Swasan – Hatred Love (46)

Natasha ordered men to drive Sanskar home…. sanskar was hold and barely hold his feet….

Natasha left from there and in her car a man was sitting but shadows cover his face

Natasha: its done…

Man: u sure injection ll work??…

Natasha: more than even it suppose… this injection can b really dangerous specially with men like Sanskar… also look what I found in his car…. ( Natasha show the man the pills Sanskar usually take)

Man: what are these…..

Natasha: u can call them desire killers…. That mean Sanskar was facing hard time controlling his desire of lust… ( Natasha smile evily) so, lets party baby…. ( natasha disappear in man shadows as she seem to kiss him….

In Sanskar car there were 3 men, one driving and two accompany Sanskar as he was struggling… they drove him home and left him in the car and vanish….. Sanskar after a while step out of car and hardly open door…

Swara POV

I heard car voice, I ll wait him here, I cheek everything… all is perfect.. dinner table perfect… I was perfect.. so come my Sanskar… I have my love for u…. I could hear his footsteps coming up,…… Sanskar enter room struggling and fall on floor where I panicked


He was half conscious barely, and falling in my arms…

Sanskar: swaaa…aaa…. Swaraaa.. swaraaaaa

I was terrified??: what is it Sanskar what happened??? Y u like this…

His barely whispering: go away… get out of here….

I was shocked by his words: y Sanskar? What is it?

Sanskar shouted me: goooooooooooooooooooooooo, don’t b near me aaaaaaaaa haah haaaah

He jerked me and pushed himself to wardrobe painting heavily …..

I was confused on his act, I can smell alcohol out of him: Sanskar, y u like this tell me….. Y U DRUNK

He just ignored me and crawl himself on floor, toward bathroom….. I try support him but he jerked me

Sanskar shouted again: I said f**king go from here….. I hate u low bengaliiiii goooooooooooooo huhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh….

Sanskar was paining of something, I sense it: Sanskar what is hurting u??? tell me na… bolo….

Sanskar manage to stand: its u bengali b*t*hes…. A bengali destroy my life…. And u …. U loved before isn’t it? Who is he ah? Jai??!… bolo … (Sanskar throw their pics together) he proposed u na, did u agree…. What about me… oh we ll b divorced in one month na so no problem na….. ur just like soman…..

i was confused: who is soman Sanskar…. I’m swara…

Sanskar: who is soman…. She was our maid daughter, a low Bengali woman …. dad fall in love with her, but my dadi papa forced him to marry my mom….

Swara didn’t know about that ever, it was first time she hear that, Sanskar was crying while talking…

Sanskar: he marry my mom but he never loved her, he had me but he never loved us, he always run from us, like criminal had to face his guilt every day, like forcing a kid to drink his sour medicine… and who paid for all this, ME AND MOM…. He never cared us…. Never loved us… and that Bengali…. She was in the house the whole f**king time…..

What did u say ah? Haan. ” HIS DAD DIED IN CAR ACCIDENT” guess what… he didn’t….. RAM PRASAD MAHESHWARY IS STILL ALIFE

i had very shocked face…. Is tat possible?? All media tell he dead

Sanskar: haaaan, that buster, he … divorced my mom, he deceived her for her signature and make her sign on papers then married that Bengali he loved … that buster cry in front of mom asking her forgiveness….. WHAT FORGIVNESS…. She loved him as true husband but he… he treated her that way………. He was banished from family and all say RP is dead…… my mom couldn’t hold family looks to her as they blame her for the fail of her marry…. WHAT was her mistake AAHHHHH BOLO WHAAAAAT

??Each day….. each my mom faced insult till she fall sick… her heart couldn’t hold such betrayal… she died of heart failure function…. My mom dead coz of that buster and his Bengali whore… I hate u….. I haaaate uuuuuuuu

I try to get close to him but he still shouts, so I stoned in fear

Sanskar: she destroyed my life and gone like nothing happened… and that man RAM… he caused my life to b hell, and every one took chance to put their hate toward him upon me….dp.. dadi papa… anita aunty… all pour their hatred to me…. forgeting tat i am kid…. what was my fault??? Being his son?!!!

I do arti on his soul since mom death hopping he die painfully… but he didn’t… both lived their life and having a f**king son…


Sujata: this boy named Pratap Ram Maheshwary

By that RP appeared and Sanskar recognized his dad very well like years hadn’t aged him at all, he can see him hugging tat boy and laughing with him, then a woman came and RP gave her a head kiss so he guessed she is SOMAN…

Three were like happy family and that broke Sanskar, this should have been his fate, not that pratap…

Sujata: u see, he kept going and have another son… he forgot about u and my jiji… now only u to suffer.. and all coz of that Bengali.. she never left ur dad n peace and even after he marry jiji that Bengali played his mind and made him do what u know, now u still want b with that Bengali ah…. Hw ur mom ll think of u now ahh…..


Sanskar looked so pain to swara: y all this happen to me, what is my fault in this world…….

I sopped for him, my dear husband, my dear love, that is the ice that hold him all the time, I wanna hold him, but again he hit his back to wardrobe angrily

Sanskar: I SAID STAY AWAY huuuuuhhhhh haaaaahhhhh, leave now… pls leaveeeeee, I, I… huuuuhhh

I was afraid, he has dark in his eyes I never saw before, he was panting heavily….. : I … I cant leave u like that…. Sans.. sanskaar??

He face the wall and keep hitting it: pls leave now swaraaaaa…. Nnaaaaaaaawwwww

I shouted loader: hell I wont!!! Whats wrong with u? y u shout me to leave…..

He came toward me, and I got so afraid by the devil gaze in his eyes, I step back and trample that I fall on floor, but he didn’t pick me as he usually do.. he fall to his knees clutching bed try not to fall flat, I came close to him, I put my hand around his neck, he had a fever…

Swara: Sanskar, u r running a fever…. U sick!! Wait I ll…. Ahhhhh

Sanskar grip my wrist so tight it pained me: Sanskar… choro… Sanskar……

Sanskar lend closer to me, his whisper was slowly and deadly: L E A V E


Soooo hpw was sanskar past??

What is wrong with him?

Why he pushes swara away?

What u think will happen now?

Precap: i am taking you

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  1. Independent

    I can’t stand this tension anymore update soon dear

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  3. Awesome..Sanskar’s past was really painful..waiting for the next part..tc..

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  6. AbrahamEzra

    Awe I can’t stand this suspence anymore . so sad of sanskar. How much he had suffered this much. And hope swara will help him out of this pain. Post soin

  7. AbrahamEzra

    Awe I can’t stand this suspence anymore . so sad of sanskar. How much he had suffered this much. And hope swara will help him out of this pain. Post soio

  8. Awesome part. Post next one soon

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