Swasan – Hatred Love (28)

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Another ramdan kareem

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Today very exciting episode as sanskar past will reveale …. so enjoy


Previously: swara work as sanskar PA


Sanskar was so mesmerized by such strict accurate of swara in work… they set day schedule and desscussing emails… and in middle with no knock Natasha came

Good morning sankyyyyy…ooo

Swara stand up: miss Natasha good morning

Natasha: swara, what u do here?

Swara: its polite to repay the hi first…. and as i check im owner ki patni i think i can come here anytime…

Natasha: this place is for work not dating swara….

Sanskar: she is mrs. Maheshwary natasha keep tat pls and she is my new PA

Natasha: kya??? Why I wasn’t informed?

Sanskar smirks to her: ur now…. Thank u swara, that’s all for now..

Swara: ji (swara moved to her office smiling to Natasha and wink)

Natasha: what is that exactly???

Sanskar: As u see

R u mad??


Y u brought her here??

I’m free to choose my PA


Natashaaaaaaaa… she ll work here….accept it ok … unless ur afraied of competion?

Natasha: nahi sanskar… im concern about the men’s roaming her body in front of u…..

Sanskar smirk: she is not u natasha… even if they did she has ability shutting their eyes by one scary look..(like that Sanskar end the topic thinking about his next goals)

Swara fastly get to know to office employs, sure was creepy that boss wife is getting to them but soon she found herself in friend with 3 ( sahsa – Aditia – harendar)

First week pass in work and when u look on swara face u see only black. Sanskar gave her no merci and always heavy her with unimportant reports and researches, beside her work with dad and her duties but swara never complained and that irrates Sanskar.

It was office time

On office phone: swara come to my office…, ji sir

Swara head there

Sanskar: swara I ll tell u a letter u should sent to Japanese company hold great hotel here, start writing:

Dear sir, this Sanskar the owner ……….. (Sanskar start stating too fast, no pause or relax and swara typed nothing) I want that on my desk in 15 mints.

Swara: ji sir

After 10 mints swara came again: letter sir ( sansakr jaw dropped)

Sansake: hw hw hw

Swara even though she is tired she smiled: u think I don’t know what u doing. 10 days of work, u thought I ll b irate, I though u would have known me enough by now, I wont let u set that goal.. Maheshwary. I recorded ur voice so all I need to do is to work that in voice writing app and all ur letter will b written…. Play another game. ( swara turn to left coughing and Sanskar think dammmmmmmmn huh. This is doesn’t work, hellllll but then he saw swara falling in front of him)

Sanskar: swaarraaa ( he reach her and pick her off floor) swara, swara, kya hwa?? replay me swara

Natasha came due to scream: kya hwa…

Sanskar: call doctor fast ( he left swara and put her on chair) swara open ur eyes swara….. ( he took water from small fridge and spread on her face softly) swaraaa bolo na swaraaaa… whr is doctor….

Natasha: don’t shout… he is coming up…. Y u like that she is not dying or something… huh perhaps pregnant

Sanskar got frustrated: get out natasha before I kill u in ur place….. swara open eyes pls… swara…. ( but swara didn’t response, doctor came)

Doc: don’t worry sir she is just tired and seem not having proper food or sleep… by tomorrow morning she ll b fine

Sanskar carry swara to car from back door so emplyes dnt see her tat way… then to home, Sanskar laid her to bed…

Sanskar POV

Swara I’m really sorry, I didn’t care ur pale face nor ur sleep. U work for me and ur dad and with Uttra and home…. I’m sorry I’m… wait wait… what I’m doing why do I feel so concern…. Y???? look at her face, if u wanna kill her just do yarr, but killing her everyday, tsheeee… he could u after what u pass through

I call Uttra: Uttra come to my cabin pls ( when Uttra reach there) Uttra swara is ill, care her pls I need to b out

Uttra: but bhai its raining…

Sanskar: no problem just stay with her

I just got out took my car and gone to sea side way and sit outside and got full wet but I don’t care. ( never forget ur vendetta) I didn’t masi, but what swara deal that…. I marry her on my own well but I cant see her pain masi, I know that pain very well…

It was after my mom death with months, that time dadi papa was still alive, also my dad sister Anita and her husband sedharth and their son Mano, they didn’t live with permanently but they used to come time to time. Me and Adharsh and Mano r in same age. But after dad accident nothing was same for me and after mom, I was… I was….


Sanskar age 11 years old sleeping in store room, and woman came waking him….

Anita: hai u… up.. com on… my son is hungry go make him food challo…

But y aunty?? till maid to do.. I don’t know how….

