Swasan – Hatred Love (44)

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previously: sujata entry and swara going back to GM

Epi.44: WHO IS HIM

Sanskar was holding swara waist tightly waiting for her words….

Swara: Sanskar we.. need… to… continuo…

Sanskar: hmm say it…

Swara by that time reached his waist and start tickling: this hahahahahaahah

Sanskar bend immediately: aaari swara no no hahahahhaa….. stop swara ?????

Swara run around his desk when sanskar got control on himself,

Sanskar: come here now

Swara: No way, u stop before we get caught!! We r in office for god sake…

Sanskar stopped: Is that sooo??

Swara: Haaaan

Sanskar: Ok…. go to ur office

Swara: Really Sanskar I don’t joke

Sanskar: neither do I, go now

swara moved distrusting to her cabin and Sanskar gaze follow her only smirk as evil

Sanskar POV

What the hell am I doing… I don’t know yaar, I missed her, like I can no longer sleep without her embrace… I think I’m drugged… haan I’m addictive, to u swara.. ur my drug… i… face it Sanskar, u was never a coward, hannn I love u swara… I fall for u.. for ur crazy.. for ur cutness, for ur smile, ur positive … I fall for u my enemy….

Sanskar POV over

At home swara found Sanskar already there on dinner table: aari Sanskar what u doing here??

Sanskar: ???As my last information, I’m the damag of this house, so I have all rights to come here, henna ma!!

Sharmeshta: zarori beta!!

Swara: accha so he became beta now… laksh ll skin u alive Sanskar!! He love mom so much and don’t hold anyone to share her love…

Sharmeshta: laksh ll understand that now I have 2 sons, u just don’t fire things up!!

Swara: I don’t … remember when he eat the chocolates u gave me ah.. and pulling my hairs when I fight him calling u ma!!

Sanskar: y is tat??

Swara: oh (swara bite her tongue)

Shekhar: tats coz laksh is not my son

Sanskar: kyaaaa!! Then??

Swara: he is Boshkar uncle’s son… my papa ki far cousin

Shekhar; haan, he used to live here, he and his wife died when laksh was kid, so I took him and raised him like my own son.

Sharmeshta: not like, he is our son…

Swara: hmmmm

Sanskar thinking (hw come I never know that)

At room

Swara: now what?? U cant sleep here, Masi ll skin u, so challo to ur house….

Sanskar; swara actually I never apology for what masi did and getting u out, but she is masi, I cant go against her

Swara: I know Sanskar, she raised u after all na??!

Sanskar: not exactly, but i yold u na she always protected me from DP, defend me …. so I’m grateful to her

Swara: I know Sanskar, but u must excuse me too, my dad … I also couldn’t go against him.

Sanskar: hmm

Swara moved to mirror getting off her jewels: aaari my bracelet… my lucky bracelet… whr is it

Sanskar; ur what

Swara: its my special bracelet, laksh gifted it to me, I never lose it…. Gosh

Sanskar; swaraaaa ( showing her bracelet) here

Swara; aaari hw it reach u?

Sanskar; u dropped today in office…

Swara remembered office scenes and blushed; hmm ( she moved to take it but he kept it away, she try to take again but again he move his hand) Sanskar!!

Sanskar: kya.. take it ( but each time swara try catch he move his hand)

Swara: stop ur play Sanskar… give it to me…

Sanskar: hmmm I don’t feel I want to

Swara: achhhaaaa!! Come here…

Sanskar run and she behind him: Sanskar stop… Sanskar give it to me, com on…. ( swara catch Sanskar shirt from behind) got ya.. give now

Sanskar stand his arm up: no not yet

Swara: aaari yaar give.. better for u, uffff ( swara try to get but it impossible)

Sanskar enjoyed tat coz swara was at his right arm and bracelet high at left arm. swara was try to get it and didn’t know that she is moving on Sanskar body to reach and that if she turn her face bas a bit he ll crush her lips, he was giving her smiling lusty looks and swara didn’t stop till she notes his looks, it was true that there face was bohat close, if Sanskar bend just a bit he ll reach swara lips, and this idea played both minds, both kept gazing for what seem long time… just second to unit the urge n their lips but it seem that god is forbidding that idea totally

Thak thak, both got disturbed by the knock

Sharmeshta: shonna!!

Swara; ha..haa *cough* haan maa

Shonna sub teek hu beta!! Y so much noise??

Swara look blame to Sanskar who smirking; kuch nahi maa… just discussing topic with Sanskar… (Sanskar arm was down so swara snatch the bracelet) now all over ma

Sharmeshta: Shonna u both don’t need anything?

Swara; Nahi ma… u can go

Sharmeshta: Hmmm

Sanskar: that’s is cheating….

Swara: u did tat too….

Sanskar: I didn’t, this is not over! ( he try to snatch it again but swara was hiding it behind back with both hands)

Sanskar: swara. That’s not fair!! Swara ( finally Sanskar smiled and catch her both wrists behind her back tightly )

Swara: ahhh sanskaaaar!!! Now tats not fair… let me go

Sanskar: no I wont!!

Swara was struggling and Sanskar increase his pressure and pulling swara closer to his body where no gap even for space…

Swara pained but in sweet voice that Sanskar liked: ahhhh Sanskar it pain… let go.. tum cheater hu

Sanskar: I told u before swara!! I’m very bad person…

Swara looked deeply in his eyes.. she still struggle for free, not mentioning that feel she get from being crushed to Sanskar hard chest, but all she get was more pressure on wrist and more self lose control…

But as final move swara moved hard and kick Sanskar leg, he didn’t let her but both fall on bed with Sanskar on top. Swara alarms now was louder than police sarina,

Swara: Sanskar let me, Sanskar, pls do!!

