm swara.. calm… I’m here … I’m here…shshsh shshshs

Swara POV

I open my eyes….. was it a dream? He didn’t …. Force me right!! I look at him but the pain between my legs remind me of the awful he did… I loved him… and he…

Swara: yes I know ur here… Sanskar…

He looked pained to me: Swara i… I am… take ur medicine…

I took medicine from him with shut mouth and eyes…

Sanskar: Swara listen to me, I know what happen isn’t forgivable nor forgettable.. but.. but…I don’t know what to say… kill me if this ll give u rest..

Swara: Sanskar I don’t wanna talk about it…. ( I felt liquid on my legs) ..

I remove blanket… I was n new cloth… i look at him…did he did that also…. I hold my tears not to fall, ….

Sanskar stand: I’m …. Nurse came… I couldn’t leave u…in.. sheet … I’m .. I’m…

I looked at him, what should I do, love u or hate u: pls I wanna b alone…

He didn’t utter a word and gone out… I still cant move… I dragged myself with great offer to washroom… I’m bleeding…. I changed cloth… use a menses diaper… I don’t know y I’m still bleeding….I hope nothing dangerous…I back to room… this room ll haunt me for long time…

I sit at corner, Sanskar paid money to improve my dad work, he should have told me… he said to stop my drama, does defending my dignity is a drama…. I’m sorry Sanskar but u must b punished…..

Swara POV over

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