Swasan – Hatred Love (45)

Sanskar left GM fuming from swara over act, for not telling him she was in love, who it could be? Avy or somy?? No way na! but y not? She didn’t know their truth na… but she was teen in that time… his mind was going to blast… he tell her past of his, y she didn’t do the same… its not like he ll b angry she loved… well actully he might… but what to do…. He love her sooo sooo much..

Sanskar was at office and waited her to come, but she didn’t .. that fumed him indeed, but he didn’t call her, not this time..

It was noon and he got phone from his masi as she told him she want to show him something… and while going out he got envelope and when he open his heart shatter with first pic and then he was angry, hell angry…

Swara POV

I am married to a pagal!! Now I’m sure of it!!

i opened my phone which has Sanskar pic as back ground: but I fall for that pagal umma umaa??

….: ehm ehm

Swara: jai!! What u doing here??

Jai: swara we r n mall… more exact in cafe!! I can come for shopping and drink coffee too. what was tat??!

Swara: it was me slapping ur face!! Wanna try one more time haan???

Jai sit on swara table: no no pls papa, I’m sorry…

Swara: so what brought u here??

Jai: actually …… voo…vooo god had send u to me…

Swara: hw….

Jai pick a small box and open it and it had a diamond star ring: Uttra, would u be my wife??

i shocked: haaaaaaa, kyaaaaaaa!!!

Jai: is tat would b Uttra reaction?? Should I say would u b my wife? Or marry me or..

Swara: eekkkk ekkkk… point of order… u ll propose Uttra??

Jai: haan, hour from now.. and when she calls u sent her pls……what u think??

Swara: its amazing yaar!! Uttra ll love it for sure.. uttra love star rings

Jai: then what should I say?? I feel nerve yaar

Swara: speak ur heart!! Bas… don’t worry about anything else…

Jai picked my hand: thank u swara!! Ur the best person I ever have in my life… swara bhabi

Swara: bhahbi…. Perhaps, f Sanskar didn’t shoot u first..

Jai: ufff that is the most thing I fear swara… would he accept.. I swear no enemy for him anymore, he is indeed great person, and I really love Uttra…

Swara: he may send u to hospital, but if he sense ur and Uttra love, he will agree, he love Uttra so much, u don’t worry… beside the bhabi is here… I ll b with u…

Jai: really really really thank u swara…I must prepare other things too ok….. c u later

Swara: bye…

I was happy to max… such sweet person.. he ll make Uttra happy, and give Sanskar the bhai he long for…

Swara POV Over

Now u can get it, the pics were sent to Sanskar was jai and swara meeting, and Sanskar got blind and though of jai proposing swara, and there close together, with the notebook in morning, he got blind…

Sanskar meet his masi and he was angry as hell but his masi didn’t speak a lot since she know everything… she stopped at small shop selling cloth and saree fabrics

Sanskar: what is this masi… what is this place.. y we r here??!

Sujata: just look at this small dirty shop, very poor na, see that boy inside ( sujata looked at boy selling the cloth, about 13 years old, fair skin and bit skiny, wild hair)

Sanskar: who is he masi, pls speak up I’m no mode for all this….

Sujata: this boy is named……………….

Sanskar was shuttered completely after hearing boy name…

It was evening in SM… swasan room can never b more beautiful… candles everywhere… bed filled with blue petals like Sanskar love itin shape of heart… ….

Swara was wearing her first traditional saree since she married…. Black saree to show her shinning self, plets was folded perfectly and tucked below her bely and all her waist area is visible, pink shinny blouse almost covering her shoulders with two ties in the back,

she didn’t hide any skin today, she was ready to tell Sanskar her love confession and show her bold woman look, even if he refuse her love, for at least once let me see her as a woman… nahi, as WIFE. She smiled wide when she heard car stop at the cabin…..

At Sanskar bit early after his masi left Sanskar head to bar… was very broken that time…

Sanskar POV

That.. boy.. he is.. he is…, didn’t think of us at all? ….. gone and never look back… that Bengali b*t*h!! All because of her, everything… and swara is no difference. She lied to me, she is cheating on me, that b*t*h swara…..

I kept drinking alcohol, drink and drink of all types, martini, jen, shampain, any alcohol come in my way…

The pics of swara keep flash at me, hell, u cheat me swara, u give urself to jai… what he differ from me, hell nothing!!! But he is ur type isn’t …. Ur such low swara… very low bengali just like SOMAN…

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar was just sitting in that bar club and no one notice that waiter putting something in his drink… its Natasha order, she give waiter money so with each drink Sanskar take she put a drugging pill which give alcohol 10 times effect… Sanskar got flash in his mind of swara photo with jai and his mind just blow and left there …

Sanskar came out of bar but before he reach his car he saw Natasha standing

Sanskar: U…. ( he went toward her to hit her but some goons caught him)

Natasha: to to to to…. Not good baby… ur so drunk… we will drive u home…

Sanskar: let …let me goooo… I ll kill u naata…. U call masi….

Natasha: oh yea… I did… and even more… ur mine Sanskar… only mine….

Sanskar: swa… swaraaaaa wont …..

Natasha: yea she didn’t fall for cheating trick… but lets see what she ll do when u hurt her…. Hold him tight….

Natasha went near to Sanskar and had an injection in her hand: show his arm…

Sanskar struggle but he was so drunk: what u…. let gooooo f**kers….. what is…

Natasha put needle to Sanskar arm and push the fluid to his vein: shshshshhshshs…. calm baby….. wish u good night Sanskar…. Ur bad luck that I know u very well, lets see if swara ll still love u after tonight… ( Natasha to men) drive him home….


I expect many comments and guesses else i wont post next

Precap: past reveal

Allah hafiz

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