Swasan – Hatred Love (47)

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Previously: sanskar past revelied

Epi.47: i am taking you


Swara POV

Sanskar lend closer to me, his whisper was slowly and deadly: L E A V E

One more time I was pushed away by him and again he crawl on four to reach wash room, while I sit there on floor not getting anything…. My mind tell me to leave right away, but my heart love him a lot that I cant leave him in that state…. I heard shower voice… Sanskar didn’t close door and I step in slowly.

Sanskar was clutching to shower pipe try not to fall….. he was still on all cloth under shower all drenched with cold water…

I shouted him: Sanskar r u mad…. ( I close water) u make it more worse… let me give u medicine….. he fall again on me and I barely hold him standing, my dear god his body temperature is not going down…. He whisper to my ear

Sanskar huskily panting: haaaaaah hhhhh UR SO s*xY TONIGHT,, Y?????

I can feel his grip tighten on me; Sanskar lets change yo… aaaahhhh ( he bite my neck)

Sanskar whispering: answer me damn it….. Y ahhh hmmmm??

Swara: Sanskar, its not proper now….

I gasped when I felt his hand untie my bottom blouse tie: Sanskar what are you doing … let me goo….

Sanskar licked my ear: I love ur s*xyyyy dresss hmmmm y u wear it huhh … i wanna tear it… is it for me… or for jai….

I was shocked y he bring his topic: what u …. Sanskar…. U think I ll….. u idiot … I wear for u… u doubt me??!

Sanskar: hmmmm seeing u with another man irrates me…. Don’t u ever see any man swaraaaaa

I can feel his hand roaming my back… this is not good, I don’t want this… not like this….

Swara: Sanskar leave me…. Lets go to change ur cloth… ur not in ur sense…..

Sanskar panting more heavily: jai… harendar… Adharsh… laksh….. stay away from all men….. ur mine swaraaaa…aaaaaahhh I ll kill u before u go to another man….

I was angry by his words.. i pull his hairs to face me: ur idiot, fool, bustered Sanskar….. I wont go to another man coz I love u god damn it…..

Now i finally saw him…. His eyes was so dark… so lusty…..he pushed me away. He was shutting his eyes like he has terrible pain….. I cant know y he behave that way… its worrying me… he try to open water again

Sanskar panted: aahhh haaah I .. I …. Must get coooool haaa ahhhh….

I stoped him: Sanskar… u ll get more sick like this, let me give u medicine

Sanskar push me again: Na… nataaashaa…

I frowned, y he say Natasha: I’m swara, Sanskar….

Sanskar was hitting the wall: I met Natasha…… she f**king injected ahhhhh, damn it huuhhh hhaaah…. f**k

What the hell… tat b*t*h… I hold my Sanskar: what she injected u???? what tat b*t*h done to u Sanskar, what happened baby….

He try to push me again, but it was weak this time and I didn’t let him too, his body temperature was high, I sopped and plead him to say: Sanskar bolo na, kya hwa… what happen with tat b*t*h… what she inject u with…

Sanskar: cool my body now…. I must get coo.. coooolll …. aahhhhh huhhh huhhh… she gave me… she.. huhhhh haaah a se….s*xu…al …. Exci…tat.. excitation….haaah injection….. I need to …. I must .. huuh cool myself…

I was confused, what is tat??…: Sanskar I cant get u… what… hmmmmm

Sanskar stopped me by taking my lips between his rough lips, I stood numb, hw to act… what to do… all I know he pains of something, awwww…. I don’t response and he bite my lips… he awww ahhh chewing them painly…. and left when I groan in pain… in our first kiss

Swara POV over

Sanskar huskily: leave now swara, stop me if u can, before its late…..

Swara still shocked and confused: Sanskar, u r scaring me… why u act that way…wh…..

Sanskar lust eyes kept gazing her, he catch her hand…. Swara eyes widen and her face turn all red in a fracture of second… Sanskar caught her hand and place it to his manhood over his pant… she could feel his aroused length ….. she didn’t utter a word passing looks between her hand and his face with shocked eyes and fearsome also..

Sanskar: tat whats wrong with me, that what make me act like that….. s*xual excitation injection …. Increasing body desires… and I must cool my body with either water… or……

Sanskar pressed swara hand harder on his hard manhood and that paining him like hell asking for rest then he took swara lips again more like eating it… second past and swara start move in refusal as she recover from her shock… she try to pull her hand away off that place but Sanskar kept it there pessing it even harder… she try push him but he didnt let go her lips pulling her lower lip between his…

Swara thought ( no, I didn’t want him like this… he is not in his sense…. No… I must run) swara bite Sanskar lips that he groan in pain…

Sanskar let swara hand go: aaaahhhh

Swara pushed him and run out of washroom but he follow and catch her saree veil, swara turn to him in fear, he was drenched in water… and pure lust in his eyes …….

Swara: let go of me Sanskar…. Pls…. not like this… pls….

Sanskar pull saree closer as swara try to struggle away but he caught her in the end locking her waist with his.. pushing their main parts together for hot fraction. Sanskar trail wet kisses to swara neck ( noo, nahi … sanskaaar.. noo) but Sanskar didn’t listen, he licked her neck sensually roaming tat area no matter hw much swara struggle….

Swara was getting weak, either due to exhausted energy or her body responding to Sanskar touch …

Swara still push Sanskar: pls Sanskar… let me go… I don’t want this

Sanskar: I cant stop anymore, I warned u to leave… now no way back… I’m taking u swara… with or without ur well….

Next day sun had came, and even whn it was a sunny day, it cast only dark shades on swasan room…..

Swasan room was in mess like tornado had vanished everything from there…. That marble floor that both swasan loved so much was full of shutter glass ……..

At corner swara sitting to floor, messy hair, swallowed red lips.. dark tears paths from her eyes all the way down her cheeks… covered in bed sheet … and blood stains on it

As tears trail from swara broken eyes she remembered last night events

(song link in the end of epi. Pls kindly hear it pls)

U who made the tears in my eyes

U tied me with u with force and finished me completely

The missing inside u, i’m the one who paid its price

U stole sleep from my eyes after that night

I burn from inside and chock

Ur fire burn me and burns u too

I burn from inside and chock

Ur fire burn me and burns u too

Begging wasn’t enough for u to merci me from that suffer

U was just wasting time and i am who hold the consequences

In the middle of lust u killed me and gone

U feed me the hatred taste to my heart and no way banish it now

I burn from inside and chock

Ur fire burn me and burns u too

I burn from inside and chock

Ur fire burn me and burns u too

I burnnnnn


Sanskar twist swara and hugged her back facing his chest

Sanskar print wet kisses on swara back neck: I neeed u swara…. I want to fill my thirst to u.. hmmm… i wanna hear ur moans hmmmm…. i wanna bed u alll night swara… filling all the nights i build lust for u… hear you scream my name all night while i f**k you restlessly over and over again

Swara tears flow over her eyes feeling disgust from sanskar words: u… uu… wont.. u wont do this ….. this call rape…

Sanskar: let it be ….

Sanskar bite swara neck hard tat she gasped in real pain ( ahhhh Sanskar) he didn’t care to anything … he pulled her blouse tie with his teeth ( nahiiii) swara screamed…. Sanskar mind was only in lust and nothing else… he round his arms tightly on swara waist and roamed her back giving wet kisses and bites with no merci on swara cries…


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Precap: what have i done

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