Swasan – Hatred Love (39)

Hello every one…..

I know you alll hate natasha naaaaaaa

So for allllllll natasha haters…. hhhhhh enjoy


Sanskar POV

swa… ( I took step to swara but she step back) swara?? ( I said weakly, she don’t believe me)

Natasha: baby!! what happened has happened!! I know I promised u she wouldn’t know, but ba…. (taaaaaaaak)

I was shocked by that, swara gave Natasha a tighy slap that stumble Natasha to fall to wall holding her cheek surpriced by heat sensation across her face

Swara spoke with deep venom voice: I warned u from calling him baby b*t*h……

Natasha couldn’t believe the tight slap she just got….

Swara: Sanskar… get dress

I just couldn’t move, what a strong, what she is up to???!!hw she can be like that calm…. She moved picking up my cloth and handle them to me without give me one look

Swara: dress now..

I node and start put my cloth on,

Natasha: hw dare u hit me??? Do u know what I am? Do u have any idea of what I am to him ah? Hw dare…..

Swara: hahahhaha aahahahah ahaha

Swara was looking to floor and laughing, my god, did she gone mad, she twist to Natasha

Swara: hw dare me Natasha??? No, hw dare u think that I ll believe such cheap trick? I mean like really?? From which movie u learned it ah?? What cheap series u got tat from!! ( Natasha was as frowned as me by swara words, hw can she b like that?) I have full trust in my husband Natasha, I know very well he wouldn’t betray me, so pls next time try better trick!! Tell u what… watch hollywood movies perhapes u find better tricks….

Natasha: what does he see in u to get marry to u?

Swara tie her arms to her chest and smile with confident: apparently something u don’t have?

Natasha: if that was true… y he would he still come to me…..

Sanskar; Natasha u big liar…

Natasha: if u satisfy him and give him his need he wouldn’t be so hungry to my bed yesterday all night

Swara calmly counting on her fingers: lies … lies… lies… only lies flow from that mouth

Natasha: so u trust him? Did he told u what I am n his life??!

Swara: y should I care??, ur his past and I am his present, u wad his gf but I’m his wife…..

Sanskar: Natasha cut ur crap ok, and consider our partner is over….

Natasha: u cant do that Sanskar…. And for u kid as a wife… do u enjoy ur s*x with him ah? Does he pleasure u well? Do u like his lick behind ur ear? Do u like his bite on ur neck…. His fingers flipping ur….

I screamed my top voice: Natasha shut up before i drag ur tounge out

Natasha: no I wont, each time u enjoy these darling remember me coz I taught him, each time u get high by ur husband bedding remember that Natasha taught him that, he came to me as naïve 17 years old boy, but I who taught him bed arts… stick that to ur mind…. We both f**ked for years darling… I know his weak points more than u ll ever do…..

That filthy low b*t*h: Natasha I SWAER I LL KILL U NOW

Natasha: tell her I’m wrong if u dare, or should I show her ah?? Should I play ur head hairs to get u on, isn’t this ur weak point??

I moved to Natasha and I swear death demon was there to take her filth soul to hell but swara stand in front of me head bowed, not even looking at me, who should b bowing swara??!

Swara: r u finished?

Natasha: no I’m…….

Swara: Sanskar, u finished dressing??

Sanskar: hmm

Swara: lets go,

Before swara go ( TAAAK) even harder slap to Natasha and before she pick herself from that swara gave her another and another, black and blue

Swara: this for touching him, this for calling him baby, this for ur cheep trick, this for calling his past that he hates a lot (one last tight slap) and this for next time b*t*h to talk with respect about my husband… u taught him u say huh my foot, some men …….. P L E ASUREEEE only run in their blood like my sanskari ( talking with husky voice, I guess she is teasing Natasha to the max)… AUR haan we can do it, u and Sanskar partnership is O V E R

Sanskar POV over

Both swasan moved out of room and all hotel, Sanskar couldn’t find what swara think of or hw she felt, her eyes were hidden by her hairs, she came with his driver and this is hw they left, both were in the back seat and no word was spoken, she didn’t say anything not even look at him bowed head all the time….