Aaari hw dare u replay me ah ( forcing him to up) challllo go help maid challo.

I spend my day in kitchen with servants and learn and I also went to school and study… everyone hated me… bas Annapurna ma stay kind.

My dadi pa never looked at me or play with me, I loved him and loved sitting in his lap and play but no more…. Adharsh and Mano got all the love…

In school Adharsh used to copy my HW without my knowledge and we get punished for it, and at home he complain to DP that I who copy him, and dp never stopped punishing me for that.

On day mano took my play, I defened for it and hit him, it was present from my mom , a doll of wax Indian knight, to mom I was her knight so she gave me that, he went cry to his mom

Mano: mom he hit me, I want that play maaaaaaa

Anita: aari chori hw dare u hit him hmm, come here…

I run from her hands and hide at my dadi: pls dadi its my play don’t let him take it… dadiiii plssss

But he didn’t utter a word looking at me with sad eyes only, Anita aunty caught me and hit me, but still I didn’t give my play… I run for Badi ma

Sanskar: Badi ma, help pls…

Badi ma: Anitaaa, whats ur problem, leave his play.

Anita: nahi my son want it, and I give my son anything he want, chori give it now

Sanskar: never, its my play, go pay him one, u take money for badi papa all the time, I see u, go buy him.

Anita aunty got frustrated by that: I ll show u

she run behind me again and this time Mano stretch his leg on my way and I fall to floor, my side head got small scratch, but my heart shattered with my play knight as it broke into pieces due to fall


Anita aunty was about to catch me but Mano said ( its ok ma, I don’t want it any longer) and left together. Badi ma hold me tight while I cry for my play.

Before Anita aunty leave house she came to my room while I study, she just came in and open cloth board and start taking my mom sarees

Sanskar: aunty what u doing?

Anita: I’m taking those to myself….

I shout: never…. ( I caught the sarees tight) they r ours…

Anita: Aaari what u ll do with them, wear them??? Give them, aaari give… ( but I hold them tight)

Sanskar: they blong to mom, its non of ur matter, I ll keep them….

Anita: And she is dead, now leave…..

Sanskar: Nnnnoooooooo…. Badi maaa, badi maaaaaaaaaaa

But she took them and I ran behind her try stop her from taking them, family as usual outside and no one utter a word till…



Sujata masi was here, I run to her: sujata masi pls stop her, she wanna take my mom sarees, pls masi….

Sujata masi move to her only and for first time I see fear in Anita aunty eyes, and TAAAAK, she gave her tight slap and took sarees from her and came to me

Sujata: take beta and go to room now ( I did as she say but I hide to see what ll happen)

Dadi pa: sujata hw dare u?

Hw dare me? Hw dare u Maheshwary ji, these r my sister belongs, hw no one of u speak ah?

Anita: hw dare u slap me sujata?

Sujata: if ur papa didn’t teach u manners Anita then I ll with my slaps…


Sujata: DURGAAAAAA…… u chup chap or u know well what I can do….. no wonder that this family lead to these…. coz u didn’t raise ur children in good way maheshwary


All was silent and sujata ma head in my direction and got hell angry coz they make me sleep in store room, so I shift again to my room. Aunty Anita and her family left, and no one asked me anything in home as long as sujata ma was there. She stayed with me for 2 month but then time to leave, she warned them if I’m shifted to store room again she wont spare them. It seemed that masi had full power on them and I never knew y.

As soon as she left DP didn’t leave me in peace, haan I kept my room, but I didn’t rest for second. DP took the lead coz dadi papa had fall from sick and sleeps in his room only and I’m not allowed to visit him, DP said that I have to pay for the money they pay to send me school.

So I was given servants job and badi ma couldn’t object…. Wake at morning make bf, clean house ready to school, back at lunch and cook it, care Uttra. Then I go out to work so I can earn my pocket money. Also maintain my study and still the head of school and that irrates Adharsh and his father to max.

I could hear my phone in car…

Haan Uttra kya hwa, is swara fine? Oh sorry I’m that late… I’m coming right away..

I ride my car, I have been out of him since 4 hours, y did I remember these? Bagal me… I reached home soon

Uttra: aari bhai, ur all wet!!!

Sanskar: its ok…

Uttra: sorry bhai, but u know hw papa is

Sanskar: ya ya, its ok u go

Uttra: swara di is fine she got awake and sleep again, I ll come at morning to cheek u ok… bye

Sanskar: bye

I head upstairs, swara was still sleeping but her face is much more better… I lay to coach… I feel so tired, my head pain, its spinning, then all got black.


Trust me

The fun and pyaar starts now…

Precap: day off 1

Allah hafiz all

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