Sanskar was punishing her: y??

Swara: coz… coz…

Sanskar: u said don’t do that in office na!! so I came here swara!! Now its ok na… ( biting her neck)

Swara: Sanskar u cheater!!! Let me goooo

Sanskar: everything is fair in love and war swara….

Swara: but this is not love sanskaaaar

Sanskar: then its war (Sanskar roamed swara neck trailing kisses and love, but swara lay with no action try to ignore him maybe he ll stop

Swara: what u want from me Sanskar!!! Is this hw friends act ah??!

Sanskar: what if I don’t wanna b ur friend anymore swaraaa!!

Both have serious desire eye contact…. Cut by Sanskar phone rang and tat was swara help coz Sanskar left swara to pick up

Sanskar: hello… haan masi… I’m with friend… ok masi.. haan .. ok .. bye

Swara catching her breath: I told u to go to masi… now leave

Sanskar: think of what I said swara… coz I mean it…( before he go he out some medicine of his jacket and take it before he leave)

Swara: u still not telling me what is tat??

Sanskar: u don’t have to know! Not now at least!!

Swara: Sanskaaaaaaar?

Sanskar: bye???

Sanskar left swara and both smile for there acts….

Sanskar reached his cabin…

Sujata: whr have u been?

Sanskar: At friend place

Sujata: Bengalin friend henna??

Sanskar: Masi she is my wife!!!

Sujata: Never, hw u allow urself??!

Sanskar: Masi pls understand she is different…

Sujata: Nahi Sanskar all r the same… never forget ur vendetta sanakar…

Sanskar: Wait.. wait.. hw u knew I was there? Do u send spy on me masi??

Sujata: Nahi… I’m spying that begalin… and I was right.. she is cheating u

Sanskar: MASI, watch what u say…

Sujata: Really… then look…

Sujata gave him pics of swara and jai together, laughing and chatting

Sujata: see!! She has no interest in u!! just like SOMAN

Sanskar shouted his voice out: MASI DON’T SAY HER NAME

Sujata: Then hw u explain this ah

Sanskar: He is my partner, and friend so what??

Sujata: Achha… a friend she ll go out with everyday.. whom u fool??

Sanskar: Masi I trust swara…. Toh pls get that idea out… jai is only friend

Sujata: ok Sanskar I’m leaving tomorrow night…. Be free at afternoon coz I ll show u something… then u decide ur life with that bengalin…

Sujata left Sanskar and he head to his room, he keep look at the pics and fume, he didn’t like jai b that close from swara… he hated fully…

Sujata didn’t tell Sanskar the truth at all….

Next day Sanskar went to swara house to pick her up, and to ask her about the pics… she was getting ready in washroom so he waited on bed checking his phone, but he drooped it under bed, he bend to get when he notice a box there… Sanskar took that box out and open it… he found many pics of swara as baby and kid and teen, her parents gift her lots of love, then some pics with laksh, fighting mostly, finally he found a note book with address (my love to him) full of hearts and teen drawing, he try open It but it was secure with key. Sanskar got heart ache u know, what may swara hide in notebook….

By that time swara came out of wash room and saw Sanskar with her stuff and she got angry

Swara: what u doing Sanskar??

Sanskar: sorry swara, I found box by mistake and open it…

Swara in fake anger: u open it by mistake also ( she moved to box and put things back in), these r my personals for god sake.

Sanskar: swara I said sorry,

Swara still acting: those r so personal… don’t open it again…

Sanskar got angry: personal or past???!

Swara confused: what u mean?

Sanskar: who is he??

Swara got tension: who u mean?

Sanskar picked the note: the HIM?? Whom u love swara??…

Swara snatched it: not ur business.

Sanskar pull her tight: IT IS, I’m ur husband….

Swara: Sanskar, choro!! you are paining me

Sanskar: did u loved before swara? Y u not tell me? Speak swara

Swara didn’t know what to say it was like he doubted her, the HIM is her imaginary husband.. poems and letters she used to write when she was a teen and decided to keep so when she marry she can show to her husband

Sanskar shake her: did u loved someone when we married?? Bolo swara??? Do u still love him???

Swara pushed him: what nuances???

Sanskar: then kyaaa!! Bolo!!

Swara: Sanskar wat the hell with u???

Sanskar: this hell with me swara ( he show her the pic of hers and jai)

Swara: what is this???

Swara was shocked by these and what lies it shows but more hurt what Sanskar is thinking

Sanskar: so what r these swara…?

Swara: u tell me Sanskar… do u doubt me???…

Sanskar: no swara.. never… but y u didn’t tell me???…

Swara: I have my reasons…

Sanskar: what reasons… do u lie to me???…

Swara looked at him angrily: I warned u from calling me that….. get the hell out of my room…..I said out …

Sanskar leaving: masi is leaving tonight, I wanna find u at home… we have a lot to speak about…..

Sanskar left fuming and swara sit to floor thinking (finally, they day had come, I should have told him about note book!! But the pics, I cant tell him about jai and Uttra yet) I’m very stupid

Swara picked phone and start calling Sanskar… but he didn’t pick…( challo Sanskar pick na, I’m sorry) … but still nahi… swara thought of sending sorry sms, but she decided she ll sorry at night, when she confess to him…

swara decided not to go to work and go shopping for special night….

finally swara will confess her love

would it be easy??

how will sanskar act?

what plans his masi have?

guesss guesss guessss cause manyy is one the way

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thanks already

precap: TRICK

allah hafiz

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