Sanskar was so nervous, do she really believe him that much, he himself not sure he did it aur no, if it was him he wouldnt believe himself… for god sake both were almost nude, hw can she be so sure about it!! Or maybe she don’t believe him and was teasing Natasha only!!

Swara POV

Finally we reached home, I wouldn’t take him to my house that state… when we enter room

Sanskar: swara give me one chance to speak… I di…

Swara: go shower.

Sanskar: swara pls…


Even the powerful Sanskar was taken back by my action and follow my order immediately. Cant he see hw much it hurt me when I imagine him with her, when I imagine another woman apply my rights on him??? Even if he wasn’t in his senses!!!!!! It pain as hell

Wouldn’t he pain if he was n my place…. Tat cheep b*t*h… did it… did it really happen…. No no … dnt make it effect u swara…. sanskar would never betray u…. I really trust Sanskar, he wouldn’t betray me, for some reason he hate betrayal a lot so he wouldn’t!!!!!! but … but Natasha said it, now its almost 6 month married and Sanskar didn’t touch me even once, hw can this be?? Even strongest men will have problems with that? Hw about a man who used to hate u and later u became his friend only and probably see no feminineness in u….

I look at myself in mirror, I never showed Sanskar that part of me, haan I wear hot dresses and impresses him but never show him my feminnine…. my desire, for him… desire is love and I wont offer my love to someone who don’t love me….. i think, but then back to our point… no way Sanskar didn’t touch a girl all that time, so he did…. No he didn’t , did, didn’t, did, didn’t, did, didn’t, did, didn’t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I fall to floor, what should I believe… (peep, peep, peep,…..) I got smses, all these smses, ……. No, no way, Sans.. sans.. he wouldn’t do tat…Nahi…. Its his pics, with Natasha, kissing and….. nooooooooooooooo, my tears came…. No way it must be photoshoped na, he wouldn’t nooooo….

I got new sms, this time it was video, I cant see from hw much tears in my eyes, nahi… my eyes r lying…. This is not happening, nooooo, Sanskar was in bed with Natasha, on top, eating her neck more than kissing, it was him, his body.

Sanskar in video: haan, I love u, I really do, ur so sweet .. hmmmmm… so s*xy

It was his groans as video ended, it was only seconds…..

Y u did this Sanskar y???! y?????????????????????

He came out………

Swara POV over


So how was natasha punishment ahhhh

How was the chap. Biting my nails to know

Allah hafiz

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  1. Wow it’s a amazing ff today.. bt please don’t make dwara hate Sanskar.. n I like ur ff a lot n will be waiting for it every day

  2. Shashi

    Its really awesome. Thts good nathasha got more slaps. Hehehehehe . Can’t describe my happiness when i read that part. but i think nathasha should get more punishment than that. U turn the story which i didn’t expect phrase. Can’t guess what will happen in future. Curiocity …..curiocity …. increasing day by day. is that nathasha married woman? Any way u nailed it. Waiting for next epi. (OR ha don’t bite ur nails when ur nail got over u will bite ur own fingers. Poor fingers will cry he na!!!!!!)

  3. Simi

    Swara slapped Natasha ???????? she should get more punishment..
    Curious about Swara’s reaction

  4. gosh yaar its getting more interesting
    luved bold Swara
    update soon

  5. Rukhsaaar Siddiqui

    don’t made swasan separation pls update soon can’t wait

  6. Rockleon

    Awesome! !!!!
    U always amazed me with ur skills
    Totall speachlesss! !!!
    Update next part sooonnn!! !!

  7. awesome…

  8. Awesome one…plzzz post next one sooon dear. Excited for next one.

  9. Wow loved it
    Good punishment plz don’t seperate them ❤️?
    Allah hafiz

  10. Nice…

  11. Can’t wait for the next part

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